i'm silly man lol

Scaredy cat or in which I run straight into certain death because oops only lvl 4 w/ Celica eeyyy

Edit: I survived 

There are people literally complaining about the release date for the next episode of Before the Storm possibly taking months lol

Idk if any people who were playing LiS actively when it was still releasing episodes remembers the long and unpredictable waits in between each episode?

Like, how the hell do you think we all got to the point where we started pulling out theories from every god damned detail in the game?

you know what

i see all these talented artists and future storytellers on this fucking site, making art that represents everything and everyone and proving that you can make amazing fucking stories out of diversity and, well- i see all these negative reactions towards children’s media (actually ANY FUCKING MEDIA) towards even the thought of having a mainstream LGBT and even POC character and you know what i fucking say to that

fucking keep doing what you’re doing 

spread your ideas, create art that represents who you are, show that having a couple tv shows/movies/songs isn’t enough representation and fucking push that shit further, get to the point where our stories are branded with oscars, grammys, emmys, make them realize that we fucking exist, make the people threatening to ‘boycott’ disney for so much as having the idea of a lesbian princess uncomfortable to boycott because it’s not just our ‘agenda’ anymore - it’s 2016 and I still see so much bullshit and anger and just hatred and i’m so sick of it and i can’t fucking wait for this generation of artists to fill our media with our stories.