i'm so alone i need love and etc

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Do you think love alone can save a person?

I really don’t believe so 😕I know it can help, along with other things. But I’ve found that love alone is never enough. Some days it can be here strong as ever, and other days it can be as if it never was. You’d need empathy, respect, trust, loyalty, kindness, honesty, acceptance, friendship, commitment, a feeling of safety, etc along with love. Because sometimes people will love you, or say that they do, and they will…but without all those other things.

Sometimes people would rather be understood and accepted and just completely know someone cares enough to stay, rather than being drowned in love.

Poems and love stories and Disney make us think love is the what saves people, or the ONLY thing that matters. It would be so easy if that were true. But to me personally, it’s just not.

So no, I don’t think love completely alone can save anyone. We just fool ourselves into thinking it can save us. Hoping that it can.

I know I did.

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i suffer from intense irritation whenever i see girls being like "i'm straight!", "this is my boyfriend i love him sooo much" etc. i feel bad because of course people are allowed to be straight and love whoever they're dating but it just annoys me? like they're so lucky for being straight, they have it so easy. it feels like they're rubbing it in my face, and i just feel horrible!

Hey sunshine,

Don’t feel bad ! Your heterophobia is definitely something you can be proud of.

All the support from your heterophobic friend,

- S