i'm sick and delirious in case you don't know

literally would love to see a Musicalstuck/Broadwaystuck thing where Eridan and Feferi are like the ULTIMATE duet-duo everyone and their mother knows who they are in the theatre department and they never perform without each other they’re like the most ~*~elite~*~ singing and dancing pair in the hood

but its always noticeable that when they’re performing sometimes Eridan gets like way romantic with Fef and he’ll try to do unscripted things onstage with her like get sincerely intimate and lovey with her and Feferi’ll play it off by making it silly or casually dancing in the other direction and Eridan’s just
“god damn it i quit 200% eridone wwhy”

and Feferi’s totally aware and doesn’t let it bother her too much because she loves him to death since they’re BFFs and she keeps trying to let him down gently but there are times when she just wants to go T)(AT WASN’T IN T)(–E ROUTIN–E ASS)(OL—E. 38(

I have a lot of Musicalstuck headcanons would you like to hear