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shipping 101

i and my little sister (she’s 11, a baby carat!) had this conversation about svt ships that made me realize some things. i asked her who’s her otp in svt and she said jicheol, and i asked her why. she said it’s because she feels happy seeing jihoon smile when they have shippy moments, because she’s sad that jihoon seemed to have grown a lot more serious since debut (she misses cute kid jihoon). so i said, “but you find all ships cute right?” and she said, “yeah, because they all love each other.”

but the point of this post is not jicheol, nor any other ship in this fandom at all. let’s face it, entertainment companies use bromances as a promotional tool. some ships are highlighted due to fan response, some are not, which leads people to think they “don’t have a lot of moments.” but i think what’s important though is that, no matter who you ship (and yes, it’s okay to choose your own ship), it shouldn’t be about what you think is real as if they have real-life romantic relationships (they don’t). it’s not about competition among ships. it’s not about some ships “having more cute moments” than others. it’s not about being in this team or that team.

shipping might be weird outside of the context of fandom, but in the end it’s about your own emotional investment while still knowing the limits. it’s about seeing the love between members and choosing how to interpret that based on your personal preference. it’s about what you feel when you see those members interact. it’s about celebrating the love between all members because seventeen is honestly one of the most united, strongly-bonded idol groups out there.

instead of hating and being divided, spread love instead ♡


“Whenever he’s mentioned in the Iliad, Patroclus seems to be defined by his empathy.”

“He became Achilles on the field of war. He died for him there, wearing his armor.” 

“He did. Hiding and revealing identity is a constant theme throughout the Greek epics.”

“As are battle-tested friendships.” 

Allright, so there is one issue that I’ve been concerned about for a long time. We all have seen posts like “99 reasons why Dumbledore’s supervision affected Harry poorly”, “A 1000 page essay on every character’s most terrible mistakes”, “Do you still like Snape? You better stop ‘cause he a freakin’ creep! He treated the poor kids like trash!!”, “You may be fond of that particular character, but they’re actually… a fascist! Read this life-changing post to find out the results of my attempts to blame them about everything they’ve ever done!” and stuff like that. I’m not saying this affects only HP fandom, but I usually stumble upon articles like mentioned above that regard the characters of HP. I’m not trying to claim that expressing your opinion is a wrong thing to do. I am, in fact, doing the same here. I’m just wondering, why try to encourage people to stop liking someone? And if your article does not serve this purpose, why write it? Just to remind everyone about some character’s bad decisions? These posts are always presented in a manner like “you may not know this… this is actually mind-blowing… but… McGonagall’s actions totally led to Harry’s encounter with Voldemort in the end of the first book! She could’ve written to Dumbledore, she could’ve listened…”. I honestly see no point in going on and on about someone’s actions you didn’t like and how it affected the story. I mean, didn’t the author wanted them to act like that in the first place? So the story would go exactly like it went? Oh boy, was it their plan all along?! Or do you expect the person who reads your post to suddenly realize the true horror of everything this character ever did? Trust me, everyone is probably aware of Snape’s bad teaching skills. Or that it was Hagrid’s fault that Quirrell found out how to get past Fluffy. Chill. It’s just a story. And people can like whoever they want regardless of their personality and/or actions. So please, if someone were to kindly explain me the true meaning (that I surely just don’t get) behind all these posts, I would very much appreciate it. I really want to understand the purpose of such articles.

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No, be serious. I’m nervous, Michael. I’m going to get to know my dad. I just… want it to go well. I just really want it to look good, Michelle. What do you think we’ll talk about? What shoes should I wear? He’s gonna love you. She’s gonna love me, right?


I’m done with Tumblr today. I’m sick of hearing all this shit about Ashlyn’s tattoo and I’m sick of seeing blogs totally trash Ashlyn over it. This whole thing is ridiculous and stupid and outright irrelevant. We do not know the reason behind this tattoo, we do not know Ali’s thoughts on this tattoo, all I know is I’m done seeing “Ali deserves better” or “Ashlyn is awful for being this disrespectful”. Ya’ll have an opinion, keep it to yourself, nice or rude, just keep it to yourself. We aren’t Ashlyn, we aren’t best friends with, we don’t have any say in this. So let’s all get off our fucking high horses and go back to talking about Press and JJ being cinnamon rolls and Talex and the NWSL.