i'm sick of people deserting me

Bloody, but Unbowed

Fandom: Mass Effect

Characters: Kaidan Alenko/Noa Shepard + Normandy crew

Words: 3,145

Summary:  Corpses haunt Kaidan at every turn, even once the war is won.

They had spent at least a fortnight stuck on the planet and while most people wouldn’t have complained about being deserted on a planet rich with vegetation, beaches and views, it had only made Kaidan want to be sick. Every inch of the place had screamed Virmire to him (maybe it was Virmire and they just hadn’t realised, the stench of death haunting his every step), and whenever that place came to mind all he thought about was Ash’s body, nothing but a burnt crisp of bones and torn flesh.

He hadn’t been in the mood to be reminded of her death, not when he had already been consumed by so much grief.

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