i'm serious...i would

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!!!!!!!!!!!! I just read your final hq comic and oH my GH od?!1 I don't even know what to say??? Can you actually print this in book form, because I WOULD BUY IT! It's so sweet, and the ending is different from other fhq angsty stories/art (FLUFF, NOBODY DIES except ushiwaka but boo hoo i never liked him anyway), and while i was reading the last post, I just- " So now it’s just Oikawa and Kuroo… hanging out in a shady castle… hella cursed… " I snorted. I'm serious though, I would buy it.

Thank you so much!! And thank you for enjoying TTDK so much (+ my rather flippant author’s notes, lol)! (・ω・)b I’m working on a new comic for the dragonknight AU rn, so I sadly haven’t done much on the scripts I wrote for TTDK side stories;;; a print fanbook is still pretty far on the horizon… in the mean time, pls imagine the youngest TTDK heroes off having exciting adventures…!

Alibaba: Aladdin, let’s fight together this time!
Aladdin: okay …
Arba: sorry to interrupt, but you are breaking the shonen rule of “go ahead and leave me behind” … so I think I’ll take one of you  
Aladdin & Alibaba: wait, what?!

I didn’t get what sinbad not trusting the magi-king system has to do with conquering the dungeon (answering the question), so I’ll consider it like that.