i'm sick

AY GUYS remember that moment in season 8 when Cas wanted to apologise to Dean but Dean just screwed him

So Cas in order to win Dean over went to shop to buy his fav stuff like



and most important:

I can’t be 10000% sure but I think that Cas was going tO DO A COMBO ON DEAN LIKE

and Dean just

“what does he look like?” she asks. 

his eyes are good books, his palms are libraries. his ribs are vaulted greenhouse ceilings and a forest underneath. his smile is a present you didn’t know you wanted. his freckles are clover patches. his arms are clean warm bedsheets. his fingers are acoustic guitar strings. his back is an open field with a picnic already laid out in the heather. his knuckles are drunken poetry.

fuck, i love him, all of it, everything. 

jesus what if the reason why sherlock was crying on the plane was because he took his glove off to shake john’s hand and he just couldn’t resist taking john’s pulse and it was rapid so sherlock was supposed to leave the country realising john loves him and knowing they could have been