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Promise ( Laurens X Reader ) – Happy Trails to Ant and Carleigh!

Yo! So, before we get into this, I wanna apologize to people who request. I’m such an asshole. I take too long and never ever follow the queue, so some of you guys wait two weeks and others wait three months. I’m truly madly deeply sorry. I just like giving you fic as quick as possible, so I don’t stay too long without posting, and that makes me go for whichever prompt my imagination tells me to and I’m not always inspired for the ones on the top of the queue. Truly, I’m so so so sorry.

Secondly, yeah, I was working on a Laf request until like two days ago (I still am and I can tell you it’s gonna be really sorta short, sorry for that), but then I realized something. Anthony Ramos. Nov, 20. *purses lips so won’t start sobbing compulsively* Don’t get me wrong. I am the hugest Anthony stan you’ll ever see and I am so very happy for him. I mean, the guy’s a star. He’s such an inspiration for me and many other kids out there and I’m sure that whatever he does next (he’s hinted he’ll be working on his music AND has been casted on a Netflix series) will blow us all away (too soon). Also, yo, Jordan Fisher!!! I love him!! I seem to adore everyone who puts on the Laurens/Philip costumes including Jose Ramos (especially him he’s my fav along with Ant and I’m not sorry), Thayne Jasperson (cracker boy, I know, I know, but have you ever seen him on Greg’s snap) and Andrew Chappele (I LOVE HIM) and I’m not even sorry.

Anyways. Because of Ant’s leaving, I wanted to do something Laurens-related. Yep, I know I already do lots of Laurens-related stuff, but I couldn’t help it. This idea also gave me a huge help, because I’d just done something on History and was feeling very very Hamiltime-ish. I’m not gonna put the full request here because it’s a huge spoiler, Nonnie says: “Can you do one when reader and Laurens have a thing going on, but he leaves for war.”

Well, anon, here you go! Hope y’all enjoy it yeah you’re gonna die inside!

Word Count: 2.775 (can you believe I actually wrote this amount of words in like two school days when I had to save battery and had a gazillion things to do ‘cause I can’t I felt so inspired it was like being struck by a fucking lightning)

Warnings: war related-stuff, straight Laurens, I think a lil swearing but I’m not entirely sure.

Setting: Hamiltime, during the war

Real quick sidenote: I didn’t have the time to find out how long exactly things took to be done like travelling and mail and shit at Hamiltime, so there’s that. That’s also why the letters are incomplete, not having dates or adresses. Sorry.

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You ran your hand through his curls. His black, shiny and silk-soft curls. Much like everything else when it came to him, they were simply perfect. Everything, from his black curls to the way his hazel eyes beamed when he talked about what he loved, it was all simply perfect. And, now, all this perfection was being put in danger.

“Y/N?” John called quietly, lifting a single eyelid. His head was placed on your lap as you sat underneath a enormous tree, the silver gleam coming from the moon and a candle being your only sort of light. You looked down at him and realized he had a curious expression on. “Are you okay, my dearest?”

You breathed in, only then realizing your cheeks were marked from a few tears. With a single hand, you wiped them away, trying to keep a smiled on even when it broke slightly. “Of course I am, John.”

He raised an eyebrow, stern yet fond. You knew he wasn’t buying it, he knew you better than that. “What is bothering you, love?”

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So.. I obviously have a thing for dysfunctional relationships.

Don’t missread this. I don’t ever want to be in one. It is not healthy at all and I will always encourage people to seek help.

But I love reading & writing about characters that clearly aren’t good for each other or are in toxic relationships. There’s something about how psychologically thrilling and dark it is- it just really catches my eye.

rogue one: a character summary

jyn: hi hello I’m a protagonist oh where did I get the blaster? haha not important lol

cassian: i’m hot and everyone loves me

K-2SO: there’s a 99.9% chance I will punch you in the face if you tell me how to pilot my own ship again

chirrut: the force is with me i’m one with the- wait why the fuck did you blindfold me i’m blind asshole

baze: chirrut how many times do I have to tell you to leave the air conditioning on 72 degrees, jesus

bodhi: i didn’t really want this job but also the empire sucks so it happened

galen: have you seen my son, his name is nemo, i’m looking for my son

krennic: listen pal I just wanna do my fuckin job but no one will let me do my job, please just let me have credit for the death star i’m desperate

saw: how many stormtrooper parts do you think it’ll take before I become a transformer

vader: my grandson thinks he’s more emo than I am? my grandson is wrong

bonus grand moff tarkin: hello I’m here to steal your cake

Every Time
  • Me: Alright, homework's done, studied, made my lunch! Time for a good night's rest so tomorrow will be a good day!Brain: Stay up till 3 am crying over fictional characters.
  • Me: ...what? No!
  • Brain: You gotta.
  • Me: Hoe don't do it...
  • Me: *Does it*
  • Me: ...
  • Me: Well that's never gonna happen again...
  • Brain: Hey look at -
  • Me: aHHHHH

“I want a book with a badass female main character who doesn’t need a man to feel like she’s worth the world”

“I want a book about amazing friends who would do anything for each other”

“I want a book that addresses social issues like self-harm and slut shaming without romanticizing it”

“I want a well-written book that keeps me up until 3 am whispering to myself, just one more chapter…

“I want a book that…”

Seriously, just read VA. Don’t let the name fool you. This book is amazing.

this sucks y’all

like legit the series finale is just going to be a huge boy meets world love fest, and all the kids, the stars of THIS SHOW are just going to be pushed to the side. it’s not fair, it’s not right. this show, these writers, these characters deserved better. Riley and Maya deserve better. 



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Chibi Envy (◠‿◠✿)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Chibi Party

okay no but can we seriously talk about Traynor???? She’s just the absolutely cutest I mean

  • she is a NERD who recited the periodic table while drunk dancing
  • A GREAT & smart comm specialist
  • prefers to play space chess that gives you shocks when you lose. It can get sweaty.
  • (and also make her forget lunch dates but who cares, beat Polgara’s ass, baby!!!!)
  • has an amazing toothbrush and is willing to sacrifice it for the greater good don’t worry Traynor I’ll get you like. three of those to make up for it
  • showers in her underwear what’s up with that BioWare? Is she just waiting for Shepard to see and laugh and then just take them off for her like a proper dork? xD
  • *sees warm water* *starts taking off her clothes right now immediately*

I have never seen three characters more in love with each other. Honestly, Dorian x Celaena x Chaol or nothing. 

I am SO damn over the “don’t reduce her as a love interest” rhetoric. So women in powerful positions aren’t allowed to love? A female character becomes bad because she falls for someone? Seriously? We has humans experience all emotions and love is one of them. It is only natural that we fall in love so OF COURSE we are used to it. So why do people consistently try to “shame” female characters (even male sometimes) for doing something that’s only natural?


Haha anyways I’m super bored and would totally love to draw some people’s OCs! so hit me up if you want that with a message or a reblog describing your character, I can theoritically do a thing with your OC and their LI but it’s a dice roll :^)

So yeah, full body, bust, waist up, are all totally good and try to include as much detail as possible!!

I…. Want a season 2 of Cuticle Detective Inaba. It’s so random and funny and at the same time it gives you some feels. And there is actually a possibility of a serious plot but the series was never to be taken so seriously from the beginning. I mean look at them:

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i love hartwin so much,, like these two unique characters just complement each other so well like

you have this guy who’s like Porno Mr Darcy who probably has had sex with his own manners but at the same time he’ll beat up a bar of people just bc he’s a bit emotional and he stuffs his fucking dog named mr fucking pickle - harry hart is a fuckin treasure and i’ll love this loser til the end of time

and then you have eggsy. sweet, little egg who’s gone through some shit but he’s loyal as fuck and sees everyone as equals and as fucking aces he looks in a suit he’ll wear the chav-iest clothes in his free time and protect his little sister and his mum and rox bc i swear he knows women have it harder

then you meet them both. when they’re both in the same room and sparks just fucking f l y bc they’re so comfortable to be themselves around each other. eggsy ain’t afraid to call out harry’s shit and harry would teach eggsy anything he wanted and asdfhhferwjferbjckkjbedcwwedlknc

their house probably smells of tea and warmth whilst you hear jb snoring in the corner, both of them lying on opposite ends of the couch, reading their own books as their legs are tangled together.

i just,, really love hartwin