i'm sleepy so i can't think of anything to say

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Maybe demon!dean seeing Cas dying because his grace is disappearing? Idk I can't think of a cute and fluffy thing now ._.

Castiel was really weak. He looked so smal in his arms. So fragile.
'It’s okay, Dean’
'Cas… Don’t talk.’
'It’s fine… I’m just …tired. But I still can see you, you know? Your face, the real one’ 
’ … ’
’ Don’t look at me like this… You are still the most beautiful creature that I have ever seen. You are good, Dean Winchester. You always have been. ‘
'Cas…I'm…I’m a monst-’
'No. You are not.’


’ … I’m sorry’
’ For what?’
’ If only I was an angel not something like THAT I would…’
'Don’t. Dean…please, don’t. ’
So he didn’t say anything anymore.


’ Stay with me…please’
’ I’m not going anywhere, stupid.’
Castiel’s fingers were cold on his arm.


’ Cas…Castiel, don’t close your eyes. ’
’  I’m just.. really sleepy.' 
'I know, I know. But you can’t fall asleep, you know that, right? No matter what Cas, don’t you dare…’
’ Dean’
’ I’m serious-…’
’ …Don’t cry’
His hands were trembling. He looked away, but couldn’t stop.

’ I … I think I will go to sleep now, Dean. Just…for a moment’
’ I’m tried. Really, really tried’
’ I know’
'… ’
'…. Will you be here when I wake up?’
'…I love you too, Dean' 

His voice was so soft and quiet. Unbelievable warm. He closed his blue, blue eyes with a sigh.

Dean held him in his arms, even long after Castiel’s heart stopped beating.  


Idk if this is what u wanted ;3;
I’m pretty sure that spn’s Demons don’t have wings but whatever D: