i'm seriously starving

Our elite Don’t Starve Together team! (starring zak-newman​, trows​ & myself)

…if by “elite” I mean “spends 22 days clinging to life (dying multiple times) and barely making it to winter just in time for an enormous pack of dogs to attack us and kill our nearby herd of beefalo and chase us until two of us starve to death and the third almost freezes but manages to light a tree on fire to warm up and inadvertently sets off a chain reaction that burns our entire camp to the ground as well as herself”.


(PS it was Trows)


My product order from JiMi Agency arrived today! I ordered a set of Don’t Starve large memo pads and small sushi memo pads. I’m so so happy with how everything turned out! There’s something very heartwarming and fulfilling about seeing your designs that you’ve worked hard on being produced as a product and holding that product in person… it’s just very cool! ;w; 

It was so easy and comfortable to work with them. I’ve actually ran into a couple bumps with Paypal and getting my order ready (which isn’t like me! I always try to have all my things straight, but I guess it happens to everyone sometimes), but they were so understanding and responsive. They always touch bases with you throughout the whole process so you’re not left wondering what’s going on. :)

Everything was so neatly and carefully packaged and came with tracking and delicious candy. I’m very impressed with the overall quality of the items I order as well as the professionalism of JiMi Agency. I feel like they’ve really helped me step forward as an artist and a small business owner. I’m completely sold. I definitely look forward to working with them again! Thank you so much, JiMi Agency! You guys are wonderful! :’)