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시간 표현 - Time expressions

시간 - Time/Hour
~에 - Time particle
시- o'clock
분 - Minute
지금 - Now
전 - Before
후 - After
반 - Half
오전 - a.m.
오후 - p.m.
아침 - Morning/breakfast
점심 - Afternoon/lunch
저녁 - Evening/dinner
어제 - Yesterday 
오늘 - Today
내일 - Tomorrow
주 - Week
주말 - Weekend
지난주 - Last week
이번주 - This week
다음 주 - Next week 
작년/지난 해 - Last year
올해 - This year
내년/다음 해 - Next year 
쯤 - About/around
부터 - From
까지 - To

지금 몇 시에요? - What’s the time?

지금 오후 다섯시 십분 전이에요. - It’s 10 to 5 p.m. (literal translation: It’s 10 minutes before 5 p.m.)

언제 일어나요? - When do you get up?

오전 일곱시 반 쯤에 일어나요. - I get up at around 7.30 a.m.

몇 시에 아침을 먹어요? - What time do you eat breakfast?

8시에 아침을 먹어요. - I eat breakfast at 8.

오후 여섯시부터 일곱시 반까지 공부할 거예요. - I’m going to study from 6 to 7.30 p.m.

내일 몇 시에 만날까요? - What time shall we meet tomorrow?

미안해요. 내일 약속이 있어요. - Sorry. I have appointments tomorrow.

토요일 시간이 있어요. 만날까요? - I have time on Saturday. Shall we meet?

괜찮아요. 11시에 만나자! - Ok, lets meet at 11 O’clock!

*Note pure Korean (하나, 둘, 셋…) is used for hours and sino Korean (일, 이, 삼…) is used for minutes*


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Me: Can I get the aux cord? 

Potential New Friend: Okay, but don’t play trash. 

Me: Trust me, it ain’t. *starts kpop playlist* Does fanchants, ad libs, choreography, and mumbles through whole song until I get to the English parts while being the hype man for every rapper on the track. 

Potential New Friend Who is Now Reconsidering This Entire Friendship

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<b>someone:</b> ladybug is fine without chat noir

<b>ladybug:</b> screencapped and emailed to my lawyer. She will have filed charges by tomorrow afternoon. By law We must allow you 48 hours to remove the offending material. If not, you will be charged with defamation of character, libel, and criminal mischief, all misdemeanors. You will face a judge trial.

I like the idea of each planet having a “night and day” ruler, it’s so cute, like

Gemini is the day ruler of Mercury, Virgo is the night ruler of Mercury

Libra is the day ruler of Venus, Taurus is the night ruler of Venus

Aries is the day ruler of Mars, Scorpio is the night ruler of Mars

Sagittarius is the day ruler of Jupiter, Pisces is the night ruler of Jupiter

Aquarius is the day ruler of Saturn, Capricorn is the night ruler of Saturn

Leo is the Sun (day), Cancer is the Moon (night)

The feminine signs are the night rulers, the masculine signs are the day rulers; masculine signs are more comfortable out in the daylight, the spotlight, when everyone else is able to see them shine. Feminine signs are more at home during the night, it is their sanctuary, they express their energies more naturally when they are soothed by the mystery and tranquil solitude of the night.

And then you have the case of the few other planets that are only ruled by one sign. Aquarius is the sole ruler of Uranus. Their Uranian qualities are present no matter what, it is part of their kooky persona. Pisces is the sole ruler of Neptune. The Neptunian influence of illusion and fantasy is something that hangs on to Pisces every second. Scorpio is the sole ruler of Pluto. Scorpio can’t escape Pluto. It is following them around through every suspicion.

Airport Reunions-Shawn Mendes x Reader

Title: Airport Reunions 

Word count: 525

Pairing: Shawn Mendes X Reader 

Warnings: Uhm, kissing? Airports? Someone throwing their bag on the floor?

A/N: I will come back and edit this, but I wanted to post it before I got second thoughts. And I’m doing this on my phone, so I have a few more restrictions, but imma fix it when I come back home to my laptop! 

Okay, I’ve fixed it a little. Thank you to the people who have already liked/reblogged this, you have no idea how much I appreciate it! 



Noise went in one ear and out the other as you scrolled down on Twitter. The scene of families reuniting and couples running into each others arms made you miss him more, so you kept your eyes trained on the screen. 

‘Soon’ you said to yourself in your head. 

You had promised your best friend Shawn, to meet him when he came back from tour. It had been long months without him. Your personal sun in the dark box called life. 

The thing was, you had come a bit too early, so now you had been standing where you were supposed to meet for an hour. His flight wouldn’t land for another ten minutes. 



You looked up to see a boy coming out from where he had landed. He ran to a girl with blonde hair and wrapped his arms around her, spinning her around in the air. Her giggles seemed to fill the whole room. And then they kissed, and you looked away. 

Shawn wasn’t your boyfriend, but you loved him anyway. Right before he left, you’d had fight. It was stupid, about Shawn’s new friend Olivia. It was honestly the most stupid thing you’d ever argued about before, because you knew it wasn’t anything to argue about. It was the big, green monster inside you rearing its ugly head. You had made up the day after. Not a shocker there, you had never been mad at each other for longer than a day. 

You looked up again as a new wave of people came out from the entrance. And there he stood in all his glory. He stopped as you made eye contact, making a few angry people bump into him, but he didn’t stop staring at you. Then he started taking long strides towards you. He threw the little backpack he had hanging on one shoulder down on the ground. His manager picked it up, but you didn’t care. All you could think about was your best friend almost running to you with a determined look on his face. You’d thought he would hug you.

 Maybe lift you up from the ground and spin you around, like the boy, Evan had done to his girlfriend Sarah. So when he grabbed your face and crashed his lips onto yours, you were shocked. So shocked in fact, that you froze in the position you were in. But he kept moving his warm, soft lips towards yours, and eventually you melted. 

His arms, which he had wrapped around your waist, tightened its grip. Your fingers went into his silky-soft locks, and you felt yourself go dizzy, either from all the endorphins spinning around in your head or from the lack of oxygen. 

“Hi.” He whispered with swollen lips when you finally pulled away. 

He leant his forehead against yours as you whispered hi back. 

“We’ve never said hi to each other like that before.” You said, a smile tugging on your lips. 

“Do you want to start say hi like that?” 

You bit your lip before pecking his lips. 

“I would love that.”

의태어 - Mimetic Words

빵 - Bang
음 - Um
아야 - Ow
에취 - Achoo
쿵쿵 - Thump noise
쨍쨍 - Blazing sun 
솔솔 -  Soft breeze 
반짝반짝 - Glittering 
두근두근 -  Heart throbbing 
주룩주룩 - Water sounds
말랑말랑 -  Soft and chewy food 
들썩들썩 -  Moving up and down 
똑똑똑 - Knock Knock Knock
오글오글 -  Cringe 
살금살금 -  Sneaking 
활활 - Burning fire
보들보들 - to be soft
뽀글뽀글 - Bubbly boiling water


Jason Todd

Imagine every time someone mentions ANYTHING to do with death Jason’s just “I died once” and then proceeds to go on a full rant about his very death. 

So like one time the bat bro’s were all trying to find something to watch and they see the walking dead on TV and Damian and Dick are okay with it but Tim’s just “Its way to unrealistic! I mean they came back to life!”