i'm sick

i just want to choose something small every day to fall in love with. how often do i really just like… study the heck out of a sunbeam. learn a new word and find out how to use it, teach it to others. watch birds because birds are nice. find a new favorite color. to find out something about each person in my life to compliment them on that’s genuine and better than “you’re pretty,” i mean realizing they always get water for other people before they sit down at lunch or how neat their notes are or how they always have a good pun. i want to listen harder and talk a little less and say more important stuff. and i want to watch out for stuff to just obsess over like a cool cloud or a tree and just. learn stuff from people. ask more questions about how her hair is so silky and just. fall in love with everybody.

DEH characters as things said in my drama class

(Part 2?)

Evan: “my anxiety doesn’t define me…my awkwardness does.”

Connor: “I hate everything and everyone except for weed. Man I LOVE weed.”

Zoe:“oh no my brother called me 23 times. too bad i don’t care”

Jared: “everything that has ever been on this planet is my kink.”

Alana: “I only joined drama club so my resume looked good.”

Anti doesn’t like to share ;]

Well, since Vine had died and been buried I haven’t been motivated to make anything. Not until I saw Jack’s panel video. Then I knew I had to do something. So! I think I’m gonna make longer “Vines” and post them on my Tumblr and I’ll post things on my Coub as well though. =]

I am gravely ill. If I die then all of my things go to Buccellati. The rest of you greedy little rats get nothing. 

Since I’m regrettably not dead on the outside yet, this can’t be the work of @reasonablydrawn-purplehaze. At least when that fucking thing kills people by riddling their body with disease it does it properly.


shitty pixel gif of Bad uvu