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remember kasshi-'s battle muse? if you do, could you draw printemps from this au?(it's fine if you don't wanna)

…guess I’m just gonna leave you this
showing you the birb because she’s the only one left unfinished 8DDD /smacked

I’m sure someone somewhere has talked about this before BUT

I absolutely adore the idea of Castiel healing Dean with kisses instead of his standard forehead boop. Like after a tough fight that has Dean all bruised and battered, Castiel just comes to him without a word and starts placing gentle kisses against a bruise on Dean’s cheek or a cut on his lip. And I like to think he can choose not to heal everything all at once, that maybe he takes his time to literally kiss Dean better one kiss at a time. And it’s not just about reaffirming that Dean is still alive and that they’re together; it’s also about comforting him and making sure he knows he’s loved.


Solangelo one-shot, 2,778 words, general audiences. It goes through three casual moments in Will and Nico’s relationship. Set in canon!verse, not-spoilerish. Low-key inspired by a conversation I had with the lovely @ynysafallon, in which we shared some Solangelo headcanons. Hope you enjoy!


The day was exceptionally hot. Perfect for staying inside the Arts & Crafts building or having a picnic under the shadow of some tree. Maybe taking a nap in a hammock. Nico wouldn’t have minded any of those options.

Instead, Chiron thought it was a great idea if they all “enjoyed the beautiful day outside”.

(And of course Will agreed with him.)

“C’mon, it can’t be that bad, Death Boy.” Will said, distracted, while dragging Nico towards the volleyball court. By now, Nico was used to touch, and even welcomed it. It didn’t mean it had stopped feeling electric when Will was the one to do so. Nico was equal parts glad and annoyed by it. “It’s better than wrestling with the Ares cabin.” He motioned to his right with his head, where Clarisse was shoving someone’s head into the dirt.

“I could kick her ass.” Nico informed him.

“Volleyball is better. Besides, Jason is the one who invited us to play. And Piper.” He said as they entered the court. That caught Nico’s attention. His friends were visiting for the weekend. Nico had no particular interest for sports, but it was only fair that he spent more time with them, even if this was what they wanted to do.

He sighed. “Fine. But don’t we need more people? Say, six on each team?” He reminded Will, who shrugged.

“Not beach volleyball, no.”

“Nico! You actually came!” Jason yelled from the other side of the court, delighted. He started to run to the newcomers while Piper stayed behind, observing them as if confident they would go down.


“Listen, I already talked to Piper and everything, and you can totally be on my team.” Jason offered, his hands in fists. He looked as if he’d start bouncing with excitement at any moment.

“Oh, um… Nice, but listen…” Nico started, then paused, thinking about how best to reject the offer. “Um, do you mind if I stay with Will, this once? I mean, you have Piper, right?” It sounded ruder than in his head, but now it was late to take it back. Jason didn’t seem offended, though. Only surprised, his eyes wide and taken aback posture. He glanced between Will — who was absentmindedly stretching beside the son of Hades — and Nico as if just realizing something.

Nico scrunched his eyebrows, thinking back to what he said and not finding anything shocking at all. What could he—


Oh, wait.

You have Piper…

As I have Will.

Not like that, Jason.” He hissed, clenching his hands in tight fists.


“I mean it.”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“You thought, and… you’re wrong. We’re just friends.” He muttered the last part.

“Okay. Okay, right.” Jason said, lifting his open palms in a defensive posture while walking backwards. However, his expression was amused. His eyes gleamed in a way that said he was probably thinking about his best man speech for Nico and Will’s wedding. He winked and gave Nico thumbs-up.

The son of Hades considered himself to be relatively polite, but right then he felt tempted to flip him off.

For his contentment, Jason tripped on his own feet and fell on his butt on the sand. Will breathed out a laughter beside him.

“Serves him right.” Nico mumbled, still too annoyed to even smirk. It wasn’t like that.

(Which didn’t mean Nico didn’t daydreamed about how it would be.)

(But that was completely normal.)

(…Gods, he needed a break.)

“Okay. What was that about?” Will asked after a moment of silence between them. Nico gathered up courage and looked up at the other boy, but he didn’t need to worry; Will wasn’t looking at him. He was instead glancing at Piper and Jason, who was saying something to his girlfriend. He was frowning, confused, and there was something unreadable in his eyes that Nico wasn’t sure he wanted to decipher. It seemed… sad. It looked wrong in the healer’s face.

“Nothing.” He said too quickly, which brought Will’s attention back to him. Will’s look was searching, and Nico instinctively tried to make his expression neutral. It was a stupid tactic, of course. His face looked annoyed per usual, and trying to make it blank tended to make Will see right through him.

It wasn’t different this time, although Nico wasn’t sure what the healer had found in his face to make him smile that brightly. Gone was the undecipherable look in his eyes, and Nico couldn’t help but feel quite relieved. He felt his heart clench in his chest at the sight of that grin; he should be over it by now, but now and then Will managed to take his breath away again.

“You like me, don’t you?” Will said slowly, testing the words, unsure about them. His smile didn’t falter, though. Instead, his gaze became even more curious as he looked into Nico’s eyes. The son of Hades couldn’t think very straight.

“If I didn’t like you, I wouldn’t be here, you idiot.” He added for good measure, but his voice sounded shaky and nervous nonetheless, and Will threw his head back and laughed, delighted.

“You do.” He sounded almost awed now, and Nico opened his mouth to deny it, but the words never left. He knew the precise moment when he lost control of his expression and let the panic show, because Will’s happiness faltered and his eyes grew serious. “It’s a good thing you like me, because I do like you. A lot. Like, like like you.”

“Are you ten?”


Will waited, observing as Nico looked away from his gaze and focused on taking deep breaths, as Will had taught him, so as to avoid hyperventilating.

Finally, Nico looked up, his eyes still showing some fear.

“It doesn’t freak you out? Not a tiny bit? I mean… I’m a guy.” His voice was low in the last part.

Will pondered, serious, before answering.

“Hi, A Guy. I’m bisexual.”


“Yeah. It doesn’t freak me out.” He suddenly grinned. “Wait, does that mean you really like me, then?”

Nico rolled his eyes and looked away.

“I did, but now I’m reconsidering it.” He mumbled, which made Will laugh.



Were 3-weeks anniversaries supposed to be special? Nico didn’t have a clue, and he didn’t really care. All he knew was that Will let him sleep until 10:30AM (Nico fell in love with him all over again), woke him up with kisses, then dragged him to their making-out spot in the woods, carrying a basket with him. He then proceed to lay out a picnic blanket on the grass and serve the food — sandwiches, strawberry scones, grapes, cocoa balls, and juice. Nico didn’t know where Will had gotten all of that, but he felt so relaxed, so content as Will beamed and rambled on the important of 3-weeks anniversaries, that he didn’t even ask.

After eating, they made out — of course.

It was very good. Nico was very happy. But there was a thought bugging — that stupid voice that dragged him down after the war with Gaia, and still did sometimes. What if Will didn’t think Nico was as invested in this relationship as him? What if he wanted Nico to change, to show more affection in public and call him those annoying couple names? It wasn’t something Nico was comfortable with, and they hadn’t talked about it yet, but Will seemed to know his limits, until now… But still, for how long would he accept them?

“Will,” He broke the kiss, reluctant and breathless, but the voice was irritating him too much. Will glanced down at him with confusion, still a little dazed. “You know I like you, right?”

He hadn’t meant to say that, but Will narrowed his eyes, as if processing those words was a complex task.

“Well, I have to say… I’m glad you’re making out with someone you like instead of, I don’t know, a mortal enemy or some—” He laughed when Nico slapped his arm.

“Stop being an idiot.” He said before he could think about the words, then his smile — he didn’t know he had been smiling; it was amazing that it didn’t hurt anymore — faltered. This was the exact type of behavior that he should avoid. “I mean, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, okay? About the insults and my lack of enthusiasm for… life, in general?” He breathed out, arms still embracing Will’s neck while his boyfriend straddled him on the ground. “I don’t think you’re an idiot. I just… I like our relationship the way it is, all of it, but I’ll understand if, if you don’t—”

“Honey, are you trying to make me leave on our anniversary? Seriously? You have the worst timing ever.”

Nico gave him a look. Will sighed.

“Nico, I know you don’t think I’m an idiot. I know this is your way of being, and guess what? That’s the Nico I fell in love with. My annoying brat friend who can’t pretend to be nice to save his life.”

“Hey! I’ll get you for that.” Nico said, his voice more affectionate than he’d planned. Will ignored that remark, choosing to lean in closer, until he was an inch away from Nico’s earlobe.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, darling.” His voice was low, and it sent a shiver down Nico’s spine.



Nico didn’t think there was any ideal condition to meet Hades in a pleasant way. This, though, didn’t even reach his low expectations.

They’d needed an army from the Underworld to defeat the giants. And the aid of the five children of the Big Three, along with the other four Heroes of Olympus. And the Greek and Roman armies.

Nico was tired. He was filthy, and thirsty, and felt like lying down and not moving for about three days straight. The children of Apollo were already fussing over those whose had been injured. Will, on the other hand, was using his healing powers on Percy’s poisonous lacerations.

Seeing Will using his powers was both fascinating and horrifying. Fascinating because beautiful golden light was expelled from his fingers in threads, reaching the wound and curing it; and horrifying because Will got visibly weaker after using it — paler, out of breath, trembling. He was much better at it than years ago, in the Battle of Manhattan, but he could still cure about seven people this way without exhausting himself, and Percy was the ninth.

“Stop it, you idiot.” Nico muttered, stepping closer to him. Even in his tired state, his mind computed that Will hadn’t been wounded, and he was relieved.

“This is the last one. Kayla can take care of the rest. I just—” He narrowed his eyes, and the brightness from the healing light vanished as Will stopped making it. He fell on his knees on the floor, panting. Nico knelt beside him in an instant, dropping his sword and embracing his boyfriend instead. He saw Percy give him a thumbs-up, indicating he was already fine, thank you very much.

“It’s okay. You healed them. No one’s dead.” Saying those words felt like a miracle, like a blessing. He would make sure to comfort Will and then help the other healers. He’d like everyone to return to camp safe and sound, for once. He kissed Will’s cheek, murmuring comforting things as his boyfriend hugged him back.

And that’s how Hades found them.

Will was the one who saw him first, and he froze. Nico looked behind his back, and said “oh”. It was a way of describing the situation.

None of them said anything for a while.

Then Nico stood up, helping Will up as well. He gave one look to his boyfriend, who nodded and managed to lift up one side of his lips for a fraction of second, silently giving him permission.

“Thanks for the army, dad.” Nico started.

“No problem. These are just some skeletons I had lying around the place, so.” He shrugged, shifting his glance between Nico, Will, and the ground.

“So… this is my boyfriend, Will. Solace. He is great, really.” He paused, then added, “He’s my best friend.”

The last part sounded somewhat more honest than the rest, even though it was all true. He hoped his attempt of securing a spot in Elysium for Will wasn’t too obvious.

Hades considered this information with a thoughtful expression. He frowned his lips, but seemed only pensive instead of angry or distressed; he scratched his chin.

“Child of Apollo, huh?” He nodded once. “I guess I understand the appeal quite well.” He murmured, glancing to his right. Nico followed his gaze and saw Persephone kneeling down, examining a warrior’s sprained ankle. “The summer… The warmth, can be very welcome to us.” He looked back at them while Nico scrunched his eyebrows.

“Dad, it’s not like that at all.” I mean, sure he liked to cuddle with the ball of warmth he called boyfriend, but that wasn’t relevant. He didn’t date people based on their body temperature. What the actual Zeus?

Hades gave him an amused look, one corner of his lips lifting up, and Nico had the funny impression he’d misunderstood his father’s words.

“I know.” He said, then all the amusement vanished from his face and became a glare the second he turned to his son’s boyfriend. “William Solace.”

Nico felt his boyfriend tense up beside him, but still Will stepped forward — slowly, still not recovered from all that healing —, and knelt down, bowing.

“It’s an honor and a pleasure to finally meet you, sir.” He said. It was clear to anyone hearing him how nervous he was, but he didn’t flinch or backed off. Nico felt a surge of pride and affection in his chest, and he felt like smiling a little.

Hades’ expression changed for a second, bewildered and unsure, and he considered Will with new eyes.

“Well. I hadn’t heard anything like that for a while.” He sounded satisfied, and motioned for Will to stand up, which he did, slowly. Nico walked forward and grabbed his hand, interlacing their fingers, silently supporting him. Will squeezed it once in acknowledgment.

Hades sighed quietly, nodding once again.

“Okay. I won’t interfere. I want to talk to you in private, though.” He pointed at Will.

“Sure.” Will’s voice was tremulous. He was undoubtedly visualizing his fate as an eternity in the Fields of Punishment.

“It doesn’t have to be now. I see you are all suffering the consequences of battle.” He motioned to the drained warriors and healers running with supplies and stretchers. Nico couldn’t feel anyone in immediate danger, though. “I would invite you to dinner,” His voice was uncertain, just like it got when he talked about mortals’ habits. “But then you’d have to stay in the Underworld forever, and I believe you’d like to live a few more years?”

“That would be great.” Will said, his voice low and in a higher pitch than normal. Hades nodded again.

“Meanwhile, keep doing whatever it is that you’re doing to make him happy.” He motioned his head to Nico’s direction. “I see his health is improved.” He commented, and Nico could sense the shift in Will’s posture; how he stood a bit taller, and his voice was no longer tremulous, now that the conversation topic was something health-related.

“He is much better, in all aspects. He’s still stubborn with some things,” Glare at Nico. “But he is headed in the right direction, sir. I assure you that.”

Hades raised his eyebrows, probably taken aback by Will’s sudden boost of confidence, then sent Nico a pointed look.

“Stubborn, huh? We’ll talk about that.”

“Look what you’ve done.” Nico hissed so that only Will heard.

“I have to go now.” Hades said as Persephone appeared beside him, looking tired.

“Ready to go?” She asked, offering her hand. He took it and squeezed it once.

“Sure.” He said gently. He glanced at the boys one last time. “I’ll see you soon. Nico. Will.”

And then he, Persephone, and the hundreds of skeletons in the field disappeared.

Will almost fell on his knees again, relieved.

“I’m alive.” He said as if it was the most unbelievable statement of history. Nico laughed quietly, hugging his boyfriend.

“Of course you’re alive, dummy. I like you, he wouldn’t kill anyone I like.” Then he thought better and frowned. “Probably. Maybe. Okay, you know what? Let’s celebrate your survival.”

Will laughed and hugged Nico back.

“I love you.”

Nico held on tighter.

“I love you too.”

Will smiled a little, still looking exhausted, but happy.

“Good.” He said, and kissed his boyfriend.

Just to make it clear… What Hades meant was people with sunny, warm personalities and auras. Not elevated body temperatures. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!

Good night everyone ^-^ I had a nice day thank to all of you!! So thank you very much!! I’m gonna head to bed now so I hope everyone has a really nice rest of the day :) you are amazing and wonderful and talented and I love every single one of you!!!

I didn’t ask for a single present from my parents

All I wanted was for my dad to put aside a couple of hours and draw with me

He promised

And now he’d rather watch Monday Night football than do the ONLY thing I asked of him for my birthday

I’m so upset right now

More headcanons about Maria Stark

More headcanons about the wealthy society girl who married the man who helped build the atomic bomb, a man old enough to be her father, and helped him build an iron and blood empire. Who grew up with money and understood it in a way Howard never could. Who pulled him out of debt with sheer force of will and a mind for numbers that Tony would always attribute to the wrong parent.

More headcanons about the SHIELD agent assigned to defend Howard Stark under the cover of being his secretary. How she fell in love with him by accident. Or how she never did, but marriage was convenient to keep the protection going. How she didn’t love him at first, but there’s nothing like prolonged exposure to Howard Stark to get you to break down. (“Are you comparing our marriage radiation poisoning?” he asks her and she laughs and says, “I know, I’ve become such a disgusting romantic.”)

More headcanons about the impoverished and desperate girl who promised herself she’d never go hungry again and lied, stole, seduced, cheated, and bled to make that come true. Who reinvented herself so thoroughly that it’s not till six months into her relationship with Howard that Peggy finally finds Maria’s true identity in SHIELD’s third background check of Howard’s young new fiancée. Who holds her head high as Howard screams at her. “I’m not marrying a damn hillbilly with a fake name and a black heart,” he yells, face red with rage as the bubbly warm woman he thought he loved sharpens into something colder, so beautiful he can barely look at her. And she replies, “Fine then. Die alone,” and he marries her because Howard Stark has always loved dangerous, lethal things. (Maybe she loves him back. Maybe she doesn’t. Maybe she’s never hungry again. Maybe she’s hungry all her life in more ways than she’ll ever know how to satiate.)

More headcanons about Maria who loves her son more than anything from his first stirring inside her. Or who birthed him to make sure Howard wouldn’t leave her and was determined to be neutral to the boy, and she fails miserable. Who was a natural mother and the heart of an otherwise tempestuous house. Who never understood motherhood and did the best she could, and that wasn’t very good at all. Who could never find it in her to love her son. Who loved her husband too much to pay attention to their offspring. Who took Tony out to the garage and popped him on her hip as she explained how cars worked. Who let him spray perfume on her before she headed out to charity balls. Who got drunk and cried on her nine year old son’s shoulders about how life wasn’t what it was supposed to be. Who was her son’s best friend. Who never quite understood her strange offspring. Who told her son, “You’re going to be fine someday, once me and your dad are dead.”

More headcanons about Maria the spy, the scientist, the debutante, the secret Hydra plant, the angel of the hearth, the monster in the attic, the mediocre mother, the passionate lover, the artist, the second-wave feminist, the Jackie Onassis of the arms industry, the embittered soldier, the cheerful alcoholic, the only kind Stark in the family, the biggest killer of them all.

More headcanons about Maria Stark. More acknowledgement that Tony did not pop fully grown from Howard’s forehead. Give me anything.

Actually, I know what we need. Fuck headcanons. Marvel, give us actual canon about Maria Stark. No more stories about complex, tragic, powerful, influential fathers. Let’s get some mothers as human characters for once.

“Doctor, I would like to comment on your proposal last night,” Spock said.

McCoy turned in surprise and started to stand. “Sure,” he mumbled, “‘scuse me, folks.” He nodded at Scotty and Uhura’s curious looks.

He turned to face Spock when Spock spoke. “I do not wish to have casual sex with you.”

McCoy closed his eyes and focused on not responding too quickly. He actively bit his tongue, gripping onto the table behind him as he felt his blush grow.

“Ah, somewhat more public than I generally like my rejections, Spock.” McCoy glanced at Scotty and Uhura. Scotty’s eyes were wide open, staring at them. Uhura’s open mouth had fallen into her hands as she slinked lower towards the table, watching them in amazement.

“You misunderstand, sir, I do not wish to have casual sex with you-”

“No, I did catch that,” McCoy said quickly. He could feel himself glaring at Spock but couldn’t do anything to stop himself. He desperately wanted to ne civil, but it wasn’t looking strong.

“Please,” Spock said softly. McCoy quietened and raised an eyebrow. “I would like to date you. Exclusively, if you find that amenable.”

McCoy felt all the blood in his body rush to his face as he struggled for words.

“Yeah, that’d be good,” he croaked out.

Spock nodded at him. “I will see you tonight, then,” he said and walked away.

McCoy stared wild-eyed after Spock. Once he’d left he turned and found himself facing a shell shocked Scotty and a grinning Uhura.

“Did he ask me out?” McCoy asked weakly while he sat back down.

“Looks like you said yes, too,” Uhura said happily while Scotty nodded.


4am checking practices will always be the death of my sanity - because like anyone who gets up at that hour for sports training will know your not actually awake until 10 minutes into warm up - so like you have Jack who is probably the type of person who bolts awake and is crazy hyper aware in a way that can only mean half his brain is still sleeping - and you have bitty who is like warm and sleepy with slurred words and not quite open eyes and they are both stumbling around the house kitchen at 4am trying to grab food before heading to Faber constantly bumping into each other and Jack tries to put the milk in the freezer and bitty almost pours orange juice in his cereal every day

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Could I ask a scenario where Makoto, Rei and Sousuke receive a huge scarf from their partner then ask to wrap it around both of them? Keep up the good work!

(You most certainly may! This is so cute. And thank you, dear, I’ll do my best!)

Makoto: He’d been surprised when his partner suddenly called and asked if he could meet them, but they sounded so excited that he just couldn’t say no. He waved when he saw them waiting at the corner they’d agreed upon and smiled at the way they bounced a little on their toes to keep warm. Once he was closer, they thrust a box towards him. “What’s this?” He asked examining the bow on top. When they told him that it was a “just because” present, he laughed and thanked them with a warm hug before opening his gift. Inside was a very long, soft scarf in a lovely shade of green. They took the box from him so that he could try on the scarf, and he thanked them once again. It was very warm and he was about to ask where they found it when he noticed that they were still bouncing in place. “Here.” With one end already wrapped around himself, he wound the excess around his partner. “Better?” They nodded since part of the scarf was covering their mouth, and he laughed at how cute they were. Pulling them close and kissing the top of their head, he told them, “Thank you, it’s perfect.”

Rei: He was thinking about what a beautiful, if cold, day it was as he waited on a park bench for his partner, but he jumped when two hands reached from behind him to obscure his vision without smudging his glasses. Though he could do without being startled, he was always grateful that they were considerate enough not to touch his lenses while they played their little game. Without rounding the bench to take a seat, they told him to close his eyes for a surprise. If it had been anyone else, he would have been more wary, but with them, he readily closed his eyes and waited. Soon enough he felt soft material being wrapped around his neck and shoulders several times. He was just opening his eyes to inspect the unexpected gift when they sat down beside him. “Thank you,” he told them in a soft voice; receiving gifts had always made him feel a little awkward, but he really did like this one. He saw them beam happily at him with cheeks and nose turning red from the cold, and he thought of something that he’d seen other couples do. Hesitating at first, he unwound part of the scarf from around him and slowly wrapped it around his partner instead. Their smile brightened, if that was even possible, and they scooted closer to his side. Sitting in a comfortable silence with one another, Rei had to tug part of the scarf over his face to hide his blush.

Sousuke: He’d lost count of how many times he’d kicked himself for not dressing warmer. His partner had wanted a day-date of lunch and shopping, and while he had been happy to agree, the weather had turned out to be much colder than expected. Pulling his coat a little tighter around himself, he tried not to make it obvious just how cold he was. He didn’t want to make them worry, after all. When they stopped outside one store, he thought they were going to ask to go in, but his hopes for warming up fell when they said they were just going to step inside for a minute and that he could wait outside. He wondered if his male pride was worth freezing, but decided to suck it up in the end and wait outside. It was only a couple of minutes later that his partner left the store with a small bag only to immediately fish something out of it. When a new scarf was pushed into his hands, he realized that maybe he hadn’t been hiding his discomfort all that well after all. He thanked them while wrapping the scarf around himself and smiled, already feeling a bit warmer. But it was also then that he realized just how long the scarf was. “Here,” he said as he wrapped the other end around his partner. “It’s too long for one person, so we’ll share.” Once he was finished, he grinned at them teasingly before adding, “We’ll have to walk closer together though.” Draping one arm around their shoulders, he pulled them close and started walking down the street again, much more cozy and happy than before.

My head’s about few inches from dropping on my desk but I had to draw a cheery Ahsoka as goodnight sketch. You guys didn’t expected me to be over The Clone Wars yet, did you? Harharharr… (~ ̄▽ ̄)~


i need a fucking security blanket for these fuckers jesus christ

it’s just so fucked up the fact that these assholes are about to march into purgatory and ichabod’s first instinct is to reach out for abbie’s hand because he’s grown to associate her hand in his with comfort and protection, with there’s always another way (when he was going to kill himself for those mason assholes and abbie was like haHAHA no) but let’s be real the actual pain in this scene is abbie.

abbie who watched her father drink himself away. who had a sister locked up the same way their mother was. her life has been a cycle of people that leave and she’s not fool enough to think that the only way to leave is physical. her father left every night, disappeared into the bottom of a bottle. her mother was a universe away when she was right next to abbie.


she’s not used to someone reaching for her first.

he’s positive that there’s no one he’d rather reach for.

and this show is breaking my fucking heart.

Give me AUs where Dean and Jess are best friends

Give me AUs where Dean and Sam teach her how to be a hunter

Give me AUs where she turns out to be better than them

Give me AUs where Dean lets her drive Baby, because he is hurt and Sam is passed out on the backseat

Give me AUs where she teases Dean how she also does it better than him and on the outside he is bitter but on the inside he’s all proud of her

Give me AUs where Jess saves Sam from the demon blood addiction

Give me AUs where she instantly really likes Cas the first time she sees him and gets all excited when she finally meets him just like Sam did

Give me AUs where she and Cas are also really good friends

Give me AUs where she rolls her eyes all the time at Dean and asks “When are you going to ask the angel out, pretty boy? Or will I have to do it for you?”

Give me AUs where the four of them live together in the Bunker and are all domestic dorks and Dean and Jess are the cooking masters while Cas and Sam just wait in the kitchen for the pies and cookies that smell like Heaven.

Give me AUs where they all live there too: Kevin and Charlie and Krissy and Jody and Bobby and eVERYONE OK