i'm skins free!

*playing In Hushed Whispers*

I’m sure there’s more going on that I haven’t learned yet (JUST talked to Dorian for the first time) but did anyone else get the feeling Alexius used mind control on Fiona, in addition to time travel? She doesn’t even sound like the same person I talked to Val Royeaux. 


don’t worry kyoani
I got yo back and helped you put the babies together
I know what you meant to do, Kyoani
I know.

You know, here lately I’ve been getting called fat by some anonymous little bitch. I just wanted to make a quick post for who ever my cute anonymous fan/fans is to save you a little bit of time bc I’m a sweet person. First of all, I’m well aware of what my body looks like as I see myself every single day. Unlike you, considering you’re anonymous, I can’t imagine what you look like. But there’s no need to be ashamed, we all have flaws honey. I’m content & comfortable with who I am so please remember that, although I’m sure ill see you in my inbox shortly. 👍🏽❤️


some progress pictures from this thing I’m working on

hiii I’m sorry for being so inactive lately, I promise I’ll be posting more in the near future.. This week I’m headed to Oregon where I’ll meet my grandmother and possibly my father, both for the first time. Not sure how to feel right now