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We have neighbors who’re renting out the house next to us because the owner got orders elsewhere. Right before they moved in, they adopted a little dog named Judy. She’s an escape artist which, sure I can understand from time to time. But it’s partly their fault. They don’t want to fix/alter the fence since they’re renting, they insist on keeping her outside at all times (even when it’s above 30C/85F) and all that “keeps” her in is a chain on a spike in the middle of the yard. There’s no doghouse or anything. 

Today (Saturday) I heard noises that sounded like a puppy. And I’m thinking “oh great, they got another dog”. And because I am a nosy bitch, I stuck my head out on the porch to see if I could see the kids playing in the backyard to give weight to my theory. What do I see? Judy, at the outside back corner of my fence (which is the opposite side that their house is one) surrounded by the lake.

She managed to pull her chain out of the ground, went off running, and got the spiral metal spike wrapped around a giant root in the lake. She was stuck and could not get loose. So I put on a pair of my husband’s old military boots which are huge on me but better protect my feet, went out wading in the lake since it was the only way to get to her, unwrapped it and brought her into my yard. We have fences taller than I am, so she should be alright until the owners get home.

I text the owner and let them know. She didn’t even ask if Judy was okay, just “how” since she was left on her chain and a “thank you”.


The hybrid unit that leads everyone’s hearts astray!
A night without you… and a night without you.

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Character Guide: Venus (originally from real life(?)) from Pop’n Music Sunny Park.

Ichigo’s Comment:Venus is the Pop’n Music personification of two real world artists; DJ Yoshitaka and Sota Fujimori (Who collaborated in making the song Brand New World). Please respect the fact they are real people and this is only their self-insert (and persona for this particular song series, they are usually not pandering to fans of homosexual activity) in this series they contributed to.

I know it’s a very sensitive time, but I have to sincerely ask: Can we stop calling Donald Trump “cheeto” please. It’s such an insult to them; like Cheetos are delicious as fuck. Can we call him something gross that nobody likes. Like yams. Call him yam. Fuck yams.

So I just saw a post complaining about how eye doctors withhold glasses prescriptions because of our desire to sell you glasses when in reality, glasses prescriptions are LEGIT PRESCRIPTIONS and they usually expire after a year or two, LIKE NORMAL MEDICAL PRESCRIPTIONS. And that post said that their “prescription is stable and they don’t need annual exams” and really, that pisses me off. 

I’m a second year (well in reality a 2 and a half year) optometry student. The eyes are a working part of the body that should be checked every YEAR for a variety of reasons. Did you know that when we look into the back of the eye, we actually see working blood vessel and neural tissue that other doctors need to cut you open to see? Did you also know that this is HOW we can actually catch a LOT of diseases before symptoms even show up for you? And I’m talking serious diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and CANCER. No, I’m not kidding. We can catch cancer in your eye. And you would not have visual symptoms of the cancer in your eye due to the typical location of the lesions in your retina. 

The reason we withhold prescriptions is because we want you guys to come in EVERY YEAR. It’s not some bloodthirsty capitalist thing. We just want to make sure that you’re healthy and that your prescription really hasn’t changed before we give you your eyeglasses prescription. And if you’re going to places like lenscrafters, there’s your problem. Lenscrafters is a capitalist driven company, but you can go to literally any other eye doctor and most do not care and will give you your prescription without a problem if you ask for it so long as you come in for your annual exam. Glasses are stupidly expensive, trust us WE KNOW. We want you to get your correction and we really don’t care where. 

Don’t even get me started on contacts… Cuz the amount of stupidity I’ve seen about that is ridiculous. 

So yea, stop saying that optometrists just “want your money and withhold your prescription because reasons”. We don’t. Your prescription for your glasses has just expired. We just want you to be healthy.

Rant over.

*FT 532 spoilers!*

Y'all know Mashima isn’t actually killing off Natsu, but he better have Lucy do something major and save him. And I mean her in particular. I’ve been so frustrated with how she hasn’t had a chance to do anything in so long, so this had better be it. Also, it’s been set up (with her ideas about rewriting a part of the END book) so PLEASSEEEE let my girl be amazing and bring Natsu back to life!

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I know some people get seriously upset because of the antis, but I'm just extremely amused. I love when their minds implode whenever they hear that I started dating my bf at the age of sixteen, when he was twenty, and now, seven years later we're going to celebrate our relationship by getting married :P Power imbalance my ass, Yurio isn't one to let someone use him, and real-life couples have bigger age gaps.

Congratulations! and I agree about Yuri, if Otabek ever tried to hurt him in any way he’d feel the russian fairy’s wrath.

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I'm unfollowing you. I honestly thought you were not one of those SJWs. Kudelia and Atra are not married, no where in the anime did it show that they are married.

I’m not trying to stop you from unfollowing me or anything, because you’re free to follow or unfollow anyone you want. But, like, I’m confused as to why you seem angry with me?? What is a SJWs?? Why are you calling me that?

Are you sending me this message because I made a post saying that changed one of my tags to “Akatsuki Augus Mixta Bernstein”? That’s the only logical explanation I can think of as to why you would suddenly mention Kudelia and Atra.

I meant to tag him as Akatsuki Augus Mixta Bernstein, because that’s his official name (I remember seeing a mutual of mine reblog an article stating that that’s his name), but my phone seems to like auto correcting my tag to “Akatsuki Augus”. Look, I’m not lying, this is a screenshot of my phone auto tagging it as “Akatsuki Augus” the moment I type in “Akatsuki”:

I’m not sure if they are really married or not (I’m not up to date with the latest IBO news, so I was actually unaware that they could be married until you mentioned it), but is there anything wrong with them being married? If they love each other and get married, I will be happy for them. If they are not married and decide to raise Akatsuki together, I will still be happy for them. I know they are just fictional characters, but I will be happy for them no matter what choice they make.

I don’t like to sound confrontational, but if your issue with them being together is because they are both girls, then I think that what you are implying is really hurtful.

^ I’m assuming that these are sent by you too. Like I said, I don’t like to sound confrontational, but if you are against Shino being with Yamagi, or Kudelia being with Atra just because they are the same gender as their partners, then I seriously think that what you are saying is really hurtful and not very nice. And I will appreciate it if you stop sending me anon messages.

Thrown Away - Jinyoung

We were introduced through friends and for the past 4 months, we’ve been in contact. There is a mutual interest we share towards one another and I don’t know if it’s the same for him, but I’m certainly drowning in what could be the start of something more. He’s perfect. Understanding and sweet. All the characteristics my mother always listed for me to look for. I’m willing to give it a chance if he’s willing to make it official.

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Y'all, fair warning, I think I might be done with the show. Going to think about it for a while before I say anything concrete, but I wanted to let people know it’s a possibility. Depending on how low my mood is I don’t know if I’ll be able to answer old asks or new asks about what specifically I’m leaving for. So fair warning on that, too, ‘cuz this show has been making me frustrated and disappointed as of late and relishing in bashing it only brings temporary relief and more long term grief.