i'm slowly falling in love with him


Stackson Week, Day Seven

Prince Jackson wakes up in the woods with blood on his hands and no memory of the night before, and the first person he sees is a peasant boy named Mieczyslaw. He can’t afford to fall in love, but he slowly does it anyway as they continue to meet in secret and the boy tries to help Jackson figure out what exactly is happening to him. There are secrets about himself and where he comes from that Jackson was never meant to learn, and there is no going back now.

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When and how did Sasuke fall for Naruto? When did he realize he was in love?

Sasuke has always had strong feelings for Naruto. It went from innocent curiosity to friendship and slowly blossomed into a bond neither him nor Naruto could explain. 

Realization hit him after the war.
While journeying alone, Sasuke had time to sort himself out and when he returned to Konoha for a short visit, something “clicked”. His feelings for Naruto hadn’t really changed during his months of absence. He simply started to grasp what they were exactly.

Imagine painter Iwa accidentally bumping into Oikawa in the street and suddenly feeling the strong urge to have Oikawa model for him. Imagine Oikawa and Iwa meeting daily in Iwa’s apartment. Imagine Oikawa slowly falling for Iwa from their little idle conversations whenever they meet. And Iwa, who’s too engrossed in his many paintings of Oikawa, doesn’t quite notice. Imagine Oikawa trying to get Iwa’s attention - to have him look at him not as a piece of art for the first time, but as a person. And in the end, Iwa realizes that he didn’t just want to paint Oikawa over and over again, that feeling he had the whole time was love, completely overflowing. 



She holds onto his waist, tightly, as she smiles at something her parents said, though she wasn’t in the mood to socialize, they had gotten into a huge argument, before they got here, though, they hid it well. She knew, she knew they were falling apart, slowly, and it was the worst timing really, three years were coming up, and it was frustrating because she didn’t know how to fix it- how to make him happy, all she knows is that she still loves him. She chuckles lightly, though, her smile is tense, and fake, her parents couldn’t tell the difference, her sister sits on the other side of her, as she looks back at Stiles. Awkward family meets ups, they were the worst. Especially, when she was feeling so shitty, as of now. “I don’t know babe, kids?” She asks, referring to the question, she just asked, her stomach is in knots though, as she finally looks over at him, brown eyes slightly softening, though the room was tense, and awkward. Her mother just had to bring up children, almost like she was hellbent on them having some, it drove Malia crazy, but she tilts her head at Stiles, anyways, chuckling lightly, but her eyes are practically screaming. Lie.

Surprise Flowers

Title: Surprise Flowers

Genre: AU, Fluff, Getting Together

Word Count: 12, 719 (what even is my life)

Warnings: None!

Description: In which Phil slowly falls in love with his new upstairs apartment neighbor, Dan, but doesn’t quite get the right time to tell him.

Author’s Note: Take risks. (Please remember that this is fiction.)

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Imagine Kris finally arriving home after a twenty hour day of filming. Still caked in stage makeup, he slowly stumbles through his apartment, shedding clothes along the way until just in a t-shirt and boxers. When he catches sight of his bed, all made up and soft-looking, Kris rapturously whispers “Hello my love,” before lurching forward to fall onto the mattress.

Before he can make contact, the air between Kris and the bed begins to glow and feel hot. Kris scrambles backwards, suddenly very awake and groping at the dresser behind him for stability. The light grows to near-blinding levels before dissipating entirely. In its place is a person dressed in a silvery jumpsuit with a helmet that completely obscures their head. Kris visibly swallows and presses himself further against the dresser while the person looks around, finally removing their helmet. Underneath is… another Kris? What the hell?

Before Kris can open his mouth, the doppelganger holds up a hand to speak.
“Do not be alarmed. I’m you from the future,” Future Kris states. He tucks the helmet under his arm and reassesses Kris Prime. “Right, well, I’m here to stop you from making an enormous mistake that alters the course of time.”

Kris Prime gawks. “Are… are you for serious?”

“I am indeed for serious,” Future Kris responds. He gestures to Kris Prime’s face. “I’ve been sent here to make you wash your makeup off so that you don’t fall asleep with it on. In the current course of time,” he explains, “you fall asleep with all that on there and get a massive pimple as a result.”

Kris Prime is confused. “And this pimple… Its presence on my face does something bad to alter history in a way that doesn’t favor humanity?”

Future Kris shakes his head. “No, no, nothing like that. It’s just a really big zit and it totally hurts.”

“Oh my god, yuck, I hate those ones.”

“Yeah, totally!”

Both Krises chortle over their mutual displeasure before awkwardly petering out into stilted chuckles. Kris Prime coughs.

“So, uh, yeah.” Future Kris scratches the back of his neck. “Please go wash your face.”

“Yeah, yeah, for sure. Should I, like, do a mud mask too? Sleeping pack or something?”

“Nah, just, like, make sure you get cleaned up and stuff…”

Kris Prime scratches at his upper lip. “Do you wanna wait around to make sure I get it done, orrr…?”

Future Kris shakes his head and grasps at his helmet. “No, I’m good, just wanted to…” He makes an odd movement with his head. “…let you know.”

Kris Prime nods stiffly, oddly uncomfortable with his future self’s presence. “Cool, cool. I guess I’ll see you around then…” he trails off.

Future Kris pauses for a moment before laughing shortly. “Oh, ha, I get it. ‘Cuz we’re the same person. That’s… that’s funny.” He smiles at the ground, all gums, then fits his helmet back on his head. “This is goodbye, then.” The air around him begins to glow hot, just like before.

“Wait!” Kris Prime cries. “Does anything else happen in the future that I should know about? How’s my mother’s health? And my career…?”

“Uh…” Future Kris intones. “Sorry, but, not much happens. I’m from a month and a half from now.” He shrugs, backlit and growing brighter, while Kris Prime squints, flabbergasted. “Oh, yeah, time travel becomes mainsteam pretty shortly. It’s totally kickass. Anyway bye!”

Future Kris disappeared as quickly as he arrived, leaving Kris Prime feeling confused and still quite tired, possibly more so. Kris trudges to his bathroom and picks up a tube of cleanser, wondering why he’d stoop to wearing a silver jumpsuit.



“It’s about Oliver.”

Pursing her lips, Felicity nodded slowly, taking a deep breath. Since she’d made it clear there was no future for them as a couple as long as he was running across rooftops, risking his life at night, she hadn’t spoken to him unless really necessary. It had been a couple of weeks since that horrible day. Yes, she hated it as much as he did. She only saw him whenever Moira invited her over for dinner or when she’d run into him at the mansion when she was dropping off some files for Walter. She knew he was avoiding her just like she was him. It got easier over time. She hadn’t thought about him once. Today.

“Oh. What about him?”

“Last night, when Laurel and I went to dinner, we…saw him.” Tommy spoke.

Felicity frowned in confusion. “So? He’s allowed to go to dinner, isn’t he?”

Tommy was quiet for a moment. “He was with someone else. And by someone else, I mean a possible romantic partner that’s not you.”


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