i'm so artistic wow


Rich: Everyone’s super supportive of me, so that’s rad!

Jeremy: Of course we are!

((Thanks a bunch to @kabeh/@ask-squiphigh for drawing this ask!! Check out her ask blog, it’s hella cute :3c ))

Artist: Lena_レナ | Source: | Twitter: inunekosukii | Pixiv: id=4269065
Translation: Shu | Editing & Typesetting: aurieackerman
Translated & posted with permission. ※ Do not repost, edit, or delete the credits.
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» Artwork referencing this blog post by Isayama.

this is a super weird thing to rave about but like, i bought these pencils when i saw wicked last week and they’re amaaaazig

Bambam on the streets.

Kay, does this look familiar? Hmm?


i just saw a bunch of samuel’s debut stages and im so proud of him for pushing through everything and making an amazing first mini album as a solo artist. not sure if i’m a garnet yet, but i still want the best for this boy

Sept 2017, Albatross!Thunderbird headshots, ink - Diamine “apple glory” green.

I love birds with their floofy crests. Albatross are still kind of derpy-looking even when angry, so I dub all of these albatross-inspired thunderbirds to be thunder-birbs.

Guys!!! I have some exciting news for you!! Remember when I mentioned I was applying for an illustration zine about a month ago??

WELL THEN, MY SUBMISSION WAS ACCEPTED!!! Today the exhibition of all original illustrations was set up, and mine is featured alongside some fellow rising stars in the field!! ;_; My first publicly featured, published work under my artistic name!! I’M BEYOND HAPPY, I’M STILL SO SPEECHLESS!!

tbh there’s a lot of text posts about how writers would be so excited if someone ever made fan art about their fic and obviously the way to make that happen is to commission a fan artist (side note: if you are able, do this thing, it’s a good thing) but i just need to put it out into the universe that the reason this is such a fic writer fantasy is the concept that a piece of work we poured our time and energy into connected with another person on such a level that they then felt inspired to pour their time and energy into a piece of art about it. 

but also, that’s exactly the reason why fic reviews and fic recs and those essay-length fic comments are so special to writers because those things are still a representation of the fact that our work connected with you on such a level that you had the desire to spend your time and energy to interact with the fic on a level above reading it.