i'm seriously about to cry right now

hello confirmation that cyrus turning around was intentionally to show that he likes jonah!! can i just point out that they are clapping and cheering! i have never been this happy, i mean, look at them. look at josh. look at asher. listen to peyton. listen to everyone in the room. they support it. they are just as excited about this as we are. this is happening people & i couldn’t be happier!!

Top or Bottom?
  • Aomine: I'd top Akashi for sure.
  • Kuroko & Kagami: What?
  • Aomine: You know, when two people with the same gender. You have to choose which one is the top and which one is the bottom.
  • Kise: ... Aominecchi, we're talking about the exam coming up. Not this one.
  • Aomine: I bet in your relationship, Tetsu, you are the bottom.
  • Kuroko: Just hold on a second, Aomine-kun. Why am I the bottom? I'd like to stick it on Kagami-kun too, you know.
  • Kagami: ... I'm crying right now.
  • Aomine: Well, you have a small built body than Kagami. Taller guys are usually the seme.
  • Kuroko: I'll change that.
  • Aomine: You can't. You can't, Tetsu.
  • Akashi: What's with the conversation?
  • Aomine: Oh, we're talking about who would top you. I mean, if we were to date.
  • Akashi: Hm?
  • Kise: And Aominecchi said he'll top you.
  • Akashi: ...
  • Kise: Right? Told you, Aominecchi. You won't-
  • Akashi: I bet I'm more qualify to be the top.
  • Aomine: Huh? No. I am.
  • Akashi: Daiki, you can't get me to be the bottom. Therefore, I am the top.
  • Aomine: Shut it, Akashi! I'm the top!
  • Akashi: No, I am.
  • Aomine: 'ch, fine. Let's test it out. Come with me.
  • Akashi: I prefer to do it in my house.
  • Aomine: ... You always want to do it in your way. Fine!
  • Kagami: Can we stop talking about this? And where the heck are you two going? Are you seriously going to test it out?!
  • Akashi & Aomine: Of course.
  • Kuroko: Kagami-kun, please come with me. I have to prove Aomine-kun that I can be a seme as well.
  • Kise: Wait, are you implying that you were an uke to Kagamicchi?! Kurokocchi, you'll be the seme if you date me instead!
  • Kuroko: No, I belong to Kagami-kun. Let's go, Kagami-kun.
  • Kagami: ... I'm seriously crying right now.

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New shawol, may I ask what happened in 2013 that was so important for shinee ??

hi there! welcome to the shinee world c: /cough cough/ 2013 wAS SO IMPORTANT let me just, let me just take a second to breathe-

okay so! in 2013 shinee didn’t just come out with the beautiful master piece that is the misconceptions of you album but they also came out with the misconceptions of me and the later repackage album, the misconceptions of us. these albums not only were gods work, but during the second one, jonghyun was in a car accident and couldn’t film the music video ;A;, butttt when he came back-he went on to promote and sang live, and omg we missed him so much ;;

and like alongside that tHEY ALSO came out with the Boys Met U album, in japan and that was a work of art on its own tbh. and they did a mv for the singles, fire, annnnd breaking news

plus they did a concert in japan, so our boys were hella super busy!

and with all this work they did, guess what? THEY COME OUT WITH YET ANOTHER ALBUM.

the everybody album is literally a gift from the lord above, god bless. and sm did a live stream on youtube, so international shawols can see shinee perform, and they performed symptoms and litERALLY SO MANY PEOPLE DIED. //they were all so perfect omg/// aaaaaand they came out with the colorful mv which was super duper cute

and then, the final thing that made 2013 so dang important.

shinee winning artist of the year at the melon music awards

tears were everywhere, jonghyun was loudly sobbing, kibum was crying while thanking everyone for the award, jinki was bowing the entire time so no one would see his tears, taemin /taemin/ was crying, the kid that never cries was crying. and lil baby minho, who doesn’t ever cry, had to stop mid-sentence because he was sobbing.

and they didn’t even expect to win the award, exo had to go up there and cheer them up because they were too busy crying and thanking everyone and saying that they’ll work harder to actually accept the award

everyone cried, shinee cried, shawols cried, and honestly, that just took the cake. it made 2013 the year of shinee, it really did. it made me super proud to be a shawol. 

2013 was something so amazing to experience, from the albums that kept on coming, to jonghyun getting into an accident and the joy of having him back safely with silver hair for the first time, then the japanese promotions, and another album, and then having them flat out sob onstage in front of thousands.

it was amazing man. freaking amazing.

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Hello~ I love this blog! (Even though it's still new, lol.) Um, could I request the RFA Members' and V & Saeran's reaction to MC being very worried about passing their upcoming finals? For example, not eating or sleeping properly to study, crying from stress, etc. That's where I'm at right now, and I could really use some cute anime babes to cheer me up T_T Thank you!~


  • He gets it
  • Like, seriously. He understands 100%
  • But when you start skipping meals, Yoosung is not okay with it
  • And when you cry? He doesn’t know how to deal with it
  • In order to motivate you to eat, Yoosung starts cooking you homemade meals while you study
  • Yoosung can’t cook tho
  • He’s running around the kitchen, opening windows and fanning towels at all the fire alarms
  • Even though he thinks the loud noises disrupt you, you are actually put in a better mood from the comedic failures of Yoosung
  • He’s happy to have been able to help, but has to order take out
  • Both of you sit at the coffee table, studying while eating some good take out until Yoosung puts you to bed


  • Zen hates seeing a lady cry
  • As soon as you start to break down, he declares it break time
  • He sits you on his lap and holds you close, until you calm down
  • Then he helps you study
  • But when you refuse to eat, because you’re too busy, Zen takes you out
  • on a romantic dinner date
  • He only lets you work until a certain time, because he doesn’t want you to miss out on your beauty sleep
  • He doesn’t want to miss out on his beauty sleep either, but doesn’t want to sleep without you


  • It’s been a hella long time since this man has done any schoolwork
  • But work in general?
  • Boi he’s the CEO of one of the biggest Korean companies
  • He’s there to sit with you and help you organise all your thoughts, so that you can study accordingly and still remember everything
  • But when you start to skip meals? And sleep?
  • Not in his house… or penthouse. Fuck I forgot he’s rich af
  • Jumin calls in a chef to make delicious healthy foods you can’t resist, so you’ll eat
  • He also will literally pick up your stressed ass and cater you to bed when it’s time


  • Jaehee truly understands
  • Like literally her middle name is stress
  • When you cry, she quickly comes to your aid
  • You help her stress levels reduce like no other, so she’s glad to return the favour
  • She helps you study until you can handle it on your own
  • She doesn’t force you to go to bed, since she pulls all nighters all the time
  • Jaehee doesn’t want to be hypocritical
  • So she makes you both coffee, grabs cans of Red Bear, and you both work side by side all night
  • Until you guys fall asleep on each other


  • He understands stress
  • Like, great amounts of stress
  • Like literally “if you don’t finish this by the deadline ima have to take you out” kind of stress
  • Fucking Vanderwood
  • Seven is in great pain when he sees you reach unnecessary stress levels
  • He sits you on his lap and holds you until you stop crying, and shares some Honey Buddha Chips to keep you eating
  • He cracks a few jokes about schoolwork and how retarded people can be
  • Soon enough, you’re ready to keep studying
  • He lets you study until you feel as if it’s enough, and then lets you sleep on his lap
  • Basically spoils you to death


  • V usually stays calm in stressful situations, so he doesn’t really understand firsthand what you are going through
  • But, he is an understanding person, and gently calms you down when you feel like you’d lose it
  • Just being around him could make anyone calm
  • Like marijuana
  • Oh my god V is made of marijuana
  • He of course holds you close and makes you feel better until you’re done crying
  • He knows how to deal with this stuff because he took so much of Rika’s shit
  • And when you refuse to eat, he reasons with you and makes you a small dish
  • He doesn’t want to interfere with your work, so only he speaks when you need his support
  • Just kinda let’s you do your thang while making sure you’re healthy
  • Because being a bystander didn’t work out well with Rika


  • Saeran is pretty familiar with stress
  • Since he’s an unstable lil muffin
  • But when you start crying, he kinda becomes gap moe
  • He doesn’t want his princess to cry
  • So, of course, he panics a little bit on the inside before hesitantly deciding to hug you
  • And he’s not very touchy, usually, since he has trust issues
  • So that pretty much makes you feel all better
  • He threatens to force you to eat, if you keep this up
  • Of course in the attempted least scary way as possible
  • He still needs practice on this whole interacting with people thing
  • He lets you work until you’re tired, and gets flustered af when you fall asleep on him
  • He carries you to bed and watches you until he falls asleep, in the least creepy way possible

YOU GUYS I WOKE UP TO SEE THAT I AM 14 AWAY FROM 200!!! WHAT?!?!?! Like you guys are all just seriously so amazing and I love each and every one you! Because of this (maybe not so?) momentous occasion, I am going to make a little about me post when I get home so y'all know who you’re following. Then when I reach 200 (drumroll please!) I’m going to have a follower writing challenge!!! (YAYYYY) Okay, so I’m supposed to be working right now, but I just wanted to let y'all know I love you and you’re amazing and I don’t know what I’d do without you guys.

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The Lightning Thief Musical

Right, let’s have a real talk, now that I’ve heard the album. 


Wat.  This is beautiful. They quoted pieces of the book word for word, gave nods to other books (Hoover Dam, Bianca and Nico in the Lotus Hotel), and got the overall feel of the book in the way the movie never did.  And the song they released first, “Good Kid,” which is sad enough on its own?  Luke gets a reprise of that, and I was just about ready to bawl. Seriously, this musical was a lovely adaptation of the book, and I’m going to go memorize the lyrics and sing it forever now.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about #SanversWeek. I was feeling kinda shitty but I’m better now and that’s what matters, right? Right. So. I’ve missed three days but tomorrow you’ll get smut and the soulmates au. That should make up for it, yeah? 

(Just a heads up, the soulmates au tomorrow is going to be very angsty. You might even cry. Oops. Someone dies. I know, I know, it’s evil.)

(p.s. @queercapwriting ‘s words of encouragement helped immensely. Seriously they are a gift to this world. Thanks, Captain.)

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first of all, I'm crying about your art. SUCH SKILL. SUCH DETAIL. LIGHTING. PERSPECTIVE. FUCKING CLOTHES. YOU ARE NOTHING SHORT OF MASTERFUL. 2nd of all: THE STORYTELLING. how you build it up until their eyes meet and they grab onto each other and oh my god you made me so EMOTIONAL. I hope you continue making comics (about anything), because this. is. PERFECTION.

^^^ ACTUALLY ME RIGHT NOW. YOU ARE THE ONE MAKING ME EMOTIONAL. I’m seriously so happy I finally have the skills and the drive to share this comic with you all and I’m even more happy to see you get emotional over it because it’s so very dear to me ;;A;; If my motivation keeps up (pLEASE), this comic will have tons of more pages, there’s more than enough story material in my head.

I’m super mad right now!!!! I was so excited about the MMO boys video that was going to be released tomorrow but because of stupid fans MMO Entertainement won’t release it cause “ Daniel fans” are asking for Daniel to leave MMO!!!??? WTF!!!!! Daniel has been under MMO/B2M and with the other boys for years!!!! How can he leave them!!!!?????? They’ve been through a lot together. Do you really think Daniel will leave them like that!!!????  

I’m want to cry seriously!! I was so excited about tomorrow, I wanted to see them all 5 together!!!!! and they just ruined everything!!!!!!!!! 

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I am seriously crying right now. I'm the anon that has problems with my parents about community college, and I truly, sincerely thank you for the advice you gave me, but there's nothing I can do. They yelled at me and called me selfish for wanting to go to a CC instead of a uni first like they wanted and now they say they refuse to pay for my education if I go to one instead of a university. I still thank you for the courage you gave me to talk to them in the first place. You both are awesome.

I don’t understand your parents???

Like, how the fuck is saving them money being selfish? Why are they yelling at you for wanting to take control of your life and get an education?

Your parents suck. I’m so sorry. Best of luck with whatever you decide to do.

For The Best

“Well maybe it was a mistake!”

Oikawa felt his blood run cold and his body go rigid. Of all the things he thought Iwaizumi was going to say to him when he was angry, never did he once think he would say that. But Oikawa felt so angry and hurt and betrayed that he didn’t want to give Iwaizumi the satisfaction of knowing that his words got to him.

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I’ve decided that the reason I’ll be pissed and angry and vocal about how sad I am that Neal is dead is because he, Neal Cassidy, wouldn’t be. So someone needs to be mad for him.

Neal spent his entire life being used, abandoned, lied to, and treated as worthless and expendable and not worthy enough to be fought for. He lost, and he lost, and he lost. And whenever he gained someone, they either sold him out or abandoned him (his mom, his dad, Hook, Tamara) or he had to leave them in order to save them or get them to where they needed to be (the Darlings, Emma and Henry repeatedly). Either other people put other things above him, or he put his love for others and their best interests above his own want to be with them. And in both types of situations he lost, he ended up alone.

All he suffered through - being abandoned, shuffling between unknown worlds, having a bag thrown over his head and being dragged away to be held captive, spending hundreds of years in a cave, growing up alone on the streets, having no one to talk to or help him - that could have broke him. Honestly, I’m amazed it didn’t. He could have given up. He could have focused on things like anger and revenge and violence to get his way, but he didn’t. In fact, even when he hit his lowest point, even when he stopped counting the days on the wall of that cave because he never thought he’d make it off that island - he still found a way. He still found the strength to fight and to come up with a plan to save himself and find his way to a better place. And he still believed in the good in people. He still went into situations believing the best in people instead of assuming the worst, he still believed in home and love and trust and happiness. For all his suffering, he kept his innocent and positive outlook on life. 

But as he grew up, he made me stakes. We all know he made mistakes. He’ll be the first to admit those mistakes and apologize for them. And even though he regrets his actions and apologizes over and over and even though he forgives others for what they have done to him - he still doesn’t expect to be forgiven himself. In fact, he never seems to expect much from others at all. He keeps giving, he keeps forgiving, he keeps literally risking his life to save people that he loves, people he is angry with, and people he doesn’t even know. And he never expects anything in return. In fact he assumes he will not be forgiven. He of all people knows what betrayal feels like and he assumes he is not worthy of that forgiveness. So he keeps on giving, he makes some efforts to go for what he wants but always leaves the choices up to others and makes sure they know he will not push. When it comes to the people he loves being in danger he’ll literally move heaven and earth to get to them and help them, but he doesn’t expect anything in return.

And then suddenly he has lost his father and he is as far away as he’s ever been from the other people he loves again and he does one selfish thing to get to them because maybe just this once he’s fed up with accepting the heartbreaking fate that’s always been handed to him- and it costs him. It literally costs him his life. And you know what he does? He doesn’t look for a way out, he doesn’t look for a loophole, he doesn’t make anymore selfish acts- he looks for ways to help the people he loves, even if they are still worlds away and even if he’ll never see them again. He literally rips his own clothes up while forcing his way out of his dad’s body or however the hell that worked to send a message to get to Emma so she would be able to help the town. Back in our world he tells Emma to separate himself from his father because his father is the only one who can tell her who the wicked witch is, even if it means he will die. And as he is dying he literally only asks for promises that the people he loves will be happy - he just wants his son to know that he was a good dad, and he just wants Emma and Henry to be happy. After all they’ve been through, he’s not mad at his father, he’s thanking his father. He gave up his life - his life that was only ever filled with abandonment and heartbreak and very, very few happy moments - so that everyone else could have a change at happiness and life.

When season 3 started Neal’s poster read “believe in second chances”. While Neal himself only ever touched the tip of his own second changes - getting a mere few moments with his son, only just starting to work through things with Emma, barely starting to repair his relationship with his father, having one little moment with Hook where he could see the man who once took him in - he actually managed to give everyone else their own second chance. Without his sacrifice, they might not even be alive. Every single character got to have a second chance at happiness, at love, at life, because of him. He didn’t get his own, but instead of his own he gave it to others. And in a sick, twisted way - that was enough for Neal. He so constantly put others ahead of himself that giving up his happy ending so that other people could have a chance of a happy ending is almost a happy ending for him. That almost counts as being all he needed to achieve in life because he always put that above himself anyway. And so you know what? Neal probably wouldn’t be upset that he died. In fact, we could see it on his face in his final moments that he was at peace with this happening. He was happy knowing everyone else could be happy and that he went out with the people he loves knowing he was a good man. He was okay with that. He was content to know he could at least do that much.

Neal probably wouldn’t be angry about the fact that he died too young, that he died before he could get what he wanted in life. Because he kinda did still get it, he got to know everyone else was going to be okay. And since he probably wouldn’t be angry about it himself, I’m going to be. Because I wanted better for him. Because I wanted the world for him. Because I wanted to see him get some happiness, to actually know what it feels like to love and be loved back and not have it taken away. I wanted to root for the guy who never had anything to finally get something and keep it. I wanted to see the kid who lost everything know what it was like to have a home again. I wanted to see someone who spent so many years alone be surrounded by people who would do for him what he was willing to do for them. I wanted to see someone struggle and fight their whole life and actually get that happy ending they worked so hard for without ever sinking to anger and violence and revenge and self pity. I wanted to know that having hope and love and fight in your heart would be enough to make it. I wanted to see a lost boy become a hero and stay a hero. 

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I just want to say a massive thank you to you for supporting me and the lads for the past five years. I've had a sick time. I know you're probably upset. Please, don't be. I'm finding my way to happiness right now and I want you to do the same. Just because I've left the band doesn't mean that I'll forget about the amazing times we've all had. So, don't cry. Wipe those tears. I'll always be right here :) x -Zayn

Now I’m not sure if this is actually Zayn so I’m gonna respond to this twice.

1. To Anon: Thank you. Seriously. This is such a sweet message cause its probably what Zayn would say given the circumstances. I hope this message gives everyone a little bit of closure like it did to me.

2. To Zayn: You’re welcome, mate. I will never be able to list the ways in which you have influenced my life for the better, so all I want to say is thank you. Thank you for the millions of friendships you have unknowingly forged, thank you for the countless artworks and fan generated content that you have inspired, thank you for making such amazing music, thank you for being yourself even when confronted by the world, and thank you for fostering our creative community. Good luck for the future, but I know you won’t need it cause you’re gonna keep smashin’ it. All the love x



ok. Now seriously..these are Eleanor and lou together

These are Harry and Lou together












Yhea El Shippers you are right! I’m crying..but just bc I’m laughing soo hard

One last thing..