i'm so alone i need love and etc

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i'm so confused???? i don't know if i'm a lesbian or a bisexual with a STRONG preference towards girls i'm so confused and honestly it's tiring because how am i gonna come out if i don't know what i am aha sorry for ranting just needed to get this off my chest

it’s okay to be confused and to not be sure my love!!! sexuality is confusing especially when you have to do it so blindly and 98% of the time you have to figure it out alone. It’s hard and like I always say it takes time. If you don’t feel comfortable cause you don’t have a label you can use umbrella terms like wlw, queer or etc until you figure it out. rushing it makes it worse and more confusing in the end. Ily and know that I’m here for you. Also when it comes to coming out you still can you can just explain you know you really love girls but there is a possibly you’re also into men and you’re working to figure it out

i’m curious, when did everything in art, music, film, life in general become a pissing contest? why do we need to constantly compare artists, musicians, actors, actresses, directors, photographers, writers, etc to one another or use one to bash another? i’m genuinely curious cause as long as whatever you like isn’t problematic such as “has sex with minors” aka roman polanski, why can’t we just let people enjoy the things they love? why do we need to go out of our way as people and make other people feel shitty for liking the things they do? i feel like, it’s just so hypocritical and there shouldn’t be a right or wrong answer unless the answer could be morally wrong! like let people enjoy their music, enjoy their movies, enjoy their actors/actresses, etc. like it shouldn’t be that hard to just let people like what they like and leave well enough alone.

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i suffer from intense irritation whenever i see girls being like "i'm straight!", "this is my boyfriend i love him sooo much" etc. i feel bad because of course people are allowed to be straight and love whoever they're dating but it just annoys me? like they're so lucky for being straight, they have it so easy. it feels like they're rubbing it in my face, and i just feel horrible!

Hey sunshine,

Don’t feel bad ! Your heterophobia is definitely something you can be proud of.

All the support from your heterophobic friend,

- S