i'm so allergic to them

Okay guys any suggestions on what to do against cats in my garden?

They shit everywhere, in my vegetable patches, under my roses, in front of the door (Toby likes to eat that so yey) and they ruin the furniture and plants.

During the day when the dogs are out they take care of keeping them away, but they’re not out all the time and the cats are probably out there during night…

My ideal dream would be to never have a cat set foot into my garden again, but I’d be happy to have them stop shit everywhere at least…

It’s all packaged up and ready to be sent off. The note is terrible and long winded. I basically just gushed at how amazing he is and then I P.S.’d for him to take selfies. 🙈🙈🙈


Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.(x)


The greatest day of my life

Imagine going to a pet cafe with Woozi. At first, Woozi was reluctant to go but after having so much fun with the animals, he was the one who wouldn’t leave.

yamagato  asked:

Went to a medication consultation today and the doctor told me I need to make sure I'm getting enough healthy cholesterol. He said a glass of [cow] milk a day can provide all the cholesterol and fat I need on my diet. What are you thoughts on this? Advice for other foods I can eat for healthy cholesterol and fat? I know avocados are super for that but I'm allergic to them :(

So concerning that some doctors still believe these things. We make our own cholesterol, he should know that eating another animals cholesterol and fat causes health problems. The last doctor I went to wasn’t vegan but was so glad to know I was. You can’t take everything some doctors say, they don’t know all, and are usually just as brainwashed as the majority of the population, thinking we need animal products. Don’t worry about cholesterol. For fats - Omega 3’s (Flaxseed), Macadamia nuts, Pecans, Walnuts, Almonds and other nuts. Seeds, Dried fruit, Olives, Avocado, Oil. I’m not saying don’t ever believe what your doctor tells you, but bear in mind that they don’t study nutrition. You should maybe look into a new doctor, doesn’t have to be a vegan, but if they have common sense, they will know the health benefits of veganism. 

astralysis  asked:

I'm allergic to flowers so I can't be around them, but I love your blog. Even if I can't be around them, your blog can allow me to see them without sneezing. Thank you so much for running this!

hey Jen

that’s cute i meant except the part you are allergic to flowers that’s bad i am sorry :/  

and i am glad to help -somehow- lol  :)