i'm seriously in love with this piece

 What I’m getting so far from Tobias’ interview:

- He talks a lot about religion and belief. 

- During his school years Tobias wasn’t sure what he wanted to be or what he wanted to do with his life.

- In the early 90s there was a mysterious Swedish band, which Tobias was quite fascinated by. Nobody really knew anything about this band or who they were. It turned out to be this one dude, Håkan, who played all the instruments. Tobias later became friends with him. Håkan’s passed away and Tobias misses him dearly.

hi youngjae is alive and doing well and having so much fun in new york my problems have been solved and my skin has never looked so clear in 18 years

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Have you seen my suneater son. He looks adorable. Also Deku made me cry.. WHY

!!!!! I’ll be really honest here anon I currently have a lot of feelings and 90% of them are about Amajiki picking Kirishima it’s everything I didn’t know I needed in my life thank you Horikoshi I owe you

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one piece !!!!!!!!! !!! ( you knew that was coming )



Bonus (because I’m a sinner and I could actually ship Luffy with any living thing on this Earth):

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alright i have to ask what your icon is about because it is amusing the hell out of me. I mean obviously its Stretch but like what context was this even made in

… okay seriously i have been biting my lip all week because i so desperately want to share so much information and art on the topic, but…

well, to keep it simple and spoiler-free and to shove down every instinct i have to share all my thoughts and the rest, the icon is something for @swaptalestory​. bonus, @joliemariella​ has a matching one, as its a collaborative project we’re working on together. check out the teaser intro we’ve got posted there, and the about page for more info ;D the first chapter should be up this weekend, if all things go well.

i say, actually in the middle of furiously working my way through self-inflicted never-ending coloring and edits for the story itself.

a closeup of the two icons for clarity:


I’ve skipped theme 3 for now, since I’m pretty sure its obvious my favorite of the main characters is Kaori cx

Theme 4: Favorite Side Character-Emi Igawa

Emi seriously doesn’t get enough love, she’s passionate and serious yet a total dork at the same time. Her piece gave me goosebumps too <3

“Let it ring!”

  • Someone: I thought Lalaland was a good movie but I'm really happy that Moonlight got the award

look what you done!

dedicated to @woanu because she’s a “motherfuckin” meme of a child that i love + as thanks for listening to me moan about this for 2-3 days♡

I’ve finally found one of the best fics I’ve ever read! I thought I’ll never read it again.

“You should have changed course long ago” by msdisdain (http://archiveofourown.org/works/7968697/chapters/18227713)

I adore everything here.
(All the events are after S3, I think).

Sherlock rejects John, because he doesn’t want to be “just what’s left”.

These Mycroft’s words to John: “What, in the end, has loving you done for my brother? Ultimately, what has he gained? A scarred back, a gunshot wound, and a broken heart” is fucking EVERYTHING. YES.

“I fucked it up. Sherlock got tired of waiting. Can you blame him?” - THIS.

John writes private blog posts and addresses it to Sherlock.
And it’s heartbreaking as hell. Step by step, he’s trying to cope with his feelings. Just look at this:

«Years of ignoring evidence even Anderson could make a deduction from. Years of telling himself that what he was thinking, feeling, seeing wasn’t real. That he wasn’t gay, wasn’t attracted to men, wasn’t attracted to Sherlock. Years of telling himself he was making Sherlock more human, and then shoving aside the result of that. Years side by side with the person who turned out to be the love of his life and never once reaching out and touching, telling, tasting, taking. Years of small moments he’d brushed aside without a moment’s thought».

Are you crying already?

No, seriously, read this.
You will cry like a baby, your heart will break into tiny pieces, but it’s worth it.
And, of course, it has a breathtaking happy ending :)

A little piece to celebrate beautiful Elektra #1!

I fell in love as soon as I saw the comic. I highly recommend– it’s absolutely stunning. :) <3

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Two questions. 1. Do you think Jonsa will happen because of the original outline of Jonrya? 2. Do you think the show will address succession more? I have so many questions about that. If Jon and Dany fall heirless, who's up? Will people support Gendry? Will they support Sansa as Jon's heir to the throne? Bran? Who gets winterfell? Casterly rock? THE VALE??? DORNE? Sorry feel free to pass this one up. I'm really into the "not so minor, but still minutiae" at the end of the day. Your meta rocks.

I loved this ask because it sounds exactly like the inside of my head whenever I watch GOT. Seriously, WHAT ABOUT THE VALE? I know, anon. I know.

1. The original outline of Jonrya is a piece of external evidence that I think helps to strengthen what is already a very solid textual reading. I didn’t go over specific details and citations much in my Jonsa post because it’s already been covered very well elsewhere on this site - there’s a classic older post called ‘A Time For Wolves’ that lays all the book evidence out really well, if you’re interested. (http://blindestspot.tumblr.com/post/50820774456/jonxsansa) I think that might have been the first Jonsa meta I ever read? Anyway, it’s very good, and I didn’t see much point in just copying what it had already done.

Personally, I first became convinced of Jonsa after looking into the historical parallels between ASOIAF and the Wars of the Roses that Martin based much of the plot around. The Lannisters, Starks, and Targaryens are clearly based on the real-world Lancasters, Yorks, and Tudors (/Plantagenets). And the English dynastic struggle was finally resolved when Henry Tudor won the war and married the oldest daughter of the House of York, Elizabeth (who had two mysteriously vanished/probably murdered little brothers). They were also so closely related he had to get a special dispensation from the pope to marry - you see where I’m going with this? The parallels are far from exact, of course, but they’re also extremely suggestive.

2. I think on a thematic level, succession is very important to GOT. You could argue that the overall arc of the show has been to explore the ‘changing of the guard’ from the older generation to the younger one rising (and sometimes failing) to take their place - the Lannisters going from Tywin to his children, the Starks from Ned and Cat to their children, and so on.

But when it comes to the specific details of succession - well, I honestly don’t know how many we’ll get. GOT has been very inconsistent in its depiction of Westerosi politics and customs in this regard; remember when all of Dorne was totally okay with the bastard lover of Oberyn - not even his wife, just his lover - murdering their lord and their lord’s heir and taking over the Kingdom? Because I do. (That was a terrible subplot and D&D should feel terrible. ‘Oh no the hysterical brown women are on a murderous power trip, run’ - ugh, that was offensive on so many levels.)

I don’t want to be that person who’s all ‘oh, just read the books, they’re so much better,’ because I actually think the show did improve on certain aspects of the story (like, the number of extraneous side characters in the last two books is somewhere in the billions now, and it kind of drives me crazy how badly Martin could use an editor with some of this stuff). But when it comes to details like succession, the books are definitely much clearer about how it works and who’s up next. And since at this point I think the books and the show have just diverged too far when it comes to aspects like the rulers of Dorne or the Vale for us to be able to assume there will be any future convergence, it makes predictions about the show a lot harder. Like, a lot of these problems don’t exist yet in the books, and may never exist, because of things like Arianne Martell (Doran Martell’s daughter) or Harold Hardying (next-up heir to the Vale if Robin Arryn dies) still being characters.

So as far as the show goes, I suspect we may never get an answer when it comes to things like succession in Dorne and the Vale - D&D have got into the meat of the central plot now, and don’t seem like they plan to let anything distract them from it. Maybe Arianne Martell will pop up at the last minute from whatever cave she’s been hiding in all this time to take the lordship of Dorne for her own - or maybe it will never be mentioned again. Hard to say.

Let’s see, on to your other questions. When it comes to specific plot details, the narrative analyses I’m more comfortable doing are less helpful, and you kind of just have to go with the in-universe logic at play. But I think Sansa definitely has the rank and political chops to inherit the throne for the Kingdom in the North, if that was what you meant - though I don’t see her ending up on the Iron Throne without a marriage putting her there first. After GOT 7x03, I think it’s pretty clear that we’re not getting Bran as either Lord of Winterfell or King in the North - he seems to have put himself out of the running, so after Jon it has to be either Sansa or Arya, and I have trouble seeing Arya as any kind of politician. Right now, Winterfell is Sansa’s - even with Jon as KitN, Winterfell itself is still the birthright of the trueborn Starks, and if Bran passes on it then it goes to her as the eldest daughter. If she winds up marrying again - either another lord or the king of the Seven Kingdoms - it would probably be with the plan that her second son will inherit Winterfell and take on the name Stark (with her first son being heir to her husband’s lands).

I don’t know that that will actually happen - I’m still sort of musing over my own theories for the ending in store for Winterfell itself, right now - but in-universe, it would be the obvious solution. Theoretically, Arya could also take over stewardship of Winterfell if Sansa left to, say, become queen, and Arya’s children could then inherit it - but Arya doing anything even vaguely ladylike with her life just seems so unlikely at this point that I’m not sure it’s even worth mentioning as a possibility.

Gendry is still a bastard, so he has no claim to either the Stormlands or the Iron Throne unless someone has somehow managed to legitimize him without us noticing - which I wouldn’t entirely put past this show. Jon Snow did manage to get elected KitN while being a bastard, but the entire Seven Kingdoms is a whole different kettle of fish from a bunch of exhausted, guilt-tripping Northern lords. I have trouble seeing how any House besides maybe Dorne and maybe Baratheon would accept Gendry as king. He could probably pick up a few others if he was somehow legitimized, but even then, it’s a longshot. That being said, he is a cool dark horse candidate - it would be a really awesome twist for Gendry to wind up the king after all this Jon and Dany buildup, so maybe the narrative could find a way.

Jaime and Cersei seem pretty likely to die without leaving any heirs, so Casterly Rock will go to Tyrion if he survives. If Tyrion also dies, then it goes to their Lannister cousins - House Lannister is actually a pretty massive House, and there’s like a hundred second cousins hanging out in the Westerlands city of Lannisport waiting to inherit. At the moment I’m still fifty-fifty on Tyrion living or not, and starting to lean towards ‘not’ - but we’ll see.

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ahh hello! i just rediscovered your art and I'm absolutely in love with it! You have such beautiful sense of style and i love your sense of color combinations. Your work inspires me as an artist and I'm really looking forward to seeing more of it:) I do have questions though. How did you come to develop your style? How did you improve your art to the level its at now? thanks~~ i love you !!

Hi~thank you so much! My style is still inconsistent but continuing to create art pieces and practice helps me develop it more. I’ve been taking art seriously for about 5-6 years and have only been drawing digitally for just over a year- so I know there’s plenty of improvement to be made. This was my first digital piece:

and I can see how much I’ve improved since then. As long as you practice and continue to apply yourself- you’ll see yourself improve!

"Picosecond"... Or: THIS FANFIC KILLS ME

Guys… I’m sorry I didn’t upload anything the past few days.
I’m working on a new Kuro comic at the moment though :)
And today I found THIS. This fanfic is my life now. I love it to pieces, seriously.
I have no idea how to feel about it though. I’ve read it two times now and I’m still not sure if I want to cry, or laugh or scream. It’s just so complex.
I live for this.
Please read it. ❤

I know this probably goes without saying but Alec and Magnus as individuals are so fascinating and complex. Each with such well-rounded, real struggles and stories. They are both so strong in different ways and vulnerable in others. It would take me far too long to name all of their unique qualities that make them the amazing, fleshed out characters that they are, mostly in part thanks to the insightful performances of Matt and Harry. But the depth that they have seriously blows me away. Alone, they are some of the most interesting, flawed, intriguing characters I’ve ever seen. And the fact that they are in love with each other and compliment each other and help fill in each other’s missing pieces in this sweet, chaotic, inexplicable RIGHT-ness is so incredible and we are so lucky to have these characters in our lives.

I’m a 21st Century Guy. June 16th, 2016. Digital Painting.

So I played 999 recently and found a new white-haired anime boy to swoon over. Seriously though, if you’re like me and somehow missed out on the Zero Escape train PLEASE play it! It is incredibly well written and I don’t think I’ve been as thoroughly blind-sided by a game in a long time. Santa is obviously the best character and I will fight anyone who says otherwise!

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"I'm in dire need of chocolate." Pretty please

This is literally the best prompt for me because, when in doubt, this is what I’m feeling like. Seriously, send chocolate my way and I’ll love you forever. 

I hope you enjoy this fluffy piece! (Though it somehow became a bit steamier than I originally intended…)


“I’m in dire need of chocolate,” Jyn declared one night as she slams her way into their quarters.

Cassian looked up from his datapad with one eyebrow cocked, half a smile dancing across his features. “I didn’t know you had a sweet tooth.”

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