i'm so addicted to her song lol

kittylolita6-deactivated2016031  asked:

It blows my mind that people don't like Ultraviolence.. Idk, something about it (especially Cruel World), I relate to it so much.. maybe because I'm a recovering heroin addict lol

Everything about it is so dark, beautiful, raw, and honest. I absolutely love it.  I am happy for you that you are recovering and I hope you stay strong and stay clean! <3 I feel the album is relatable because it is so raw lyrically as well as vocally. Pretty When You Cry and Shades of Cool really connected with me for the heartbreak I went through this year. Cruel World is my favorite song of Lana’s. Honestly I could listen to it over and over and over. 

I think Ultraviolence will forever be her underrated masterpiece. I think if her label really put the funds and promotion into the album that it could have won awards. I wish we got all of the videos Lana filmed for UV. I wish we got a video for the underwater shoot Lana did. I feel like the album just lends itself to such amazing visuals and 70s artistic psychedelic themes that are levels above normal music videos.