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How'd you get started on Tumblr, in terms of gaining a following? I know that sounds a little shallow of me, but what's the point of posting online if no one appreciates it, you know? Anyway, I've been on Instagram for a couple years and I'm just not getting much response, so I'm thinking of trying Tumblr. Advice?

I mostly just began posting and figuring things out, which was inconvenient and confusing but very informative.  I’ve got a few pieces of advice I’d give to myself if I was starting out on tumblr again, hopefully they’ll be helpful for you as well:


First two pics from an AU. I just have too much fun drawing Grimmjow, so I wanted to play around with that concept too. I also really like those WWII bomber-jackets that used to have cartoons or pin ups on the back, so I wanted to draw something like that.

Then some canon ships. I think Ichigo came out sounding a lot more dirty minded than I hoped.

Types As People I Have Met
  • ENTJ: Wants to be a history professor, IS AMAZING AT HISTORY like she even beats mE sometimes and I'm the history queen. She can debate really well. I like her.
  • INTJ: Also wants to be a history professor (what is it with you NTJs?) and really egoistic and surprisingly shallow about relationships and...gross...but he's the smartest person I know. Like he wipes the floor with your brain if he doesn't like you.
  • ENFJ: Acts cute and feminine and has a soft voice until she wants to be loud and then EVERYONE IS SHOOk because she's a great speaker and is GORGEOUS. Great performer and she loves Hamilton!!
  • INFJ: Basically an agoraphobic but really, really insightful. Majored in psychology. May be a psychic. One of the absolute coolest people I know and is also my mom.
  • ENFP: Adores ENFJs and one of my best friends. Cries over web comics and fictional characters. Has big dreams and hardly ever sleeps.
  • INFP: Angel. Romantic, sweet, pure soul. Just wants to be loved and be happy. His own emotions torture him and it's so sad.
  • ENTP: Compulsive liar that makes really corny jokes, gym junkie, thinks he's the CEO of NASA. One of my best friends.
  • INTP: Sarcastic-ist person you will ever encounter. Always wears an orange hoodie and plays his DSi on the nearest park bench. Hates weebs but he is one. Super smart but is lazy so he gets bad grades.
  • ESTJ: Thinks his word is gospel. Salesman who knows how to toy with his words to get you to do anything (his Te-Ne is IMPECCABLE). Likes Star Wars and old western movies and AC/DC. Also my dad.
  • ISTJ: Loves other people's drama and has the coolest fashion style. Hates hugs and if you break a rule she breaks your nose. Fierce woman. She's awesome.
  • ESFJ: Wants to be a nun or a teacher or both. Pure human soul. Tries to be as plain as possible but she still is always so pretty because she's so nice. Nods fervently during lectures and tells people they're beautiful all the time.
  • ISFJ: Surrounded by STPs and yet still lonely. Best friend is an ENTP, me. Thinks I'm a genius. Wants to marry an ISTP. Staunch Catholic. Addicted to rules and moral codes. Super, super sweet.
  • ESFP: Always has friends over?? Like they must live in his backyard. Wants the spotlight on him all the time. Always gets lead roles in plays. Is a secret nerd who loves conspiracy theories.
  • ISFP: Weeb who has ISFPs as parents and an ISFP gf. Really pretty, as in she's a model. Always has a different color hair. Good morals and is religious. Hates fighting. My favorite cousin ;)
  • ESTP: Plays it off like he doesn't care; he actually cares. Never does his homework. Attached to his ISTJ girlfriend like she hung the moon. Really romantic. Makes bad jokes. Bad at sports but can't stay away from them.
  • ISTP: Wants to be a construction engineer. Low talker and a slow talker but has a really awesome style. Really smart. Math genius. Nice but can also be SAVAGE. Laid back. Twin brother is also an ISTP.

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"Is 'fat' really the worst thing a human being can be? Is 'fat' worse than 'vindictive', 'jealous', 'shallow', 'vain', 'boring', or 'cruel? Not to me." "Frankly, I'd rather they didn't give a gust of stinking chihuahua flatulence whether the woman standing next to them has fleshier knees than they do. Let my girls be Hermiones rather than Pansy Parkinsons." - JK Rowling. I'm neither agreeing or disagreeing with you, I just wanted to point out that she doesn't do it intentionally.

See, this is the thing - even if it’s not intentional, it’s still there. I know I’ve stumbled across a few gross stereotypes in my own writing - I bet anyone who writes does, because they’re stuff that’s internalised and repeated by the media until we sort of end up believing them, or at least repeating them ourselves.

Take Pansy Parkinson. She’s ‘pug-faced’ in the books - yet another antagonist described as being ugly. Dudley is fat. Snape is ‘greasy-haired’ and has a ‘hooked nose’ and ‘sallow skin’. I’m sure there are a thousand other examples of antagonistic characters who are described with less-than-flattering physical features. Do the protagonists have these features? Not that we hear of. Hermione gets her ‘beautiful all along’ moment, Harry and Ron are described in ways that are awkward but endearing - messy hair, shabby clothes. 

It may not be intentional, but it’s still there, and while these stereotypes exist, we should be actively trying to combat them.

Every episode of Catfish ever
  • Person: they mean everything to me, i've never felt this way before, i'm in love with them nothing can change that
  • Nev & Max: ...but you know they're probably not the person in the pictures, right?
  • Person: i don't care about that. i'm in love with the person and their personality
  • *catfish isn't the person in the pictures*
  • Person: why would you lie to me??????? you're sick, dude. delete my number and never speak to me again
Things Ravenclaws Say #30
  • Ravenclaw: I was thinking about asking them on a date, you know
  • Random Person: But their a guy, and you dated a girl last time
  • Ravenclaw: Uh, look. I'm attracted to everyone, so long as they're-
  • Random Person: Attractive? That's shallow
  • Ravenclaw: As long as they're nice. Lovely to know I can knock you off the list though.
  • Ravenclaw: But even if I was attracted to appearances, it wouldn't be your business to ask, thanks.
Sun x Moon Life Mottos, part 2/3
  • Aries Sun, Aquarius Moon: "I won't let you close enough to hurt me."
  • Taurus Sun, Virgo Moon: "The very things that hold you down are going to lift you up."
  • Gemini Sun, Aquarius Moon: "I already know I'm going to hell. At this point it's either go big or go home."
  • Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon: "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."
  • Leo Sun, Aquarius Moon: "I'm almost never serious, and am always too serious. Too deep, too shallow. Too sensitive, too cold hearted. I am like a collection of paradoxes."
  • Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon: "Don't just dream it, be it."
  • Libra Sun, Virgo Moon: "So you plant your garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers."
  • Scorpio Sun, Pisces Moon: "Some people just can't fit into your life, no matter how much you want them to."
  • Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon: "Stay close to anything that makes you glad you're alive."
  • Aquarius Sun, Gemini Moon: "You were born an original, don't die a copy."
  • Pisces Sun, Pisces Moon: "So, I guess we are who we are for a lot of reasons. And maybe we'll never know most of them. But even if we don't have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there. We can still do things. And we can try to feel okay about them."

The world didn’t end.
No. It didn’t.

She starts awake, her breathing sharp and shallow. Across the room – someone’s office, once – Will is asleep on the floor, snoring lightly. He’s been spending more and more nights out in the trailer. She wishes he wouldn’t – it’s less secure – but also, she can’t imagine what it would have been like to share a room with her mother at eighteen, so she doesn’t fight it.

For a few long minutes, Scully stares at the ceiling. She has that dream more nights than she doesn’t. The world didn’t end, he’d said, his voice pleased and faintly surprised.

The end of the world came for them eventually. It still feels like she should have known.

Scully goes out into the courtyard. In the middle of the night the moon is a sliver, dead center in the sky.

The members of today’s caravan assembled their tents in a rough circle around the edges of the courtyard, and most of them are dark and quiet. But there’s still a candle flickering in the psychic’s tent.

There was a time when she saw signs everywhere; there was a time she believed in them.

Before Scully gets close, the tent flap opens and the woman peers out. “Come on in,” she says, all drawl, her voice smooth as honey.

The woman even looks like Melissa. Auburn hair in loose curls, long eyelashes.

Scully suddenly regrets everything. “I was just—”

“I know,” the woman says. “Psychic, remember?”

“I don’t believe in that.”

The woman stares at her evenly. “You did once.”

“You don’t know what I believe.”

The woman closes her eyes, and Scully has to fight the urge to turn her back and walk away. This faux-mystic shit. She can’t stand it. “I remind you of someone,” the woman says, her voice low, melodic.

Scully snorts. “Good guess. Everyone reminds everyone of someone.” Now that most of the referents are dead.

“Your sister,” she continues, like Scully hadn’t spoken at all. “A mistake. It was a mistake.” When her eyes open again they are bright, curious. “She died for you.”

“I’m not interested,” she says flatly, though her presence here marks her a liar. “In any of this.”

“The cards have something to tell you,” the woman says, sing-song. “If you’ll listen. Dana.”

Scully stiffens. She almost checks for a name badge on her shirt, remembering all the over-familiar patients who’d addressed her by her first name when she was practicing, but of course she’s not wearing one.

Pulling a deck of cards out from her pocket, the psychic says, “What can it hurt?”

Melissa said that to her once. Years and years ago, maybe in high school. They’d been at a carnival and Missy got her palm read. “She’s good,” she’d said, her eyes even dreamier than usual. “Come on, Dana. What can it hurt?”

Back then, Scully said no. There was no science in it, none at all. She was better than that, even at fourteen; there was nothing a palm reader could tell her that she couldn’t figure out for herself.

What can it hurt? she hears again, even though the woman’s lips don’t move at all. Scully saw her father’s ghost, once. There’s something twisted about paying more heed to her sister’s ghost than she ever had to the woman herself, but Scully brushes past it and follows the psychic into her tent.

“I’m Crystal,” the woman says, and Scully has absolutely no power over the derisive snort that escapes her. Of course she’s named Crystal. The woman hands over the deck. “Shuffle,” she says, and Scully does: expertly, precisely. She has never done anything halfway. “Think of your question. You don’t have to tell me. Stop when you’re ready.”

Crystal takes the cards back and cuts the deck. She peels three cards off the top of the deck and places them on the ground between them.

One by one, the woman turns the cards over. She looks at them for a long minute, her brow knit in concentration, lips moving just slightly. Whatever she’s saying, it’s not meant for Scully.

Looking down at the cards, Scully feels the hairs on her arms rise all at once, a tingle at the base of her skull. All of this is bullshit, she reminds herself.

The first card draws her attention. A man suspended from a gallows, his arms crossed. Against her better judgement she shudders.

The woman taps Scully on the knee, waiting until their eyes meet to speak. “It’s not as bad as it looks. The Hanged Man means – sacrifice. Giving of yourself to others. In this position, it’s your starting place. You’ve dedicated yourself to a higher cause, without expectation of anything in return.”

Her fingers trail along the blanket to the next card. “And here – the Page of Swords. A message, traveling swiftly. You’ll get the news you’re waiting for, soon enough.” She glances up again like she’s expecting a response, but Scully stays silent. The candle drips wax onto the third card, and the woman brushes it away.

“This last one is the Seven of Wands,” she says, her lips twisting. “There’s strife in your future, and you’ll have to stand your ground, whatever comes. It’s a defensive card – see, how he’s fending them off – but it’s a strong one.” She hesitates, running her finger along the edge of the card while she thinks. “Things are in motion. You have more control than you think you do.”

Scully licks her lips, her mouth suddenly dry. “Pull one more,” she says, and the woman’s eyes flash up to her for just a second before she complies.

Crystal turns the card over and nods, pursing her lips. “The Knight of Swords.”

For a long moment she’s silent, until Scully gives in. “Yes?”

“This card can represent a situation, but yours is a person, I think. A truth-seeker. Strong, but reckless. He’s interesting, with the Page. They could represent the same person, or two different people – a child and a champion, or the messenger and the message.” She looks down at the cards again, laid side by side, and nods. “Either way. News is coming.”

She won’t even let herself think it, so it’s not a conscious decision to say the words out loud. “Is it the news I want?”

The woman shakes her head. “That’s not something I can see. Everything is in your hands. All the cards can do is give you a warning, if you’re willing to listen. Are you?”

No, she thinks. And yes.

Scully stands up and ducks out of the tent. She hadn’t realized how hot it was inside; the night air is so cool on her skin that it feels like rain.

“Dana.” When Scully turns around, the psychic is crouched in the doorway, looking up at the stars. She says, “Don’t give up.”

  • me at age 15: You know what? not everything is about money! this human life is all about happiness!! all i need is to be happy! people who care about money are so shallow and know nothing of the beauty of this life.... i've read On The Road so i know that there is more to life than money... i'm very Deep... peace and love....
  • me at age 20: there is literally nothing i would not do for $25
The signs as Riverdale quotes
  • Aries: "I will cut the brakes on his souped-up phallic symbol"
  • Taurus: "I'm sorry to interrupt your adultery, Fred, but you need to come with me"
  • Gemini: "I'm in the mood for chaos"
  • Cancer: "#JusticeForEthel"
  • Leo: "What's happening out there? Do we know? Is it about me?"
  • Virgo: "Also 4.0 [GPA]"
  • Libra: "Check your sell-by date, ladies, faux lesbian kissing hasn't been taboo since 1994"
  • Scorpio: "I am back to being the shallow, toxic rich bitch who ruins everything in her path"
  • Sagittarius: "I don't follow rules; I make them, and when necessary, I break them"
  • Capricorn: "You wanted fire? Sorry, @CherylBombshell, my specialty is ice"
  • Aquarius: "Sardonic humor is my way of relating to this world"
  • Pisces: "I learned that from the Nancy Drew detective handbook"

Taurus is beautiful in its strength and weaknesses.

People feel that boredom is inevitable when you strive for too much stability and comfort, which is what Taurus represents. People fear that a lack of variety means a lack of fun. However, it’s ironic that people say this, yet will strive to have the comfortable, beautiful, and stable life Taurus represents. Why else would the majority of society strive to look beautiful and have a steady income?

Taurus is beautiful because it is the sign that rules the physical senses. They are sensitive to sight, touch, smell, taste, and sound. Due to this sensitivity, they know exactly how to charm the senses and attract others. They are the feminine expression of Venus. Unlike Libra, who will charm people externally by socializing, Taurus will internally charm people by satisfying their inner senses. Taurus is skilled in feeling good, and they’ll make sure to make you feel good also. This is the beautiful, positive, and sensual side of Taurus everybody strives to be.

Of course, life is more than just feeling good. Life is more than just being stuck in your comfort zone. Life is more than just feeling beautiful. Sure, Taurus is skilled in satisfying the five senses, since it is an Earth sign that is adept with working with the physical world and physical senses. However, there are many senses that are not physically present, and these are the senses Taurus can’t reach.

This is why people get bored of staying in the comfort zone even though they worked so hard to get there. This is why people feel empty when they can only feel beautiful and nothing else. This is why people feel that money can’t buy genuine happiness. This is the shallow, negative, and suffocating side of Taurus everybody dreads to be.

A Light Left On In Brooklyn

Rec for you: this is a great little piece of Bucky coming home to steve- beautiful writing, it’s a treat to read. Give it some love! 


A Light Left On In Brooklyn by linzeestyle (AO3 restricted)

“Fury’s got nine cameras trained on your front door,” Bucky hisses into his neck. “The less dirt on you, the better.” The windchill in his voice is almost palpable, and Steve pulls back to look at him, eyes dark and glassy, and he links his fingers with Bucky’s cool metal ones, thumb running along the smooth seams where there used to be a pulse. He knows Bucky can’t feel this, but he’s watching Steve, anyway, breathing shallow and too-fast as Steve brings their joined hands up, kisses Bucky’s palm.

“You’re not dirty, Buck.”

Do you ever look at a picture you’ve seen a million times and then it hits you. Like yeah, you’ve seen it before, you’ve reflected and chuckled because of it, but then BAM in the face motherfucker. What what what is that bracelet even supposed to symbolise? No, but really?

I mean you don’t show stuff unless you want to attribute them with some kind of meaning. Or have them be important somehow, Chekhov knew what he was on about. So what’s this supposed to be? This seemingly random amulet. Friendship? Hope? A tangible link to Alice link to humanity and community? I hate to admit it, but the movie isn’t that deep. Also Harold, it’s a fucking rainbow. No matter how much you twist and turn, still a rainbow on her wrist. Throw in a drag queen in the background and this would be more flamboyant than the Salt Lake City from the pre-Apocalypse during Pride. Okay, that was mean, I’m sorry, but also - *awkward cough*

Fuckery aside, I really do wish I could have listened in to the creative roundtable discussion that went on before someone said, “so— maybe she should wear a rainbow bracelet” and then after a moment of quiet reflection they all nodded and went, “Great idea, Barry. Lets do that.”

So turns out Barry got hubris or simply was a greedy little sob, because it wasn’t enough for him to push the decidedly randomass idea of Alice wearing the bracelet (without them really doing anything with it in the story), no he somehow got his will done so completely that they ended up using a picture of it as official promo material. And not only was she wearing it, rather prominently displaying it, she did so while shaking hands with another woman and staring intently into her eyes in a way that probably make homophobes awkwardly sputter about wholesome gals being wholesome pals or cry out in conservative despair; “won’t someone think of the children!!”

Like damn, Barry no one should ever doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion, and us gays. Thanks, buddy. Perfectly superfluous storywise, but thanks.

And on an even more shallow note, I weirdly enough am a big fan of Milla’s veins. I appreciate that she really does look like a skinny little mutant freak who would and could kick your ass from here and into oblivion. That’s meant to be read as a compliment.

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What are some placement that would make someone easily bored with their everyday life??? (I'm not sure if I explained that good sorry but I hope you know what I mean!💖)

  • Gemini in the 6th House - short attention span, need for variety
  • Aquarius in the 6th House - lots of change, routine bores them
  • Scorpio in the 6th House - everyday work can seem shallow to these people
  • Uranus in the 6th House - lots of unpredictable change in work
  • Mercury in the 6th House - lots of speed and quickness in work, can lead to variety in work and massive productivity
  • Pluto in the 6th House - lots of extremes in work

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I know you say they didn't make Kylo handsome for no reason but he also has a scar now and I don't know if I'm being shallow, but would they really let reylo happen if he looks all weird and scarred now lmao

I doubt the scar will be disfiguring. Anakin was scarred in Episode VIII, and it didn’t make him any less attractive:

Kylo’s will obviously be more present than that, but it will be healed so it certainly won’t look as bad as it did when the wound was fresh:

And besides, the scar is important for Kylo’s character development. It’s no accident that it marks the spot where Han lay his hand after he knew his son had killed him.

  • Me: Hey can I have a monster girl/boy but less "eye candy" and more to explore the far-reaching consequences of a humanoid creature that isn't entirely human? Someone who can't simply pass as a human with cat ears because their physiology them or makes them stand out and it's clear they are truly meant to be some kind of genetic hybrid, not just a cute animalistic person. There are so many possibilities to look into for how they would interact with their human counterparts or what sort of habits they would need to adopt which would be different from a typical humans' (for example, a werewolf who can't eat grapes or chocolate due to their canid genes) or even something/someone surreal and otherworldly trying to live life among "normal" people and the sort of bearing that would have on the plot. I'm tired of shallow fanservice I want the deeper consequences of monster girls and monster boys!
  • Y'all: We get it, you want to fuck a T-rex.

A bunch of non-black people are now upset with me for DARING to say ‘hey, perhaps consider paying me for intellectual labor you want me to do for you so you can seem #Woke and like you actually care about Black people’. See, it’s during moments like these that I know a lot of people totally think I’m a ‘safer’ black blogger who will respond to disrespect (through both outright aggression from non-Black people or micro-aggressions) with a smile or shallow platitudes about loving everyone in spite of their anti-blackness.