i'm so angry i made a sign

Last night we had a campfire hosted by elderly alumni, some of whom came here as campers in the 1940’s. Part of their performance involved a post with signs pointing in opposite directions - one labeled ‘Hopes and Dreams’, the other 'The Real World’. The whole theme was about choosing between the two. They did the same thing last year and it made me so angry… I’m putting my heart and soul into these kids, the last thing I need is a bunch of old white guys telling my campers that growing up means trading in your passions and idealism for bitter realism. Fuck off!

So… there was a section of this campfire where they asked volunteers to come up to the stage and make a little speech about whether they’re choosing hopes and dreams or the real world. I stood up an announced that I didn’t see the conflict, and that the whole point of living meant discovering ways to find one in the other. “I don’t feel like this is really a choice I have to make,” I said, and walked off the stage down the middle.