i'm sick

grandkids: gramma why do you call the Persona 5 Protagonist “Chair-kun”?

me: [leaning back in a rocking chair]

me: let me tell you kids the story of the first Persona 5 teaser… it’s called… “Winter 2014″….

Hi yes. I would like to get something off of my chest. 

I keep seeing so many people being rude to Krystal in particular for her relationship with Kai.

Those two work incredibly hard to make the fans happy. They went through years of training while maintaining their grades and I’m sure they had to give up many good friends. They work to promote comebacks and attend more signings than anyone deserves tbh. They take the time to send messages on social media and they put up with a lot of crap. A lot. Sexual harassment over social media is the most prevalent one. 

Attacking them is so wrong. Fans are entitled to nothing. Absolutely nothing. Fans do not own idols. Fans do not have a chance with idols if we’re being serious. Fans are meant to support and encourage idols and to let them know they are being recognized and appreciated for all of the hard work they do. 

Attacking them for their personal relationships is honestly disgusting. Many people need to grow up. Thank you. That’s all.