i'm so addicted to this film


Not-lead characters that I adore beyond reason: An Advent Calendar

Day 3: Mark (Ethan Embry) in Empire Records [1995]

You know something? I fucking love Empire Records. Not in an ironic/guilty pleasure kinda way but just because. And one of the reasons is because I bloody love Mark. There’s a certain type of (film) boy that I just can’t help adoring (think Gary Oldman in R&G): goofy, dopey, funny, scruffy, sweet, pretty uncomplicated, and refreshingly uncynical. Mark is one of those boys. I think I first watched ER because of Rory Cochrane (after watching Dazed and Confused a lot) and yeah, Lucas is great, but Mark is just adorbz.

And let’s not forget that it’s Mark who comes up with the plan to save the Empire. He may only have one ambition (to be in a band) but you know, what’s wrong with that? He’s the least fucked up of them all. He’s kind of a symbol for contentment. Ok he’s a massive stoner, and we can’t stay stoned forever (however hard we try) but it’s nice to revisit those days once in a while.

The other thing about Mark is that he fucking loves music. He works there because he loves music. He and Eddie arguing about Primus vs The Misfits over the end credits is just the best thing. That was always my favourite thing about working in a record shop: hearing new stuff and getting recs and talking for hours about music with people who really fucking cared about it. Good times. 

So…I just started watching Ellie’s streams about a week or two ago (some time around the release of AToTS) and she totally got me into this adorkable show/skit/animated short? idk (Amongst other things…my brain is chalked full of madeon and electro swing now, haha). I also wanted to credit the colouring style used in this picture to her because it’s actually a really fun colouring technique that I had only used for pencil drawings up until now, so…uh, yeah! It’s real awesome and makes the whole process really interesting! It’s really flipping great!! xD

But yeah, anway. *whispers* This little film is the best so you should really go watch it. At some point. Ye.


We don’t even know if i’ll actually do it.

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Hello fellow Captain Swan shipmate, I would just like to let you know I watched all three seasons of z nation in the last two weeks twice and it's all because of you. Like I really like that show which is a big surprise that I'm not a fan of the zombies genre at all. And I'm going crazy cause I don't know when season fourth coming back with the film anybody else in the fandom. help please!!!

It’s quite addicting, isn’t it?

When I first discovered it on Netflix a couple of years ago, I think I was in withdrawl from iZombie, so I figured I’d give it a shot. After I finished the first season, I was like, 

Then season 2 eventually came out on Netflix, and I was like, “Oh, cool! I need to see what happens now.” By the end, this was me:

Then when season 3 came on Netflix, I binged the hell out of that shit, and now I’m pretty much in a perpetual state of:


because no one else I know watches Z Nation in real life, and I have no one to discuss it with.

From what I’ve read regarding the season 4 renewal, the show will probably premiere again in September or October, but that is soooooo far away right now, and I need my fix, so I’m probably going to binge the whole series AGAIN just as soon as I finish these fic chapters I’ve been working on.

I feel your pain, I really do! So feel free to send me Asks, PMs, whatever, if you want to discuss, rant, squee, or theorize. I need people to obsess over this show with, too!!!

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I'm watching the General (1926) and I've always liked silent movies but this. I'm only like 20 mins in but I love it. I think I shall watch all of them. Every silent movie ever. I'm only telling you this because I was interested after seeing so much Buster Keaton on your blog (which I love) so, thanks!



so glad I provoked you into watching BK it’s always so wonderful when I help people get addicted to it :’D you’re very welcome and thank you for sharing!

Robert Downey, Jr. used a rigorous form of Chinese martial arts to help beat his addiction, and the master who taught him couldn’t say enough good things to a judge and California Governor Jerry Brown to support his pardon.

Si-Fu Eric Oram, who teaches Wing Chun Kung Fu, a “Chinese Boxing System,” wrote a moving letter in support of Downey’s pardon. Oram says when he met the actor 12 years ago, he had little hope for him.

Downey had contacted him and wanted to take lessons, but Oram, who learned from the mentor and teacher of Bruce Lee, felt Robert’s addiction was a losing battle. Oram was reluctant to take Downey on, but the actor was persistent, freely acknowledging he needed help.

Oram contacted a woman who once worked with Robert in rehab, who told him Downey was a “hopeless addict,” adding, “He will never change, nor does he want to.”

Nevertheless, Downey became a student, and the 2 developed a close bond over the years and the teacher even worked with his student on 17 films.  

Oram says Downey used the discipline to “rewire his mind and body,” adding, “It’s difficult to recognize the Robert that stepped into my academy 12 years ago.” (x)

All I want for 2016 is Carmilla Season 3 and probably another film with Natasha and Elise together aside from Almost Adults. Oh, new web series with them as the casts again and let there be more gayness in that series

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I'm addicted to looking at pictures of other females and comparing myself to them. I'm also obsessed with going through someone's entire social media & reading their life like a story because I find it so interesting. I also have saved pictures of them on my phone. There's regular people that I go to creep on, several times a day, most of whom I haven't met. It's like I'm so jealous/entertained by their lives. I'm addicted. I'm just wondering, what the hell is wrong with me? I feel crazy & sad.

That’s the problem with social media and upward comparison, then feelings of inadequacy. I understand it can become an addicting waste of time, and usually leave you worse than where you started. Try to get absorbed in doing other things so that you spend less time scrolling through other people’s social media pages, or even find a healthier addiction. Read a book, go outside, spend time with friends, watch a film… these are just some suggestions.