i'm smart except for when i'm not

NTJ Stare
  • ENTJ: Yeah ISFP tells me to not look him in the eyes when I'm talking because apparently I have an intimidating stare.
  • INTJ: Mhm. You wouldn't believe how many times I've been told that.
  • ISTJ: Yep, you guys are scary. I do the same thing except I don't think I'm as...intense.
  • INTJ: You're just not as smart
  • ISTJ: Shut up INTJ. At least my ego isn't as big as yours is. I'd be crushed under it.
  • INTJ: *smug expression*
  • <p> <b>Sirius:</b> okay Harry, because you're so little, I'm going to run the plan by you again<p/><b>Sirius:</b> when Remus gets home, you start crying: that'll lure him into your bedroom<p/><b>Sirius:</b> except the doorway is covered in clingwrap that's covered in vaseline<p/><b>Sirius:</b> silly man'll walk right into it<p/><b>Sirius:</b> I'm so smart I think of the best pranks ever<p/><b>Sirius:</b> I'm like the whole package<p/><b>Sirius:</b> I'm smart and I'm sexy<p/><b>Sirius:</b> I could've gotten anybody into the sack with me<p/><b>Sirius:</b> do you know how long it took me to ask Remus out though?<p/><b>Sirius:</b> twas the best part of three years, mate<p/><b>Sirius:</b> imagine all the people I could've had sex with instead!<p/><b>Sirius:</b> still I managed to get Uncle Moony into bed with me<p/><b>Sirius:</b> #life goal achieved<p/><b>Sirius:</b> We're married now, so I'm taken, which means I can't hit on everybody otherwise Remus gets jealous<p/><b>Sirius:</b> and I'm way better looking so why wouldn't he be jealous?<p/><b>Sirius:</b> but I love him so I guess we all have to make changes for the people we love, right, Harry?<p/><b>Harry:</b> *sneezes*<p/><b>Sirius:</b> *sighs* I'm god's gift, aren't I?<p/><b>Remus:</b> more like Satan's reject, babe<p/><b>Sirius:</b> <p/><b>Sirius:</b> <p/><b>Sirius:</b> daMN IT HAZ WE'RE ON THE SAME TEAM HERE COULDN'T YOU HAVE WARNED ME SEE THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T DO FUN SHIT TOGETHER<p/></p>

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I'm so proud to call myself a Ravenclaw because for years I never felt smart enough. I would always get called a dumb blonde, even to the point where I thought of dying my hair. I was never particularly good at anything except for art and often times people don't think artists have to be smart. But I've finally realized that I'm a lot smarter than I give myself credit for, it's not just smarts but also wisdom, and my creativity make me a Ravenclaw. I'm so proud to be one.