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Date at Casino Park!!

(You can blame Shadow’s awed “Cool city” line for this entire thing lmao)

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aesthetic: happy (late) birthday @henryblue!!!

“Aphrodite.” Annabeth said.

“Venus?” Hazel asked in amazement.

“Mom,” Piper said with no enthusiasum. 

“Girls!” The goddess spread her arms like she wanted a group hug. 

The three demigods did not oblige. Hazel backed into a palmetto tree.

rip in pieces larmau and garmau, 6ft under and lost the race

but also

hello garrance, welcome to the big leagues

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Look at them…truly Edgy™

I got too lazy to line/color this so just have the sketch I’m sorry

me and my sister were discussing a tid show and somehow it turned into a reality show and so now may i present... the infernal shore
  • Will (to the camera): i'm just saying if those fucking ducks try anything with me, i'm gonna fuck their shit up
  • Sophie: *walks into the smush room* oh sorry, i didn't know anybody was- oh gOD WILL, TESSA WHAT ARE YOU DOING???
  • Jem: *jumps up on a table high as fuck and starts singing we can't stop*
  • Jessamine (drunk): like i don't even wanna be here. i-i'm not a shad-shadowhunter. i'm a fUCKING LADY *pukes*
  • Charlotte: *walks into smush room* oh sorry, i didn't know anybody was- oh gOD JEM, TESSA WHAT ARE YOU DOING???
  • Gideon (to the camera): i don't know why sophie is mad at me. i asked for all those scones for HER. bitch... i'd still fuck her though
  • Will & Gabriel: *start beating the shit out of each other*
  • Gabriel (to the camera): man, this new chick cecily... pretty fucking hot. wait, she's WHO'S sister?! ah shit... i'd still fuck her.
  • Cecily: *walks into smush room* oh sorry, i didn't know anybody was- oh gOD WILL, JEM WHAT ARE YOU DOING???
  • Henry (drunk): *sticks a bunch of drink umbrellas together* look, i made a thing! it's called the umbrella... uh... thing.
  • Tessa: *dances at club with will and jem* bitch, i love both of 'em! i ain't a slut! sAY IT TO MY FACE HOE
  • Charlotte: I can't drink! I'm pregnant! *smokes*
  • Cecily (to the camera): sometimes my brother is such a fucking tool. like, quit it with this "curse" and just go home
  • Magnus: *declares himself the party king and starts throwing glitter at people*
  • Sophie (to the camera): everyone always expects me to clean up after a party. like i don't have my own fucking life!
  • Magnus: *walks into smush room and sees will, jem, and tessa all there together* well, this is unexpected
  • Magnus: got room for a fourth?