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OKAY I KNOW I SAID MY MAXWELL FIC MIGHT BE UP TONIGHT BUT I’M SORRY IT’S ALMOST 1AM HERE AND I’M SO TIRED I NEED SLEEP! I’ll try and finish it tomorrow! I might also have to split it up into parts, and turn it into a whooole chaptered fic, cause I have so many ideas for it. But, here’s a preview to tide you over!! This is in Maxwell’s POV! (IDK ABOUT TELLING YOU ALL THE SUMMARY, I’LL SEE)


“I don’t even know if you can hear me right now, and here I am, pouring my heart out to you. A girl I picked up in New York, and barely know.” You chuckle to yourself. “But it’s weird, because I care about you. Even though I barely know you. But what I do know about you is that you’re funny, smart….and you have great taste in food, so you definitely have to take me back to New York and take me on a food tour. You’re also a great dancer…despite only learning most of the dances a few weeks ago. You’re also an amazing singer. Oh yes, I hear you in the shower.” You can’t help but laugh, remembering MC singing Jessie’s Girl loud enough for both you and Bertrand to hear it from down the hall. “And of course, you’re beautiful.” You smile sadly. “But it’s not like we can be together. I mean…you’re fighting for the hand of a prince! And what am I? Just your sponsor. A bankrupt sponsor. Prince Liam can shower you with love and give you everything you ever wanted….and I can’t even check up on you to make sure you’re okay. I’m the worst.”

I will say if i do make this into a big chaptered thing…this part will most likely show up in chapters 2/3…just saying

i was going to go to bed but i’ve been listening to steam powered giraffe all night and REALLY wanted to sketch isabella real quick first because like she totally rocks the steam punk aesthetic so much

Do not pass go, do not collect your reward.

nalu week: Day 1 - Gift

When there was a crashing sound followed by a gust of wind and the thud of feet hitting her bedroom floor, she didn’t even look up from the book she was reading. She had long given up trying to teach her teammate proper entering-a-house-like-a-normal-human-being skills.

“Hi Natsu.”

The addressed boy flashed her his usual grin before jumping around her enthusiastically while babbling some unidentifiable words, making it impossible for her to find out if Jean-Jaque L’Amour would ever satisfy his all-encompassing need to crash his lips against those of his long lost lover Lola de l’Ardeur. Erza wanted the book back today. Sighing, she put it onto the desk in front of her and stood up.

“What is it, Natsu? How was the mission?”

“Well-“ He paused to pout his lips. “I would have liked it better if you had come with me, you know, ‘cause that’s what teammates do…” A slightly accusing look hit her, but immediately disappeared as he seemed to remember something important. “But it doesn’t matter, because I got all fired up anyway and defeated them instantly! And I got this as a reward!!” He pulled out something that looked not at all like money, which made Lucy not at all happy.

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what? i heard a story might be coming up??? *grabs popcorn and tissues*

“‘He doesn’t like doctors,’ you whispered, not looking at Sam as you wiped your cheeks and walked out of the kitchen.”


name/url doodles

hey guys! so I’m super bored and I thought I’d do a little something because why not

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it’s almost 11pm and i just finished my ap english homework but i still need to do my m/c practice, decorate my bullet journal and shower! i also forgot to take a picture of my workplace where i spent my entire afternoon working from 4 to 9. for now i’ll be prepping for my english essay tomorrow and thinking about sleep 😭

shit my mom says
  • Don't go to school tomorrow, you have to get well in time for that birthday party.
  • *to my sister* You know it's not ok to insult gays in front of your sister.
  • If she said she has to do something important, she's obviously not talking about homework.
  • Fine, you can skip school but put your posters back up, the walls look empty.
  • Nope, not going to work. I called in sick because I wanna finish this book, it's so interesting!
  • *points at poster* I told you I won't let you date a guy who smokes.
  • People sometimes forget their children in taxis but they never forget money because they still need money.
  • We both know you're not gonna remember that tomorrow, so just forget about school and go to sleep.
  • Don't worry! You won't die from something like that! ...hopefully