i'm so ashamed i made this omg

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I'm kinda ashamed to ask this, but could you make a tutorial on how to draw hands? ;A;

omg dont be ashamed at all!! Hands are generally tough to get used to, lots of artists struggle with it! so dont be ashamed i feel you.

and I actually have made a hand anatomy guide before in fact! If you want to get better at drawing hands I def recommend you learn the basic anatomy first. Please check out the ones I made, I try to make it simple and easy to understand:

There’s my guide to the anatomy, but here’s some more tips that I’ve noted to myself that I’d like to include

First off, I’d like to just note on the fingers: if you pay close attention to your own hand, you may notice the fingers are ever ever so slightly curved inward. It’s a very subtle detail, but I noticed that, despite how slight it is, it can make a hand look more lively, and less stiff.

Second, the “M” on the palm! Your hand moves in many ways, and because it does it creates creases in your hand. The most prominent creases appear to make an M shape; this is handy to remember for what I’m going to talk about next. (It also could be a “W” I guess, or to be more specific a “ )X( “; just think of it in whatever way helps you remember!)

SO now that you see the M, draw your hand as a basic blocked shape and add your details. As you do, you can see that the M divides the palm into four basic parts!

When the hand moves, parts A, B, or C of the palm, alone or in different combos, will create the general poses that the hands do normally. These parts are the parts that move, with D being stationary, no matter what!

Here’s a chart of all the possible combos. Once you have down what part of the hand moves for a certain pose, you can change up the fingers and tweak it a bit to do what you need to make it more specific!

This is simply my method of drawing hands. God knows there are hundreds of tutorials out there by other artists, but personally, this way helps me the best (after learning the anatomy first). 

This way I can divide the hand and combine the parts in any such way I need! 

Hands take a lot of effort to grapple, and you need to practice them a lot, especially foreshortening of the hand; that’s really something you need to learn through your own studies. Look at your own hands, draw hands from life, from magazines, shows, comics; just draw hands! You’ll eventually figure out a method that works best for you. So to get better at drawing hands; draw hands!! And don’t stress over it, have fun with it!

[ 10th December 2016 ] wew hello everyone! here is this week’s spread that I whipped up in 30minutes (surprisingly) before I had work and was away from home for 5 days ;-;
I’ll be away for camp next week so I won’t be as active but I’ll try to queue some posts so y'all don’t miss me too much (who am I kidding)
*ALSO CAN WE TALK ABOUT YURI ON ICE???? ITS THE BEST ANIME EVER MADE WITH THE BEST MAINS AND I CANNOT GET OVER IT* *I’m also sad that haikyuu season 3 is over omg I CANNOT wait for season 4 kekekek*
have a good weekend!! 💕✨🔥

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Your happy stimming comic omG!!!! It was so wonderful the first time I saw it and I get a happy feeling every time it rolls around on my dash because I do that a lot (also when I'm really frustrated too) but I've always been really ashamed of it (it made me feel like a 3 year old idk). Seeing your comic really helped 💖

aw I’m so glad to hear that!!


Manni Boo, Manni Boo, what do your rat eyes see?

Did somebody say giant alt masterpost? I definitely think I heard someone shout something along those lines.

There are 14 of each faction. Half n half exactly.

And despite how much I love espers, I think I accidentally made the fewest of them and I am ashamed. 

Anyway, enjoy the old toons and the new ones! I know most of you know next to nothing about all of these newbies, but if you’re curious or have any questions, shoot me an ask!

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Hey I have to ask you (anonymously because i'm ashamed) do you think that when that hot-but-yet-very-pure-somehow make out session happened they actually did it? I think they totally did it!!

LMAO!! Dear Anon, you have made my day (second time) with this message! ^^

OMG DON’T BE ASHAMED!! If anything, let me be the shameful one so you stay pure sweet Anon. My blog is a #noshame zone; so feel free to message me, comment, etc… about anything (especially related to the not-so-pure stuff >.<). You know… *waggles eyebrows* I’m in the process of writing a fan fic purely for my pleasure of what I think happened after that sexy kiss… if anyone is interested… I’ll post it? lmao… but I’m afraid that once I do.. you guys will judge me so hard and I’ll scare you away. You have no idea how happy I am that you entrusted your true feelings of that scene with me T.T

But likewise… I think the same too… I mean, come on… Eun-Tak was a HOT and BEAUTIFUL single 29 yo whom I bet hasn’t touched… looked… or even breathed around another man besides Shin. 

Shin was fuckin stuck in the world between the living and the dead for 9 YEARS! PLUS THIS MAN HAS NEVER touched…. looked.. and breathed around another woman besides Eun-Tak for 939 years!!!! 

So I grant them permission to do what lovey dovey people should do even though they weren’t technically “married.” Besides… it doesn’t matter anyways cause she is his bride… so technically they were married ever since they met each other, lmao. They just needed it to be official with that cute little ceremony they had. You know… honestly… they probably cut that scene because Goblin is rated 15… UGH FRIGGIN 15 YEAR OLDS!! YA’LL RUINED IT FOR US LMAO!

I would love… no I would die from happiness… if they would release a special episode of that WHOLE scene specifically for the part of the fandom that NEEDS that scene to happen. THAT NEEDS THE REST OF THAT KISS… THE REST OF WHAT KIM SHIN AND JI EUN TAK WOULD HAVE DONE AFTER MEETING EACH OTHER AGAIN WHEN THEY WENT THROUGH 9 YEARS OF SUFFERING (plus another 80+ years). Like seriously… two lovers who defied time wouldn’t just have a simple kiss on the couch and call it a night AFTER spending the night together in a luxurious hotel…. >.>

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What happened in #BBMADEinShenzhen

They were recording the whole night before their flight. They couldn’t even go home to change their clothes or rest a bit! 

A video posted by LILY_tw (@a081813) on Aug 7, 2015 at 7:36pm PDT

They had a concert SAME DAY. They needed to do the the soundcheck and rehearsal same day, too!!  All the sleep they got was the few hours in the plane!!

(There are people complaining about spreading that pic. Sorry but I’LL SHOW IT! I don’t want people just see their smiling pics and lie to themselves that they’re having a perfect life! Those pics show their great efford to make it possible to meet their fans! IT’SAD BUT IT’S THE TRUTH. They’re humans god damn it!)

And then…

And I was hoping they would be ok! But after seing the pics in after-party… 

They where laughing, smiling… They LOOKED ok! But the truth is I KNOW they were not ok!!! We all KNOW!!! Not even I AM, how would they??!! They just didn’t want to dissappoint their real fans there. And that breaks my heart into pieces!!! And I just can’t stop crying thinking about Jiyong’s sadness! He was so happy all throughout the tour… He was so happy after a long time… The Jiyong who was rarely smiling before, was showering us with his beautiful smile at this tour… 

How dare you??? You don’t have the right to steal Jiyong’s smile and VIPs dreams who probably couldn’t wait to see them live after 3 damn years’ waiting. You just made a great mistake/rudeness that won’t be forgiven by thousends of people ever! I would sacrifize everyone of you rich bastards filled with money and shit for JIyong’s every little precious tear!!! HOW THE FUCK DARE YOU!!!

VIPs who will attend BIGBANG’s concert from now on: Don’t let that happen again, I beg you!!! Just scream louder!!! Make them ashamed of themselves by showing more of your love to OT5! Warn them, don’t just watch them being rude!!! Make our boys damn smile NOT CRY!!!

Cr.: on pics and x x x x x


90’s Mullets for ephemeraltea

Because sometimes I keep my promises.

Featuring the Worst of the Worst (according to Rena):

  • Superman
  • Huntress (and Nightwing)
  • Captain Atom
  • Booster Gold
  • Power Girl
  • Nightwing (again)
  • Fire
  • Aquaman

I’m disappointed in all of you.

And laughing so hard.

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What's your favorite thing about Calpal??

Just one!? I have so many favourite things that i love about Calum Thomas. I love his eyes, they’re so deep and brown they remind me of dark chocolate which is my fave. I love his nose, i just want to bop it and kiss the tip. I love his cheeks, they’re so squishy yet so sharp, he’s truly blessed with a greek god body and i just love his physical features as much as his personality. I love how intellectual and intelligent he is even though he keeps it on the DL you know he’s smart by the way he speaks and acts. I love how his emotions come out in his song writing, i love how he can capture emotions he doesn’t necessarily feel and put them into a song and provoke emotions out of us all. I love how talented he is on the bass, i never appreciated bass lines in songs until i was a Calum girl and good god we are blessed to have an amazing bassist like Calum in 5sos. I love his voice, it’s so lovely and makes you feel like you’re on cloud nine when you hear it. I love his humour, he’s so sarcastic and sassy, he always has me in giggles. I love his style, he dresses like a model and poses like one too. I love his little videos he makes for us and how he tells us that we’re attractive and he loves us. I love how caring and supportive he is, everyone he is close to he supports by tweeting about their new music coming out or telling us to check them out etc. I love how he supports important causes like TWLOHA. I love how much he loves 5sos and how grateful he is to be in the circumstances he’s in. But the thing i love most about Calum is how fucking happy he makes me, that is something not a lot of people can do, but no matter what he makes me the happiest girl in the world. 

Bonus: I love that he followed me on twitter after 4 months of blood, sweat and tears :-) he truly made me the happiest girl bc i was the only person he followed that day