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I FINISHED THIS *ugly sobbing*

I wanted to draw a silly Fellby and Felys comic andddit ended up taking way longer than expected. The comic would take place way longer after they first met, and Felys, since she didn’t want to bother Fellby everytime she wanted him to come (and was curious about his world too) tried to reverse the use of the summoning circle so she could go there instead I’m not even sure it would be possible BUT let’s say that it is so this silly comic makes some sense lmao

Sunny and Saz were trying to summon Fellby to the sofa and then Felys succeeded and saw these two cuties trying to bring his uncle home, so she would give them a class and bring the blue flame back. Fellby just arrived at the right time, and knew perfectly that he would not harm her with the fire attack) so he just plays the tsundere while hiding his surprise lmao

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it’s 8am on boxing day~ but i have NOT slept yet! SO IT’S STILL CHRISTMAS TO ME!!!! (^O  [   ]O)^ WOOOOO!!!! i was GOING to finish this klance fluff if it KILLED ME! (^     O  ^) i hope you all enjoy it! and i double hope that everybody had lovely - or at least relaxing - holidays!!! <3 <3 <3 LOVE!!!

(ps: in my headcanon for this, Hunk knitted all of their christmas sweaters <3)

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