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Can someone help me understand the Ace Spectrum, please? I'm trying to make sense of... things and I'm so confused I don't know what to do.

Of course!

So, the place where I think most of us get confused on our ace identity journey is with separating out types of attraction, and also separating out attraction from sex drive. So let’s talk about those two things:

There are many kinds of attraction, but we’re going to talk about these: sexual, romantic, aesthetic, and sensual. The idea of the split attraction model is that you don’t have to be attracted to someone in more than one of the ways above at the same time to still experience real and powerful attraction of a specific kind. For most allosexual (non-ace spectrum) folks, they tend to experience all four modes of attraction at the same time, and in particular sexual, aesthetic, and sensual attraction are so deeply tied together that they may not realize they’re actually three separate things. In ace folks, those modes of attraction are often not experienced at the same time, and one of them (sexual attraction) may not ever be experienced at all.

Romantic attraction is, well, someone you’re romantically attracted to. You want to spend your time with them, you think about them when they’re gone, they inspire poetry in you, etc etc.

Sexual attraction is basically when you see a person and think, Wow, I’d hit that. This is the kind of attraction people on the ace spectrum either don’t experience at all or don’t experience as often/broadly as allosexual folks, so we’ll come back to this one in a bit.

Aesthetic attraction is when something hits you just right in the beauty department and you want to look at it for a while. In my own personal experience with both myself and my ace friends, this type of attraction is often (but by all means not always or in everyone) hyper-powered in aces. I’m ace, and lemme tell you, there are people I could stare at forever. But I have never once in my entire life looked at one of those people and thought Wow I’d climb them like a tree. Just never happened, probably never will, because I don’t actually experience sexual attraction.

This particular kind of attraction often trips up people who are struggling to understand asexuality, to which I’d suggest this amazing example I’ve seen floating round the interwebs: You ever go out hiking, and you come to the top of a mountain and you see this breathtaking view of other mountains and valleys stretched out for miles before you, and it’s so incredibly beautiful that you just sit right down and stare at it for a while, and maybe you decide to take an early lunch so you can enjoy the view some more because it’s that lovely. But do you at any point want to bang the mountains? No, you do not. (I mean, if you do, we’re not judging, but let’s assume for most folks the answer is no :-p) And that is the difference between aesthetic and sexual attraction.

Sensual attraction is when you see a person and want to touch or hug or cuddle them in a non-sexual way. Some aces don’t experience this at all. Others experience it quite a lot. Still others experience it somewhere in the middle. For some aces it’s tied exclusively to romantic attraction. For others it’s tied to affection in general (familial, platonic, romantic, etc.). For others, it’s tied to aesthetic attraction. There are all kinds of reasons you might experience sensual attraction, but it’s important to remember that it doesn’t have to be tied to sexual attraction in any way.

So, that’s the split attraction model. To make a personal example, I experience aesthetic attraction roughly every 0.4 seconds, romantic and sensual attraction very rarely (and not always together), and sexual attraction literally never (I’m all the way on the far end of the ace spectrum). And my aesthetic attractions don’t necessarily line up with my romantic or sensual attractions, and vice versa. But aces are many and varied and beautiful, and everyone’s going to experience these attractions differently.

The other thing I wanted to talk about is how sexual attraction =/= sex drive. Folks struggling to identify on the ace spectrum often think they’re not “allowed” to be ace because they masturbate, or they watch porn, or they’re experiencing sexual attraction to their current partner. But here’s the thing: all of those experiences are 100% valid and do not make you any less ace.

First, remember that asexuality, like all sexualities, is a spectrum. So you may be all the way on one end of the spectrum like me (never experiences sexual attraction under any circumstance), or you may be demisexual (only experiences sexual attraction with someone to whom you’ve formed a deep emotional relationship) gray ace (only experiences sexual attraction rarely, for reasons that may or may not involve emotional connection). Both of those orientations are valid asexual identities that involve sexual attraction, and experiencing sexual attraction in those ways does not invalidate your identity on the ace spectrum.

Second, it’s important to remember that sex drive doesn’t actually have to be tied in any way to sexual attraction. Think about the human body like a machine. Just because you’re ace doesn’t mean the pipes don’t still work, you know? You can still experience arousal, you can still enjoy orgasm, you can still enjoy porn, you can even still enjoy sex with other people. None of those things means you experience sexual attraction to the person(s) you’re watching or with. Many aces have extremely active sex drives. Many aces have robust solo sex lives. Many aces read or watch porn to get off (check out autochorissexual; it’s an identity many aces feel at home with, including me). And there are endless valid reasons why an ace person might have sex with someone (you want the emotional intimacy, you’re horny, it makes your partner happy and you don’t mind it at all, you’re wildly in love and want to express it physically, you’re sensually attracted and want the physical closeness, you want to get/get someone pregnant, it just plain feels good, etc. etc. etc.), not one of which need involve sexual attraction to the person you’re sleeping with. Of course, if you’re gray ace or demisexual, you may very well experience a deep sexual attraction to the person you’re with. The point is, aces can and do have sex drives, masturbate, watch porn, and have sex with other people. Although I feel it’s also important to point out here that it’s perfectly okay not to do any of these things; some aces are sex repulsed and/or touch-averse and that is 100% valid too.

Okay so this answer is getting crazy long now, and I feel like I’ve covered the general bases, so I’m going to wrap up. But if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Half the staff here is ace and we’re always happy to talk about it, either in broad strokes or via our own personal experiences.

  • Xefros: "Joey."
  • Joey: "yeah xeffy?"
  • Xefros: "Why...the FUCK...is SHE coming with us?"
  • Joey: "uh, no time to explain!"
  • Joey: "we have reasons to have her here!"
  • Joey: "good ones."
  • Joey: "really good ones that have nothing to do with a budding interspecies attraction on my part."
  • Trizza: "--E < Do you have a problem with that?"
  • Xefros: "I really, really despise having you in my presence."
  • Xefros: "Honestly, I can barely restrain myself from hitting something right now."
  • Xefros: "So help me god, if you start to meme, I'm going to take this bat and smash your face in."
  • Trizza: "--E < Oh please. Like I'm going to waste good material on someone like you."
  • Xefros: "...Fuck you."
  • Trizza: "--E < The feeling is mutual."
  • Joey: "...is this what hate flirting looks like?"
  • Joey: "gotta say, it's pretty fucking weird."
Learning that aromantic was a valid orientation and finding the aro community was so important for the way I viewed myself
  • Before discovering I was aro: I've never been in love and don't experience crushes. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I must be damaged somehow
  • Now: I haven't experienced romantic love, but I experience other types of love. The way I love is valid.
  • Before: There's physical attraction, sexual attraction and emotional attraction. Love must be when you experience all three at the same time. I just don't experience all those feelings at once.
  • Now: There's aesthetic attraction, sexual attraction, platonic attraction, and romantic attraction. Anyone can feel any one or a combination of these attractions for another person. It's ok if I'm attracted to someone platonically and sexually, or aesthetically and sexually and never develop romantic feelings.
  • Before: I'm incapable of having feelings for other people, so it doesn't matter who I fuck.
  • Now: I still care about my sexual partners and can have non-romantic relationships with them. I want to have sex with people who I like and trust.
  • Before: I don't know what I want out of a relationship, I just know I don't like dating. I'm going to date anyway because that's what normal people do, and maybe it'll help me figure out what I want.
  • Now: I want to have a partner who I can have a platonic and sexual relationship with.
  • Before: I just have trust issues...? or intimacy issues...? or commitment issues....? I'm not really sure what the issue is.
  • Now: I just don't experience romantic attraction.
  • Before: I'm broken
  • Now: I'm whole, just the way I am.
  • So don't you EVER tell me that aromantic awareness isn't important.

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I've been questioning this for a few months, but I think I'm asexual as well as a lesbian. If that's possible? I came out as gay a while ago but now I'm not sure what I am. I'm definitely romantically attracted to girls, but I can't imagine being able to be intimate with someone. Anything besides kissing and cuddling just doesn't work for me. And I just felt like I needed to get that out to someone so that's why I'm submitting this. I'd rather not tell anyone close yet. Have a nice day :-)

heyo!! its definately possible to be an ace lesbian. being asexual doesnt invalidate you being a lesbian whatsoever. 

hope this helped!

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I'm sorry but what is sapioromantic/sexual? I have no idea, but i'm normally inclined to "believe" in orientations i've never heard of before bc i used to only know about straight gay and bi and went years thinking i was broken when i'm just ace, so i normally try to be educated about gender and sexuality things believe people who say they're a certain sexuality. What is wrong with sapiosexual? I'm sorry i just really don't know and your blog has helped my understand lots of things already

Sapioromantic/sexual is the attraction to intelligence. 

Here’s some reasons why that’s ableist. It can be argued that sapiosexuality is “just a preference” because how do you know “how intelligent” someone is by looking at them? If you’re being ableist, you look at someone who’s visibly disabled and go “oh they’re not smart enough for me.” 

I’m not braining today so this is not worded as well as I would have liked but I hope that helps?

Mod Marie-Rose

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Hi, I'm a bit confused, maybe you cab help me. I'm not sex-repulsed but I'm 21 and I haven't had a physical/romantical relationship or a crush on someone. I wouldn't mind being aro/ace but I don't know if I am? The whole 'no sexual/romantic attraction' thing really bugs me. How do you know you're not feeling something if you don't know how it would feel like? Like, how do you know you're sexually attracted to someone? I just don't understand the concept, all the definitions sound just so empty..

I get how the definitions could seem empty. It’s like trying to describe a negative number. How do you show or touch -1 apples? In a perfect world I’d think we’d talk more about that void of feeling. That ‘I don’t think I feel that but maybe the attraction is hiding in the attic?’ And personally, I always tend to lend towards if you are asking yourself if you do and your gut isn’t like yeah of course?? then you likely somewhere on the scale of asexuality. Because being on the scale at all is like… when everyone knows what a word means and you are just like ’?? why yes I’ve heard of that word. everyone mentions it, of course I know… that word.’ When in reality you personally don’t know the word or feeling like everyone else does. To really mix metaphors here I feel like it’s being in an art class and the teacher says and now use the blue paint. And you are looking at your paints like blue? None of these are really blue? I have this teal? Do they mean this or does everyone else have a different than me? And so you kind of crane you neck to try to see if you are working with the same paints.

To answer your question directly, you trust yourself. When I paint with blue it always comes out different. This experience is notability different to me.

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headcanons on how eren, armin, jean, mikasa and levi would react if their S/O (whom they're already in an established relationship with) told them they're bisexual and are concerned that they weren't valid in that sexuality? if that's alright for you to write. i often feel that i'm not valid and it would be nice to get some reassurance from my snk babes. thanks in advance, i love your blog and writing so much!

First of all!!! VERY IMPORTANT! No matter who you are or which gender(s) you are attracted to, you indeed are valid and important. You’re a human being and wonderful and if you – or anyone else with a similar burden – need someone to talk, my askbox is always open. I know what it’s like to question yourself because of your identity and it honestly helped me a lot to talk about it, so if any of you wish to do the same, hit me up <3

Eren: Honestly, his biggest concern would be – no matter how silly it might sound – that it would mean more competition for him. He’d say so in a joking way, without thinking too much about it. Nothing else comes to mind that would bother him about it and that alone is really nothing to get upset or angry about. He immediately continues to explain that he means no harm in what he said and that he loves them regardless, why wouldn’t he? If anyone ever gave them shit for it, they can count on him delivering a punch to the face in no second.

Armin: Armin always has an open ear and genuinely cares for them, wanting to help them, even if just through listening. “Okay, thank you for telling me. I’m happy you opened up to me, you can talk to me about anything.” and he keeps the conversation going, if they’re comfortable with talking about it. He wants to get to the bottom of the “issue”, he wants to know what it is that makes them feel upset. For example, if it’s because of something someone else said, he’s determined to cheer them up – though he’s not facing the exact same situation, he does know what it feels like to get picked on – and make them understand that they don’t need someone else’s opinion to actually be valid.

Jean: It could possibly be that he’s overwhelmed or at the very least surprised. He didn’t expect something like that, he didn’t expect them carrying such a weight on their shoulders, all by themselves. He’s not even shocked about the fact that they are bisexual, he’s just upset over the idea that they must’ve had these self loathing thoughts and he’s upset over the realization that he didn’t notice before. It’s his biggest concern in all of this and that’s exactly what he’d say. “You’re perfect, just the way you are. I’ll say it an endless amount of times, if necessary. But please, don’t feel like you have to deal with these thoughts on your own.”

Mikasa: She’d list dozens of things that she loves about them, to make them realize how admirable and amazing they are. She goes on to say that nobody is perfect and everybody has flaws, but being yourself certainly is not a flaw. Nothing would hurt her more than witnessing her s/o bashing themselves down so much. The second these words slip their mouth, she’d just wrap her arms around them, pull them closer, hug them tightly and say how it is “I will always love you, no matter what. To me you’re not only valid, but the most important thing in my life.”

Levi: He genuinely can’t think of a single reason their bisexuality would lower their worth or make them less of a valid human being. It’s what he tells them, too, not because he wants to shrug off their concerns, but because he wants them to think of one themselves in hopes of them realizing there really is no reason to think that way. “It’s not like you made a choice or whatever. It is what it is and you should roll with it. You can’t change it and you don’t have to, either.”

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Hi! 😅 I know this is probably annoying not to mention a long shot but I've tried everything and I'm looking for a fic where Jim creates this test? To see the type of guy bones is attracted to, and it calculates the amount of time bones spent deciding on whichever picture. I wish I knew more but that's all I can remember and now it'll bug me forever if I don't find it haha thank you so much in advance 💕💕💕

Hi nonnie! Of course you aren’t annoying! My box is always open!

I just wish I could help you :( I dont think I’ve read this fic before, but I am very interested!. It doesn’t sound familiar at all. Maybe there is someone that has heard of it? Did someone on tumblr write it? Was it an AO3 story?

Rallying a few troops: @yourtropegirl @outside-the-government @bkwrm523 @imoutofmyvulcanmind @auduna-druitt @thevalesofanduin @pinkamour1588

Or does anyone else have any ideas? Sorry I can’t help with this one nonnie, but hopefully someone else can!

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So like I'm ace, no doubt about that, but like if I was going to have sex then I would prefer for it to like heterosexual sex. So how up would I even put a label on that? I don't know how I would describe that. Can you help? I usually just call myself queer and people are like "Oh okay". Bc it take forever to explain my whole romantic orientation to them.

I don’t think there’s a specific term for a gender preference without attraction attached (and if someone is aware of one, please let me know), but it is definitely something I see a lot. Like I see people say stuff a lot like ‘I’m ace but if I were to have sex it would be this gender/I’m aro but if I date it’s going to be someone of that gender’. 

Generally what I see is people just list the orientation beside their ace/aro identity. Like I know a woman who called herself an aroace lesbian because while she was aroace she was still open to dating and sex but only with other women. 

So maybe a label like xromantic het-asexual or hetero-asexual might work for you. (x=whatever your romantic orientation might be) Or even queer-romantic het-asexual if that’s how you prefer to describe your romantic orientation. 

You can keep calling yourself queer too, whatever’s most comfortable to you.

All the best, Anon!

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(1) In response to the last post, to the girl with a crush on her friend--I was literally reading that ask thinking "Did I black out and submit this ask myself???" our stories are so similar and I felt/feel just as confused as you do! The whole open minded versus actually attracted thing. I'm 22 and the only difference is that I've had been in a relationship with one guy who I loved, and I'm currently two months into a relationship with my girlfriend (the friend I had a crush on!)

(2) Following this blog has helped me understand that most of that is probably in my head, and a product of heteronormativity, and plus early relationships of any gender and orientation can be confusing, but even so I do keep having doubts and feeling confused about my sexuality. So I don’t have answers for you, but it was really comforting to see someone else feels the same way I do, so I hope you feel better seeing this!


Thanks so much for writing in! It’s always wonderful to have another perspective or just to realize you’re not alone. Sending you lots of bi love! <3

Guys I need some advice!
so today at school when I’ve opend my locker I found out somone pushed there an anonymous letter. In short some girl (I’m a girl too btw) wrote there that she likes me but don’t have a courage to talk to me. And Idk what should I do. Respond? and if I have no idea what to say. tbh idk if I’m into girls too.

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Hey, i'm curious abt something and really hope you would help me. First of all, i'm straight, straight af and confident that i don't support LGBT. I kinda hate and disgust (sorry if i'm being rude) with them bcus i experienced (many times even) friends (or someone i barely knew) in same sex attracted to me romantically and i really really hate that situation. Like i can't even stay near them bcus i'm so scared i just want to hide from them.

I’m not angry or annoyed by the fact you decided to ask me of all people this question, as I am a HunHan supporter, as well as an openly homosexual young man with the right to speak his mind. However, in future, if you have a question in relation to homophobia, I might suggest asking someone who isn’t me specifically. Firstly, because I am very emotionally effected by the idea of prejudice towards the LGBTQIA+ community, and secondly because I find it somewhat difficult to maintain a level head about such topics, due to my own stance in the LGBT community. I am glad, however, that you were able to express yourself without cussing at me and making me feel emotionally attacked, as many have done in the past. So thank you for that.

I’ll be honest with you, you saying you support HunHan, but feel repulsed by the rest of the LGBTQIA+ community does not mean you’re a supporter of any kind. It just means you ship HunHan. Though it might not make much sense, you liking one pairing does not equate to you NOT being homophobic.

For instance, let’s say I dislike the taste of apples.

If I one day found an apple I liked the taste of, for some reason, that does not mark me as a general apple-liker, because I have hated every other apple I’ve eaten in the past. This simply means I hate apples, except this one apple.

You can only really say you like apples if you generally like them as a whole.

You can only really say you support LGBTQIA+ rights if you have no problem with people of the community.

So don’t worry, hon, you’re still homophobic…congratulations.

I’m not offended, more of disappointed that in the 21st century, there are still people who dislike others due to the fact they love someone of the same gender. Love is love, why does it matter what’s between your legs?

Just so you know…your “friends” who were “romantically attracted to you”, probably weren’t. You know you really shouldn’t assume things like that. Just because I’m gay, does not mean I’m attracted to every single man I see on the street, like jesus. (And even if they were attracted to you…shouldn’t you be flattered? Not disgusted?)

I can’t exactly change the way you see the LGBTQIA+ community, but HONEY, we’re literally the exact same as straight people…we just don’t wanna’ bang the opposite sex. Is that such a big deal? Like, I still like football, I still work out, I still do the same shit that everyone else does. Why does me sleeping with a guy change anything?

This isn’t me trying to flame you for your “personal preferences”, but I just think, in this fucked up world, you should learn to love people regardless. It’s the 21st century. You don’t have to agree with it, just for the love of god, don’t take away our rights to express ourselves. Your “friends” can’t help that they’re gay, so don’t make them uncomfortable by being weird about it. Okay?

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Why do you have to make a "big deal" about what people ask you? I mean, if someone ask you something, you should answer what they asked, or simply say you're not going to. I'm saying this because someone asked you "what exactly did you say to Essena when you reached out to her?", and you gave them tips. If this person is just curious - like me -, they simply wanted to know what did you say. So, stop trying too hard.

Haha.. Am I supposed to say sorry for caring? Not gonna do that.. I truly care. I want to help people by sharing my experiences. ESPECIALLY when it’s about attracting good things into your life. Cause it’s working for me every single day. 

(I was gonna stop writing now, but since you love my long speeches I’m gonna continue and hopefully you will walk away feeling a bit more openminded and inspired to be more positive) 

Here are a few things I do/have done to attract the life I want:

❤ Every time I cry I say thank you. I reach deep to find the feeling of gratefulness for what’s gonna come. 

❤ I wrote a list of what qualities I wanted in a partner and what kind of life I wished for us. A few months later I met him, and for 2,5 years we’ve been living that life.

❤ Our cat went missing for months when I was about 12. My family and I  were on holiday and I decided I wanted our cat to return home before we got there the week after. I spent hours in the pool that day, daydreaming of holding my cat again. A few hours later my mom got a phone call that our cat had returned. 

❤ I have a small rock in my wallet. Every time I see it I list things that I am grateful for. 

❤ I’d been complaining for 2 years to my boyfriend that we didn’t have a dog. I was registered on several dog rescue sites online, but something always came in the way for us to adopt. I had enough and said out loud that the most fluffy, perfect, loveable puppy would come into our lives very soon. And very soon after I got a phone call from a dog rescue site that they had a pup for us.

❤ The night before I moved to LA I couldn’t sleep and said out loud I needed a sign I would have a great life in LA. I stumbled upon Essena’s instagram and decided I would go vegan.

❤ Every time I feel I need something materialistic in my life, like a piece of clothing, something for the kitchen, a book etc.. It ALWAYS magically appears. I decided 1 month ago I needed something to organise my jewellery in - same week someone had left a completely new jewellery-organisor-thing next to the container in our garage. Another time we went out to buy a mattress and we found a perfect one on the street with a note “TAKE ME”. haha.. 

These things happen to me every day. To you as well.. But most likely you think they are random happenings. Either you ask for what you want and focus on the positive. Or you do like a lot of people: Ask for and focus on what you don’t want. 

You choose if you want to believe this or not. But either way that’s how it works, so why not be on the safe side and stay positive? 

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Hi, can I just ask something about D/P's sexuality? Have either of them explicitly said that they're not gay? I'm just really curious....

I don’t think so! And each of them have only explicitly stated that they were bisexual way back in 09/10…there are some videos here that compile all (or at least most of) the times they’ve said stuff relating to sexuality/attraction : )

i keep thinking of this au where hermione adopts an orphaned baby girl after the war and raises her as her own and loves her and like 4 years later she’s at an ice cream shop and draco is too and he see’s granger and a kiD?! and is just in shock bc 1 when did she get so attractive and 2 she had a baby?? and they talk and they fall in love obviously bc draco’s so good with her baby girl and obvs bc he’s all reformed and what not and omg they get married and that little girl grows up with 2 wonderful parents who love her and omg pls someone fic me

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talk to me about Carmilla I'm always ready

ohH GOSH you have no idea what you have just unleashed

okay so I started watching this show almost on sufferance because “hhaa I’m watching a series based on a book about a gay vampire because I’m trash and the instant I catch the faintest scent of gay in media I am on it like a starving wolf on a bacon sandwich—someone help me” but

i think the problem was I just dID NOT expect it to be any good? Or maybe I didn’t expect them to take the “same-sex attraction” aspect about the original book and run with it because //featherduster voice from Beauty and the Beast// I’VE BEEN BURNT BY YOU BEFORE, MEDIA

but they did heck they took it between their teeth and ran away with it over the moors and there’s no hope, there is NO COMING BACK FROM IT NOW

it was 1am when I watched the scene wherein Carmilla muses the words, “your girlfriend” in Laura’s direction and I think the thing was: I was expecting the usual reaction from popular media in response to that backhanded accusation, I was expecting “I don’t swing that way” or “I’m not like that” or even “she’s not like that” but no

what we got was “Danny’s not my girlfriend… I don’t think” and honey let me tell you, the only thing that kept me from SHRIEKING was a hand over my mouth because THE CREATORS OF CARMILLA ARE LIKE “QUEERBAITING? THE HELL IS THAT. NAH SON EVERYONE’S JUST HELLA PRETTY AND HELLA GAY HERE HAVE MORE. HAVE LOTS MORE. ARE WE NOT BEING CLEAR ENOUGH LET’S JUST MAKE SURE YOU GET THE POINT.”


ohmygod YES seduction eyes

that sound you hear is my little gay heart tearing itself free from the shackles of doubt and running laps through every pride parade on earth occurring simultaneously

//bites fist. looks at the sky.

we are neck-deep in a story about ladies (LADIES EVERYWHERE) every single one of whom is an amazing character (la FON TAINE) (lafontaine you have my heart. you have my whole heart) (“sidenote you planning on invading a bear sanctuary?”) and more to the point, it is a GENUINELY ENGAGING SHOW. I came for the queer, but I stayed for the accounts of off-camera events. see: LaFontaine’s and Laura’s adventure in the library together, which was deliciously simple and hellishly entertaining.

not to mention that this show is funny. really funny. genuinely funny. LaFontaine (yes I love her) (yes shut up) pointing from lady to lady and repeating the word, “Vampire? Vampire?” over and over again because obviously she is a vampire come on guys are u kidding me rn had me burying my idiot blushing face in the pillow

there’s no come-from-behind male love interest who threatens to swoop in at the last second. The only men in the show are depicted as beefcake dudebros and are the least interesting characters.

but there IS Tall, Leggy, Gay Ginger Love Interest IN ADDITION TO Svelte, Leonine, Moody Gay Vampire with a PhD in Bedroom Eyes from the University of Where Did My Pants Go

Plus, ladies disappearing? Carmilla’s impending backstory? (I now live for Tuesdays/Thursdays.) The Alchemy Department? THE DEAN who I’m pretty sure looks like Dean Hardscrapple from Monsters fucking University? There isn’t an aspect of this show that hasn’t made my fucking year and the fact that I’m equally invested in all members of this little gay love triangle (an utterly unprecedented occurrence because I am a sour possessive dragon of a lesbian and have a tendency to pick favourites) is just the icing on top of the French Fancy

I stayed up until 2:30 a.m. watching this god damn show and then I dreamt about vampire kisses and if that’s not a sign of success then I don’t know what is.

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I'm a straight cis female and I've seen people say that if you wouldn't date a trans person then you're transphobic. The way I see is is I wouldn't date a lesbian either, not because I'm homophobic, because I'm just not sexually attracted to women. Although a trans man is 100% male I still wouldn't be attracted to his female anatomy. I am a huge supporter or gay and trans rights so it bothers me to feel as though you can't support someone just because wouldn't date them. Does that make sense?

Makes 1000000000% sense and thats why I don’t get MAD at women who didn’t find themselves attracted to me pre surgery or don’t find themselves attracted to me post surgery. It might suck, and it might bum me out, but just like I can’t help I’m trans, you can’t help what turns you on. 

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I just want to come in and comment on your rant. You. Are. Valid. Sex that isn't great is a thing, but sex and sexual attraction are separate things, don't forget. Our fellow ace siblings have sex sometimes for whatever reason they choose. The key part about being ace is that we aren't sexually attracted to others, we don't look at someone and think, "hot damn, I'd tap that." That's something you can see in yourself and that's why you identify as ace! Have a great day!!

Thanks!  I do know this about myself, but sometimes you need voices other than your own to help you feel sure.  I appreciate you taking the time to tell me this and make me feel better.  You’re pretty awesome if I do say so myself:D

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So I think I'm somewhere on the asexual spectrum but not 100% ace. So far I only know the terms cupio and Demi, but are there any more similar to those that I should look into? I know there are probably a lot of identities on the spectrum but if you could give me a short list or something so I can research it would be helpful :-)

Check out this handy graphic!!  It’s got most of what you need to know.  However you should also be aware that there is aesthetic attraction (being attracted to how someone looks without any sexual or romantic attraction involved) and sensual attraction (the attraction for touch, will vary from person to person and also does not depend on romantic or sexual attraction).

Hope this gives you a good starting point! :)