i'm shipping it so hard already

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Hi I don't know if this is a random question but do you ship ransom and nursey?

I pride myself on being able to ship ANYTHING. So sure, why not? :)


make me choose anonymous asked: friendship bewtween dylan, tyler and holland or dylan, thomas and kaya

would you rather share your thoughts with dylan or thomas brodie? oh, that’s really hard! i love dylan, but thomas is more like me because he’s british. so, we both kinda… oh, i don’t know! i think with both of them i already share thoughts. both.

Help, I’ve wondered in and gotten lost. Anyone who actively posts
- Mighty Boosh
- IT Crowd
- Julian Barrat
- Matt Berry
- Richard Ayoade
- Bill Bailey
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I’m so in love w the fact that RuPaul’s Drag Race, a TV show that airs on television for everyone to watch, is now only for a certain audience. Teenage girls can’t watch it because all they wanna do is ship the queens and turn it into a fandom (when it’s literally already a fandom through all of the gay men that watch it ok). Teenage girls couldn’t possibly be watching it because they are interested in drag culture, and may even be contemplating becoming a drag king, or a faux queen haha what? Teenage girls couldn’t possibly be watching it because it helps them understand who they are, and it couldn’t possibly be helping them figure more out about themselves such as their sexuality, gender identification, etc. Oh god no, teenage girls can’t be watching it because they want makeup tips, want to learn how to shape their face, block out their eyebrows, etc. Teenage girls couldn’t be watching it because it helps them cope through confusing times. Teenage girls couldn’t possibly be watching it for leisure, or their own enjoyment. Teenage girls have to be fetishizing drag culture, and trying to take it over with ships.

Now, I know this may be hard to believe, but drag culture is not specific for gay men. There are multiple different types of drag. 

There are drag queens: 

Drag Kings:

Faux queens, and a lot of other types of drag. Drag is not specific to one group. It is a whole culture, with a whole history. I can’t believe I have to explain this. 

Me Watching Star Trek Beyond (spoiler alert)
  • *that elevator moment*
  • Kirk & Spock: *to each other* I have something to tell you
  • Me: *practically vibrating in seat* what is it why r u looking at each other like that w/ that tension kiss already damn it
  • *during the Bones-Spock chat moment*
  • Bones: ---what would he [Jim] do without you, Spock.
  • *after Spock saves Kirk's life once again*
  • Kirk: What would I do without you, Spock?
  • Me: *vibrating and shipping intensifies* Jim. Kiss Spock already. You've got Bones' approval anyway