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COLIN,TONY!!! what do you think about the fact that people ship you two????

colin: well, i can’t exactly go on ships… unless there’s some sort of internet connection there, no one can do much in my digital world. not to mention, i am 95% electronic based, so putting me anywhere near water could possibly lead to me shorting out and/or my possible death. so, ships are definitely not for me!

tony: colin’s right, he could die. now, even a machine like himself can run out of time, but if he were to die by water, that would be quite the untimely death. both of us would not prefer that, don’t you think?

colin: [nods thoughtfully]

tony: not to mention, i run on batteries, so if any water got near there, i could potentially die, too. now, while i do talk about time running out and such, i’d rather not have mine suddenly run out, especially for such a silly reason!


The girlfriends!I like to think that Chromia, while being a brave guard, is absolutely terrified of horror games.

I’m so sad that some people go out of their way to hate on pairings because they’re not canon. If a ship helps you get through an otherwise frustrating day, what’s the problem? I sometimes just want some sweet characters being happy together, being fascinated by each other and having fun. I’ll never understand ship hating.

I got you. We got this.

A very quick colored doodle because I saw so much MegaRod handholding headcanons on twitter that I wanted to scribble some during my breaks because I was really inspired by everyone