i'm sick of the shipping wars

This is Frank

Frank does not like a certain ship, however he knows that some people do

Instead of sending anon hate or reblogging nasty comments on someone’s hard work like an immature dick, Frank blacklists the ship name and makes a note to not follow accounts who post about this ship, and doesn’t go onto tags where this ship may be present - because Frank realises that this is a fictional thing that doesn’t need to impact his daily life in any way and he can function perfectly fine without letting it bother him.

Frank is a cool guy.

Hey RWBY Fandom I just wanted to remind you guys that we’re still all fans of the same show and just because someone doesn’t like your ship, no matter how popular it is, doesn’t mean you should treat them like garbage for it.

If you want your opinions accepted, you need to be able to accept others and listen with an open mind. I thought this picture accurately describes this dumb shipping war so have it. Hopefully people see this and reblog it because I think this is pretty important

something everyone needs to get into their heads:

- westallen is NOT incest
- not all snowbarry shippers are racist
- iris west and caitlin snow are not jealous of each other
- iris west and caitlin snow do NOT hate each other
- iris west and caitlin snow need way more scenes together

SS shippers: Sasuke calling Sakura “annoying” on several different occasions is justifiable!!

NH shippers: Hinata watching in the background as Naruto suffers through a lonely and traumatic childhood is justifiable!!

SS shippers: Sakura acting demure and subservient around Sasuke for nearly the entire series - until she just finally manages to gain a backbone during the war arc and puts on an angry expression while crying because of him for the umpteenth time - is justifiable!!

NH shippers: Hinata acting selfish to spit out a suicidal love confession to Naruto, which he ignores for the next few years, is justifiable!!

SS shippers: Sasuke shoving his arm through Sakura’s chest in a genjutsu - essentially emulating her death - just to get her to shut up is justifiable!!

NH shippers: Hinata tripping over a rock when she’s supposedly the almighty and unstoppable Princess of the Hyuuga clan - is justifiable!!

SS shippers: Sasuke leaving Sakura and Kakashi for dead even after Naruto clearly tells him to save them instead is justifiable!!

NH shippers: Hinata not approaching Naruto after the war is justifiable!!

SS shippers: Sasuke using a brotherly gesture of affection as a way of parting with Sakura when he could have at least hugged her is justifiable!!

NH shippers: Naruto supposedly not understanding the concept of romantic love when it comes to talking about Hinata - when he had spent nearly all his life head over heels for Sakura - is justifiable!!

And Naruto having to ask why Hinata would need to be walked home - as a matchmaking tactic by Sakura - is also justifiable!!

SS shippers: Sakura blushing at a letter that says one word: “Congratulations,” which is clearly meant for Naruto and Hinata - is justifiable!!

NH shippers: Boruto acting as a carbon copy of his father in his youth when both of his parents are alive and well, and supposed to be disciplining him so he doesn’t become an obnoxious brat is justifiable!!

Don’t forget the fact that Naruto willingly chooses to sleep on the couch instead of with his wife - also justifiable!!

SS shippers: Sasuke sending consistent letters to Naruto instead of any to his wife and/or child is justifiable!!

NH shippers: Himawari apparently gaining the Byakugan at three years old and K.O-ing her Hokage father with one blow, making him miss the opening ceremony of his life-long dream, is justifiable!!

SS shippers: Sasuke and Sakura’s daughter questioning whether they’re even married at all is justifiable!!

SS shippers: Sasuke being so out of touch with what his own daughter looks like that he doesn’t even recognize her and points his sword at her in a threatening manner to potentially kill her is justifiable!!

SS shippers: Sasuke not showing any affection towards his wife in front of his child - when it’s usually such a normal thing to do and the child would playfully put on a disgusted expression and go “ew, gross!” - is justifiable!!

SS shippers: Sasuke spending more time training Naruto’s son than his own daughter is justifiable!!

NH shippers: And Boruto being trained under Hanabi instead of his own father, or even gaining a few pointers from his Chunin mother - is justifiable too!!


Lexa has been gone for well over a year now yet people STILL have too much time on their hands to indulge in Clexa vs Bellarke petty ship wars about she said this and he said that and omg I’m so offended that they have a different opinion to me and I can’t deal with it so I must take to tumblr to write a thousand word essay to attempt to offend them.

I don’t know about y'all but I would like to be able to go in the 100 tag or anything related to the show and not have to wade through the pettiness which is so old and so tiresome and I’m sick of it.

People ship who they want to ship. It doesn’t concern you if you have differing opinions. It’s a dang tv show. Ship who you like and leave people alone.

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A great deal of Reylo haters who claim how it's oh so abusive have their own fucked up melodramatic pairings. A classic case of "do as I say, not as I do". I've seen one Hannibal/Will shipper call Reylo abusive. Yep. Shipping a cannibalistic serial killer with the man he manipulated and tried to murder? Perfectly fine! But enemies to lovers in Star WARS? Oh nooo, sound the alarms, what will the little girls think!?!? I'm sick of the hypocrisy.

i’m thinking rey will never be seen as kylo’s equal or even more powerful than him in these ppl’s eyes. they see her as a constant victim simply for the fact that she’s female. ironically the men who complain about a female character being the hero in the sw franchise share the same belief and these antis help enable that.

they think i'm insane, they think my lover is strange /// this ain't the right time for you to fall in love with me

A 2 part playlist for Bec’s birthday! Surprise !! *confettis* i can’t gift you one trash ship and forget about the other trash ship, that’s nonsense. i hope you enjoy!

Part 1: when she brings you joy… [listen]

i. strange love - halsey // ii. elephant - milk & bone // iii. 400 lux - lorde iv. devil’s backbone - the civil wars // v. roses - the chainsmokers // vi. body gold - oh wonder // vii. your body is a weapon - the wombats // viii. sick of losing soulmates - dodie clark 

Part 2: … but then leaves you with sadness [listen]

i. dark times - ed sheeran ft. the weeknd // ii. the blackest day - lana del rey // iii. the one i love is gone - the secret sisters // iv. in boxes - aurora //  v. sober - selena gomez // vi. georgia - vance joy // vii. control - kevin garrett // viii. wildest dreams - taylor swift 

I'm so sick of the negativity in the 100 fandom.

We are all here because the love the show. It is a great show, and having a third season is wonderful and we are all very excited to see it.

But over the past few months I have felt increasingly uncomfortable here, and it has nothing to do with he show itself, and everything to do with the fans.

To be perfectly honest, I think some of you need to grow up.

It began with the ‘ship wars’: I have seen fans attack each other over this. Bellarke, Clexa, Murven, whichever characters you like together shouldn’t be an issue for anyone else.
The writers aren’t out to get you. They are writing the story the believe in, and if that doesn’t include your ship then so be it. IT IS NOT SOMETHING YOU SHOULD TAKE PERSONALLY.
I personally like Bellamy and Clarke together, and I don’t like Lexa’s character which means I don’t like Clexa, but just because my friend likes Clexa, doesn’t meant I get personally offended. I shouldn’t get offended, just like I shouldn’t receive hate from this post because I stated that I don’t like Lexa.
We fans should be uniting together, rallying for a fourth season, showing our support for a show that we love and characters that we adore, but instead all people see is this animosity over ships. It is petty, and as the writers have stated time and time again, there is more to the show than ships.

The whole ‘brown face’ issue which has come around again after the images of Clarke were released. Guys. Seriously. Don’t be ignorant.
There is such thing as a tan. As an Australian I can verify that tans are a thing that people get when they out in the sun for a while.
Clarke has been out in the sun for 3 months, of course she is going to get a tan.
It is not cultural appropriation, it is not brown-facing.
If you want to call it any of those things, you need to call me someone that brown-faces, because I am fairly fair-skinned and get a deep tan every summer.

Hostility towards the writers. This goes back to the same thing: They are not out to get you, so do not take it personally.
These writers are professionals, who are employed to do a job, and they write what they believe is best for show; the story they want to tell.

To deal with the negativity, I have unfollowed several blogs, I have spent less and less time scrolling the 100 tags.
If you have a problem with someone and their opinions and don’t want to be seeing what they have to say, do the same thing! Unfollow, mute, block, whatever it is, but don’t set out to create anger, and do not send hateful messages. Each opinion is valid, your opinion is valid. Healthy debate is good, but do not cross the line.

What it boils down to is this: we love the show. The passion in this fandom is wonderful, and it is the reason we have a third season to look forward too.
I feel like I’m quoting Mean Girls right now; we have to stop attacking each other over personal preferences. It doesn’t fly in the real world, so why the hell should it fly in the Internet world.

Some of you need to stop being ignorant. Think before you type, look at the bigger picture, respect each other, and enjoy the wonderful show that we have.


This is important. 

There are no bellarke shippers, there are no clexa shippers, there are no blorkes clexugh or idek what disgusting names some people use. There is you. You, watching the show and enjoying what you see. If you don’t enjoy it anymore, you can be mad, you can be sad, you can complain a little bit if that helps but being rude to others won’t make your pain go away. If anything it’ll make it worse. 

Ship wars are ridiculous and they are going way too far. It’s not even hurting the fandom anymore and it’s hurting everyone. Cast members are avoiding twitter, avoiding questions about ships on the show because they are afraid they might upset someone. Writers are being threatened, insulted. People like me and you, who just came here to have a good time, are being insulted for having an opinion. This is going too far.

Clexa fans have every right to be mad, every right to be sad. The way Lexa was -literally- erased from the show was ridiculous, poorly written and I am pretty sure everyone noticed that. Many people who would have chosen bellarke over clexa still liked Lexa and were hurt by her death. The writers and Alycia made a choice here. The writers wanted the story to go on without Lexa, Alycia needed to focus on FTWD and it lead to a tragic and unnecessary death. We all agree on that. We all feel your pain. But instead of working through it together, like we should have done, some people literally started a war. Idk what you’re thinking, but this is not a TV show, this is real life. You can’t start a war against people who simply disagree with you. 

We’re watching The 100 to have a good time, not to fight with everyone the moment we log on Twitter or Tumblr. I have received hates in my inbox before and it literally made me sick. I ship Bellarke. So what? Does that make me homophobic? I don’t think so. Some people ship Clexa. Does that make them biphobic or racist? I don’t think so. 

Too many people are using real social issues to fight over fictional ship and I am sick of it. I came here to have a good time, not to witness cyber-bullying every single day. The people that you ship together don’t define who you are. At the end of the day you’re not a “blorke” or a “clexugh”, you’re an average person who watches a TV show and get attached to some characters. Because that’s what we do, and that’s okay. If you want Pike or Cage to be your favorite character, go on. If you want to support Bellamy, keep doing that. If you wanna keep shipping clexa no matter what, go ahead. If you want Bellarke to happen, keep supporting them. Just do what you do. Enjoy the show the way you want to enjoy it and let other people have their own opinions. Remember that at the end of the day, The 100 is a TV show, nothing more. If it does not make you happy anymore, leave and find another source of happiness, I know you can. But these ship wars are going way too far and it’s hurting everyone, from fans to cast members. 

It needs to stop.

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You think you're so superior because you're a Faberry shipper and you know what's best for QUinn but in reality Rachel never gave a shit about her. She and Puck are happy and in love and they're going to reunite with their kid, and as Quinn Fabray stan, I'm saying. Get. Over. It.

Okay, my first instinct after I read this was to laugh, but you know what? This time, I won’t. I’m pissed off because today has suck, and I’m going to call you out on your bullshit.

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  • What she says: I’m fine
  • What she means: Why can’t people just be happy that more Legend of Korra exists? Why does everything in the fan community have to be about ship wars and tearing things to pieces? It’s been ship wars this and “my otp is better than yours” that since the olden days. From Kataang/Zutara to Korrasami/Makorra it’s all exactly the same. Aren’t people tired of this? It’s been /literally/ a decade. Literally ten years arguing about fictional couples. I know I'm tired of this.