i'm so away from the hetalia fandom

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hey there!! I'm returning to the aph fandom after not really being into it for a few months so my dash is empty of content and i was wondering if, as long as its not an issue for you, you could recommend some hetalia-centric blogs that i should follow? it would help a lot, but you don't have to if it's a bother. thanks for reading, i love your blog!

Not a problem at all!
I’ll make a tiny list of blogs who are mainly Hetalia or some really good people that post Hetalia and as far as I know, stay away from fandom drama™

@hetare-hetalia @missbelgium @aphnew-zealand @platonic-hetalia @aphlamp @aph-snowball @espaina @erzebethungary27 @artsofpixie @lawlietinblue @aph-lithuania @nyosweden @1pfeli @2pflav @vixenofthemist @aphrornania @coralfreyarunaway @rena-reindeer @courfelicious @of-pasta-and-potatoes @bzrava @drev-the-hetalian @bulletincookie @knowledgequeenabc @the-awesome-sia @zelo-s @emil-s-gay-lsson @k-y-t-s-k-o @fruking-losers @frukinghell @nyonoreg @nyo-poland @heyytalia @furealdo64 @agenderludwig @omuii @kirakari @fruk-de-lys @ask-aph-fruk @ask-romacat @hsalpen @icicle223 @kailuabunny @nyoromanoh @latigreblanche @aph-italy @captainredsweaters @arthoe-iceland @aph–china @aph-hipsterpuffin @aphswxden @aphsouthkcrea @shirokuma224

I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting people

@spabelweek day 2: travel

context: On a journey to mend a severe heartbreak, Emma drunkenly asks some stranger she met at the airport to take her with him and now she regrets it because they’re currently stuck in the middle of nowhere in some foreign country and she’s too shocked and embarrassed to say something and Antonio the stranger is still processing what the fuck just happened so they just stood there like idiots.

AKA keep me away from cheesy Filipino films I always rip it off w/ my fandom hands.

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I'm new to the whole fandom, so I don't know if this is canon or what but: Headcanon that the reason Romano "hates" Germany so much is because he recognizes Germany from the Holy Roman Empire, and is really just trying to protect N. Italy from becoming so heartbroken again. So he does all he can to keep Germany away from Feli, afraid he'll hurt Feli again. ((Again; I don't know whether this is already a thing or not... :| ))

Don’t worry about it! I have seen this headcanon around before, but as far as I know it’s not directly from canon.