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som super early tazboys designs……………i’’’m got so much work to do refining them (esp outfit wise lord Jesus)



Houston, we have a problem.

Ya’ll…I have SO MUCH of @9t99‘s stuff on all kinds of materials. I’ve got pillows, currently wearing a “and on the 7th day he made me” sweatshirt, I had journals made, tote bags…like…issa lot because I ADORE their style. 

The problem is…

Like they are coming out with AMAZING stuff every few days and I ain’t got but so much money. Those last 2 are brand new as of this week!

I just got another pillow of theirs not 2 days ago with this design on it!

Please! Save me!

And support them because they are NUTS with it!

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Wow I didn’t expect this post to get so many reblogs and likes and I would like to add something else to it.

I wanted to share it because if you started supporting Atleti not long ago, you maybe know all that background because you’ve read about it, but maybe you didn’t know until you saw my post. So I wanted to give everybody the chance to know about that part of Atleti’s history, so you can feel even prouder of them for the things they’re doing.

As heartbreaking that it was losing 2 UCL finals in 3 years, it isn’t a reason to be sad, it is a reason to be proud. A few years ago not even the most positive person would have thought of Atleti reaching a final. When we lost in Lisbon we thought that a lot of years would pass until we got to reach another final. Winning a Liga? In our wildest dreams, maybe.

So if anyone wants to make you feel like a loser because you support a team without an UCL title, or a team that isn’t winning a lot of stuff. If they try to mock you for your choices, and they try to end an argument with the “but you lost…” card, you can remember that maybe the final result isn’t the most important thing after all. Because this team is about standing up when we fall, about fighting against all odds, about proving yourself and the others that nothing is impossible, and hard work pays off.

As Cholo said, after winning La Liga: Si se cree, y se trabaja, se puede. (If you believe, and you work for it, you can). And I don’t know about you, but for me, those life lessons are way more valuable than any silver trophy.

aporeticelenchus  asked:

E/R canon era + magic short prompt?

 The rose appeared suddenly, falling gently between the pages of Enjolras’s book. It was small, not completely bloomed yet, and whiter than any roses Enjolras had seen before, though he rarely paid attention to flowers, to Prouvaire’s great chagrin. Enjolras stared at it for a long moment, thoughtful, before carefully brushing his fingers against it; there was a brief spark of gold, and the rose shivered, its base turning into pale pink. Enjolras’s lips twitched. 

He raised his eyes. Everybody, caught into the febrility of their close victory’s aftermath, seemed restless and busy; Courfeyrac, who could not stay still, spent his days between the Musain and Pontmercy’s family house and was absent right now; Prouvaire had not looked up from his notebooks for days; Bahorel invited men upon men to join them to talk of their expectations, and he and Feuilly were sitting in the back of the room right now, with two respectable-looking gentlemen. Combeferre, carefully sitting as to not hurt his chest even more, was showing moving maps to a quiet but interested Louison. Joly, his cane raised high, was trying to find the ideal temperature for the room. Bossuet, leaning against him, made sure the glasses of everybody stayed full. 

Grantaire, sitting next to them in silence - a rare feat - stared back at Enjolras when his eyes finally fell upon him. His gaze was soft, if slightly troubled, and there was a bit of pink on his cheeks - was it shyness or embarrassment? Neither seemed to belong on his face and yet, Enjolras found he didn’t mind it at all; like the rose, clearly Grantaire’s creation, which was warming up against his skin. 

If Grantaire lacked any subtlety, its magic had always been even worst, somehow - Enjolras had spent years sitting in chairs much too comfortable when Grantaire was around, feeling a breeze of fresh air in summer when there was no wind and everybody was desperate for it, receiving little gifts of sort - a pen when he’d forgotten one, a glass of water when he realized he hadn’t drank in several hours, or a candle when the fire had dimmed too much and he could barely read anymore. Every time, it’d seemed obvious to Enjolras that Grantaire was behind it all - his magic, wild and emotional and generous, was as familiar to him as one of an old friend, despite their difficult relationship. 

Neither of them had ever said a word to each other about this, but perhaps it was time for this to change; perhaps, Enjolras thought, remembering the glint in Grantaire’s eye, two weeks ago, when he loudly pledged himself to their Republic, they’d already took a step toward change without quite realizing it. He gently picked up the flower, and slipped it into his waistcoat’s pocket, still looking at Grantaire. 

They did not smile, and they did not speak; but the rose bloomed fully over Enjolras’s heart and a few soft golden petals fell near Grantaire’s fingers, like a caress. 

How the hell do people write fanficton.

I want to write so bad but I’m terrified that I’ll write out of character? I’m sitting here thinking up plots and AUs and ficlets and stuff that I’m so excited about, and I just can’t put words on paper (or a word document, heh).

What would ______ character do in this situation? I don’t know, I’m not them.


Corrupted Jaspers! :D Also, here’s imgur album with 31 pics: https://imgur.com/a/pJr3R (together and separately)

Ocean is up for commission here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/459513764 (you can also request other pattern Jasper, brown one for example)

“Our Jasper” is up for commission here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/459517098 

“Our Jasper” (lmao sorry I don’t know how to name her to avoid confusing with Ocean) has approximately 200 pieces in her pattern including spots which were sewn individually. Location of spots and spikes may vary a little bit, by the way, I sew them on without strict location, so every Jasper will be sorta one of a kind, they won’t be like clones of each other.  

They both are huge. heavy and awesome for hugs :D Oddly they are really super cuddly and super comfortable for hugs. 

Next in my “Jasper challenge” are non-corrupted Jasper and Malachite :)

@miraculouswolf17 said to hyakunana: Regarding the Pokemon/Arslan pic you did with Etoile a year ago or so do you think Arslan would have a Talonflame?


I think next time I ask for prompts I will forbid relatively “vanilla” Destiel or Dean/Jimmy/Cas - like, I’ll take those IF they hit on an out there kink, or I’ll take vanilla of like any other ship I ship, but not both. Not cause I don’t love Destiel but just cause I want to write more variety of stuff. (and PLEASE do not take this as any kind of attack if you sent me a prompt for a relatively fluff Destiel or D/J/C prompt cause I do not mean it that way, I’m just loving the way these prompts let me write a wide variety of stuff so I want to encourage that. :) )

Kimmy's Notes pt.1

-아/어서 vs  -니까: BECAUSE; SO

-아/어서 reason for a past action

-니까 reason for a future action

-아/어서 & -니까 reason for a present action

1. 추우니까 문을 닫아 주세요.

It’s cold so please close the door.

2. 추워서 문을 닫았어요.

It’s cold so I closed the door.

3. 추우니까 문을 닫아요. 추워서 문을 닫아요.

It’s cold so I’m closing the door. 

-고 vs -아/어서: AND

Both has a meaning of ‘and’, -고 connects two events/ activity which does not relate to each other, whereas -아/어서 connects two events/ activity which relates to each other (sometimes it can be translated as ‘therefore’, ‘because’).

Q: 주말에 뭘 했어요?

What did you do last weekend?

A: 나는 친구랑 만나고 방을 청소했어요.

I met up with my friend and I cleaned up my room. (these two activities has nothing to do with each other.)

Q: 주말에 뭘 했어요?

What did you do last weekend?

A: 나는 친구랑 만나서 영화를 봤어요.

I met up with my friend and (then) we watched a film. (it shows a sequence of the events)

Adverb vs Adjective

1. 새로 산 모자였다. (adverb + verb)

2. 산 새 모자였다. (verb + adjective)

It was a new hat that I bought; It was a new hat.

The second one is grammatically correct but to make it sound more like a native Korean sentence, the first one is better, because adverbs have a very important role in Korean. It is considered to have a higher value than adjectives so they’re more often used than adjectives.

Try avoid using 당신: YOU

Polite: 당신 is polite way of saying ‘you’ when it is used between married couples or lovers. 

Not polite: If you use 당신 to someone you don’t know, then it is not polite. It is used often in fighting on the roads.

You could use 이쪽 (this person) or use their name instead.

o 누구나 이쪽을 만만히 본다.

x 누구나 당신을 만만히 본다.

Everyone thinks you are a pushover.

보다시피 vs 알다시피: As you (can) see; You see; As you know

보다시피 is used when you’re talking about something that is in front of you or you are in the place. 알다시피 is used when you’re talking about something that is AND not in front of you.

보다시피 그 가방은 너무 비싸요.

As you can see, that bag is very expensive. (the bag is there in front of both speaker & listener)

알다시피 그 가방은 너무 비싸요.

You see, that bag is very expensive. (the bag is not in front of both speaker & listener)

I’m typing up some of my notes from the classes and I thought these might be helpful to some of you who are learning Korean. ^^ 


… definitely a lot happier with you…


Getting caught smoking in the house.