i'm sitting here trying not to cry

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Every time. EVERY TIME I think maybe I'm reading too much into things and there's no way a band could be this shady and I'm clearly going insane and need to step away, they do something like ERASE A PERSON and then I'm right back in. Damn themmmmmmm.

I’m just…. hsjsjskslsls they literally trying to pretend D never existed I’m crying 

jack and gabriel doing tons of timezone balancing when they’re apart, staying up weird hours to vid chat and talk on the phone. those conversations that are literally one saying goodnight and one saying good morning. jack in a big meeting texting under the table because gabe’s sad and lonely and he can’t talk but he can send 16 emojis in a row.

balancing schedules and flights so they can meet each other at the airport. and they do that romance movie jump and spin hug and smooch like they haven’t seen each other in years even if it’s only been a week. sometimes jack carries gabriel all the way to the damn car because he cannot, will not, let him go because it’s been too long. (and gabe loves every second of it and it’s only half because he’s too jet lagged to walk in a straight line.)

the first time they’re apart after getting back together post-fall and it’s just a MESS of sap and long phone calls and grouchy old men to every poor soul who has to be around either of them. and when gabe gets back they try to do the same dive and hug thing but jack’s knees just give up and they end up on the floor laughing and squeezing the life out of each other. it’s so gross and adorable, people are touched, someone is crying, everything is beautiful.

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I'm trying to imagine you sitting on your computer or in front of a piece of paper like "Okay. My schedule is clear. Everything is clean. Everything I need is right here. NOW LETS DRAW SOME PORN OT TRY TO MAKE MY VIEWERS CRY FOR HOURS ON END! This is my what I do... It's amazing ;u;"

You guessed it partly right, I only draw once I finished my routine :) but my brain will whisper weird things so I have to listen to music to keep my brain in a trance, that way it will focus entirely on the story that I’m working on.

For example: Mr Han valentine was created with combination from “Rude boy” “S&M” by Rihanna; Kinky Zen was created with “Work” by Rihanna ft Drake; Sucker for Pain yeah thats the name of the song. And guess what, “no hope no fear” was created by hours of listening to Baroque music lol

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Just imagine shiro planning on proposing to Matt after the Kerberos mission and how much it's killing him to not know what happened. Not just to himself, but also the love of his life.

i’m just sitting here at 10:46 pm on this fine saturday night minding my own business and then you come here sending me this ask?

this is now a lawsuit and i’m suing you!!!

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do you know where i can see the rita/trini deleted scene? or if you can put the transcript up? I just wanted to know if there's any other lines said that aren't in the movie because i'm writing a trimberly fic of the fallout from it!

I’ll write the transcript here and I’ll try to see if I can upload it later today or tomorrow. The only additional dialogue in the scene is after Rita’s “You’ve got spunk little Yellow”  line when she holds her by the throat on the wall. 

There’s also a little additional scene before Rita shows up, where Trini climbs through her window right after the campfire scene and she sits there for a while and she’s sniffling and wiping her nose and it looks like she’s crying a little and it killed me.

Here’s the additional dialogue with Rita though:

Rita: I see myself in you. I was an outsider on Zordon’s team just like you. They don’t even know your name. “Deedee?” (she laughs) They’re not your friends. Come with me (then she licks Trini’s chin). We can be friends. All I need to know is; Where is the Zeo crystal? 

Trini: I don’t know.

Rita: Sadly I believe you (then she pushes her up higher against the wall by the throat and Trini struggles a little bit). I don’t want to kille her just yet. I wanna play with her a little longer (lowers her back down on the wall). Tomorrow I am going to destroy Angel Grove. But in exchange for your life, you will find out where that crystal is and you will come to me. We can have a little deal. Me and you. As friends. Do not believe what Zordon says. He will betray you! I will protect you.

Trini: Where will I find you? (she kind of whispers this because Rita’s still choking her)

Rita: What?

Trini: Where will I find you? (she’s struggling to talk and she says this even quieter than before my poor baby)

Rita: What? (she’s basically teasing her here)

Trini: Where will I- (Rita sniffs her face and smiles)

Rita: Find me where the dead ships live. Deedee my friend. (Throws her across the room and then it ends like it does in the film)

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"They had a lot in common: cruel intentions, awesome pirate outfits, and well-muscled arms. Plus, they were always up for mischief and adventure. This was their favorite class, 'Accelerated Piracy: Hostage Taking and Threatening." I'm crying at this description of Uma and Harry from Rise of the Isle of the Lost. They sit next to each other in their classes and only they go to Serpent Hall. Gil goes to Dragon Hall with his brothers. Maybe that's why he grew a part from their crew? Hmm.

{Hmmm Perhaps. I’m still in the middle of reading it. Honestly I’m just here for the Huma content from that book so I have to try to power through everything else but I’m definitely trying.}

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I wanted to try angst: How about when Jimini is like super upset about RM and he almost darts off stage bc he has Jin sitting in his lap, whispering. And jimin has tears in his eyes and Jungkookie is the first to notice the crack in his voice while trying to sing. And after the performance he checks up on him and finds Jimin closing his mouth to not sob and pats his back like "hyung, I'm here" or smth and jimin lashes out and says "you're just a boy, kookie" and I can't continue*sob*~crying anon

im actually on the verge of throwin up salive bc my tear ducts are all dried up i must find another means of releasin my emotions  because holy shit you guys are masters at angst i dont know whether youre just sadistic OR

I want to write a poem for my girl
The problem? I can’t fucking write poems
I’ve been sitting here trying to give it a whirl
But it’s official: I can’t fucking write poems 

I write stories that have made people cry
I spin her stories of romance and metaphor
I know that it’s enough but wonder why
Thousands of words are easier than lines of four 

I could talk about her selfie pose
And how tiny things make her weep
But these are already things she knows
Just like she knows I need more sleep

I wish I could write her a poem
But I can’t, and these things, she already knows them

—  poems for my girlfriend even though I can’t write poems #1 
the signs as Taylor Swift lyrics
  • Aries: "Long live the walls we crashed through
  • How the kingdom lights shined just for me and you
  • I was screaming long live all the magic we made
  • And bring on all the pretenders
  • One day, we will be remembered" - Long Live
  • Taurus: "Untouchable like a distant diamond sky, Mmmm
  • I'm reaching out and I just can't tell you why
  • I'm caught up in you, I'm caught up in you
  • Untouchable, burning brighter than the sun
  • And when you're close I feel like coming undone" - Untouchable
  • Gemini: "I'm alone, on my own, and that's all I know
  • I'll be strong, I'll be wrong, oh but life goes on
  • Oh, I'm just a girl, trying to find a place in this world" - A Place In This World
  • Cancer: "Oh what a shame, what a rainy ending given to a perfect day
  • Just walk away, no use defending words that you will never say
  • And now that I'm sitting here thinking it through
  • I've never been anywhere cold as you" - Cold As You
  • Leo: "Hold on, baby, you're losing it
  • The water's high, you're jumping into it
  • And letting go... and no one knows
  • That you cry, but you don't tell anyone
  • That you might not be the golden one
  • And you're tied together with a smile
  • But you're coming undone" - Tied Together With A Smile
  • Virgo: "Never wanted this, never wanna see you hurt.
  • Every little bump in the road I tried to swerve.
  • People are people, and sometimes it doesn't work out,
  • Nothing we say is gonna save us from the fall out." - Breathe
  • Libra: "This night is sparkling, don't you let it go
  • I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home
  • I'll spend forever wondering if you knew
  • I was enchanted to meet you" - Enchanted
  • Scorpio: "Stood there and watched you walk away
  • From everything we had
  • But I still mean every word I said to you
  • He would try to take away my pain
  • And he just might make me smile
  • But the whole time I'm wishing he was you instead" - Haunted
  • Sagittarius: "Oh, a simple complication,
  • Miscommunications lead to fall-out.
  • So many things that I wish you knew,
  • So many walls that I can't break through." - The Story of Us
  • Capricorn: "It was a few years later, I showed up here.
  • And they still tell the legend of how you disappeared,
  • How you took the money and your dignity, and got the hell out.
  • They say you bought a bunch of land somewhere,
  • Chose the Rose Garden over Madison Square,
  • And it took some time, but I understand it now." - The Lucky One
  • Aquarius: "This is the last time I'm asking you this,
  • Put my name at the top of your list,
  • This is the last time I'm asking you why,
  • You break my heart in the blink of an eye." - The Last Time
  • Pisces: "And you throw your head back laughing like a little kid
  • I think it's strange that you think I'm funny 'cause he never did
  • I've been spending the last eight months
  • Thinking all love ever does is break and burn and end
  • But on a Wednesday in a cafe I watched it begin again" - Begin Again

i’m just sitting here crying at 5 am because of the Adventure Zone oh mY GOD i’m so glad i’m not at work right now.

Taako is doing so well. He has his school and his students and Kravitz and he’s teaching and enjoying life.

Merle is teaching people, too, as goofy as he is (hehe). And he’s trying so hard to be a better dad than he was before and I literally do not have the words to express how much that resonates with me and, tbh, wrecks me on such a deep, spiritual level.

And Magnus.

Magnus went the best way he possibly could have….

I love these characters so much, they’re so important to me. 


This podcast has been so important to me and became so important to me in such a short period of time. I mean, my god, I only started listening maybe 3 weeks ago but. God. I don’t have words to express how much I love the McElroys for this beautiful, wonderful, silly, heartfelt story. I’m so excited to see where we go from here. 

Because every story has an ending, and yeah, maybe it’s sad. But then new stories begin.

The Breakup
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> Continues after Riley realizes her feelings for Farkle.<p/><b>Location:</b> Riley's bedroom.<p/><b></b> Riley is sitting at her bay window. Lucas sits next to her. She doesn't look at him.<p/><b>Riley:</b> We need to talk.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> This sounds serious.<p/><b></b> Riley turns to face him.<p/><b>Riley:</b> What are we to you?<p/><b>Lucas:</b> What do you mean?<p/><b>Riley:</b> What are we?<p/><b>Lucas:</b> We are boyfriend and girlfriend.<p/><b>Riley:</b> (turns away from him) Are we? Didn't we breakup at the first sign of trouble?<p/><b>Lucas:</b> We did what we thought we had to. Now the problem's fixed.<p/><b>Riley:</b> (plays with her hands) So that automatically means we are back together?<p/><b>Lucas:</b> I just assumed we are still together. We never talk about what will happen.<p/><b></b> Riley stands up and faces him.<p/><b>Riley:</b> That's our problem. We don't talk. We act like we do. Sometimes I feel like...I feel like...<p/><b>Lucas:</b> What?<p/><b>Riley:</b> (starts to cry) I feel like we don't belong together.<p/><b></b> Lucas stands up and comforts Riley.<p/><b>Riley:</b> (moves away) Please don't. This is hard enough for me already.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> I'm sorry.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Don't apologize. This is all on me.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> (sits down) No it's not. You're right. We don't talk about things. We both try to ignore any problems. It's on both of us, not just you.<p/><b>Riley:</b> That's not my only problem.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> What do you mean by that?<p/><b>Riley:</b> Please don't hate me.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> I could never.<p/><b>Riley:</b> I may have feelings for someone else. I'm still trying to sort out my feelings.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> How long?<p/><b>Riley:</b> I seriously don't know. It just came to me and then I realized it could had been a while but I didn't know it. I don't want to hurt you, but it's not fair to you if we're in a relationship and I have feelings for someone else. I still love you. That didn't change.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> (stands up) I love you too. I can't blame you for having feelings for someone else. If i did, I would be the biggest hypocrite.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Why?<p/><b>Lucas:</b> Because I may have feelings for someone else too.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Oh. Is it Maya?<p/><b>Lucas:</b> (looks down) Yeah. I try to stop having feelings for her when I asked you to be my girlfriend. But I just couldn't turn off my feelings for her. I'm sorry.<p/><b>Riley:</b> It's ok. I'm in the same boat. My aunt Morgan told me that we can't control our feelings, but we can control how we handle them.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> (looks at Riley) Where do we go from here?<p/><b>Riley:</b> I guess....we break up for good.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> I'm glad that you were my first girlfriend.<p/><b>Riley:</b> I'm glad that you were my first boyfriend.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> Friends?<p/><b>Riley:</b> Best friends forever.<p/><b></b> They hug each other.<p/><b></b> Riley sits at the bay window. Riley is crying. Lucas starts to leave and then looks at Riley. He walks back to the bay window and sits down. He puts his arm around her.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> Tell me what's wrong?<p/><b>Riley:</b> Are you sure you want to know? We just broke up.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> Relationship us broke up. Best friends us will always be here.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Remember I told you about having feelings for someone else?<p/><b>Lucas:</b> Yes. What's wrong?<p/><b>Riley:</b> He's in a relationship with another girl.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> Oh. It's Farkle.<p/><b>Riley:</b> How did you know?<p/><b>Lucas:</b> You and Farkle have a deep connection. There are moments that I've seen between you.<p/><b>Riley:</b> I'm sorry.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> Don't apologize. I know you wouldn't hurt me intentionally. And Farkle wouldn't hurt Smackle intentionally. Sometimes our feelings for someone are stronger than we thought. So what are you going to do?<p/><b>Riley:</b> I can't tell him. I'm not going to be the reason that they break up. I could never forgive myself. I won't forgive myself for hurting you.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> You can't keep your feelings from him. You don't lie to each other. I want you to forgive yourself for us. It's nobody's fault.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Why are you so understanding?<p/><b>Lucas:</b> Because you're one of my best friends and I want you to be happy.<p/><b>Riley:</b> I want you happy too. You should tell Maya how you feel.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> I don't know.<p/><b>Riley:</b> You have my blessing. And if Maya questions that, tell her to talk to me.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> How do you know Maya would even feel the same way?<p/><b>Riley:</b> I just do.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> You have my blessing to tell Farkle when the time's right.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Thanks. But it won't be any time soon. I need some time alone.<p/><b></b> Riley kisses Lucas on the cheek. Riley stands up.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Thank you.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> For what?<p/><b>Riley:</b> Everything.<p/><b></b> Riley leaves her room. She walks through the living room and exits the front door. She walks to the roof. She sits on the bench. She looks at the sky. She hears footsteps.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Riley?<p/><b>Riley:</b> (turns around) Hi Farkle. Why aren't you with Smackle?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Zay's teaching her ballet. But that's not important. What's wrong?<p/><b>Riley:</b> I don't want to talk about it.<p/><b></b> Farkle walks to Riley and sits next to her. He puts his arm around her and she rests her head on his shoulder.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> We'll talk when you're ready. We can just sit here and look at the stars.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Lucas and I broke up.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Are you ok?<p/><b>Riley:</b> I'll be eventually.<p/><b></b> Farkle rubs her back.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I'm sorry. I'm here for you.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Thanks.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> What happened?<p/><b>Riley:</b> We just grew apart. But we are still friends.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> That's good.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Yeah.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> If you want to cry, you can.<p/><b>Riley:</b> I think I cry enough for today, but thanks.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I love you Riley.<p/><b>Riley:</b> I love you too Farkle.<p/><b></b> They stare at the stars.<p/><b></b> The end.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>