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Favorite thing about them: idk ur a cool meme who i can do stupid shit with
Least favorite thing about them: you get caught too easily. like wtf how are we supposed to have our fun if you’re so shitty at getting away with it. also stop wearing make-up. you look better without it. :V

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I don't mean this to sound hostile, but I'm super turned off by Bernie's failure to vigorously oppose drone strikes, mass surveillance, and to support Edward Snowden. Economics and the environment are extremely important, and on those Bernie's better than any other American politician, but civil liberties and peace are important too. I want Bernie to stand against imperialist slaughter overseas and the growth of a dystopian police state in America.

I mean, Bernie has spoken out on those things.

On mass surveillance: 

Let me be clear: We must do everything we can to protect our country from the serious potential of another terrorist attack. We can and must do so, however, in a way that also protects the constitutional rights of the American people and maintains our free society.

Do we really want to live in a country where the NSA gathers data on virtually every single phone call in the United States—including as many as 5 billion cellphone records per day? I don’t. Do we really want our government to collect our emails, see our text messages, know everyone’s Internet browsing history, monitor bank and credit card transactions, keep tabs on people’s social networks? I don’t.

Unfortunately, this sort of Orwellian surveillance, conducted under provisions of the Patriot Act, invades the privacy of millions of law-abiding Americans.(x)

On Edward Snowden:

The information disclosed by Edward Snowden has allowed Congress and the American people to understand the degree to which the NSA has abused its authority and violated our constitutional rights.

Now we must learn from the troubling revelations Mr Snowden brought to light. Our intelligence and law enforcement agencies must be given the tools they need to protect us, but that can be done in a way that does not sacrifice our rights.

While Mr Snowden played an important role in educating the American people, there is no debate that he also violated an oath and committed a crime. In my view, the interests of justice would be best served if our government granted him some form of clemency or a plea agreement that would spare him a long prison sentence or permanent exile. (x)

On Drone Strikes:

I think we have to use drones very, very selectively and effectively. That has not always been the case. What you can argue is that there are times and places where drone attacks have been effective.(x)

Just because you haven’t seen it, doesn’t mean that it has not been addressed. 

But I know that his drone strike comments may not be comforting to everyone, but I actually agree with his statement. Drone’s are a tool, like any other. A tool can be used well and a tool can be used poorly. A tool in the wrong hands though can be a nightmarish affair. 

I think that Drone strikes should only be used with massive congressional oversight for the very reasons that Bernie Sanders states.  Drone warfare should be selective and effective. Drone strikes should not take place if there is a risk of civilian casualty and the President should have to answer for every strike that has any civilian casualties. 

I want the process of having to answer for a strike having gone awry to be so lengthy that it is a deterrent to using them in any but the most extreme cases or in the case of a Congressional Act of War. No president would want weeks of their limited time in office to be consumed with congressional hearings on the validity of their use of force. 

Because let’s be honest, Drones are not going anywhere. There are too many tactical advantages to drone warfare over conventional warfare.

- @theliberaltony

To be honest, I have not spent a great deal of time thinking about how to properly police drone strikes, the Intercept has a ton of information on the topic in “The Drone Papers” which I would recommend that anyone interested in the Drones should read.  

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Whaddup, I got a question. I'm 1/4 chinese, and every time someone hears that they think I was born and raised in China or something. But my question is do you consider that Asian "enough". This question ain't that serious, just wondering

I think it’s kinda stupid that we must pose “asian enough” upon people. Your heritage is unique and that’s all there is to it! I’m 7/8 Asian by ethnicity (Japanese/Manchurian), but I’ve lived abroad my entire life and speak better French/German than Mandarin :)

Let’s talk about reviewing fanfics

We gotta do it. More. A lot more. A lot a lot more. I could probably rant about it for ages, but instead, I’ll just go to examples.

Let’s start with my work on AO3 that’s gotten the most hits - BNHA Oneshots. Just a series of oneshots, me writing things for people, and a constant reminder that I have several more prompts in my inbox waiting to be filled (sorry).

Said story has 3342 hits. That’s a lotta hits. It’s also got 140 kudos.

Speaking of kudos, let’s take a look at the story with the highest amount of those - A Complete and Total Lack of Subtlety (both BNHA stories, interestingly enough), with 265 kudos and 2205 hits.

Now let’s take a peek at the story with the highest word count - Deicide (Ha! This one’s Durarara!!), with 63,260 words and 100 kudos. The previous two stories had, respectively, 6,183 words and 1,352 words.

Finally, let’s look at comments! AO3 counts all the comments, including the ones you make in reply and the ones people make in reply to your reply (and so on and so forth). This means that, if you reply to every single comment (which I generally do), you have to cut the amount in half to see how many of the comments aren’t from yourself.

Deicide has 132 comments total, meaning that around 66 of those comments are from people who aren’t me. And because some of those comments are mini conversations, it’s actually an even smaller number. Deicide has 21 chapters, the first of which was posted on FFN (where it has 44 reviews, 63 favs, and 82 follows) way back in December of 2014.

ACaTLoS has 27 comments total (around thirteen not from me) on AO3. On FFN, it has 3 reviews, 28 favs, and 8 follows (despite being a oneshot marked “complete”). 

BNHA Oneshots has 18 comments (9 from other people) on AO3 and 10 reviews on FFN (as well as 9 favs and 14 follows). It has 14 chapters total.

Now let’s move on to the stories I know for a fact that people are most interested in - Ad Nihilum, Things Fall Apart, and Marcidum (Deicide should probably also be one of these, but I already talked about it and few people seem to care too much anymore, including me).

Ad Nihilum has 5 chapters, 15,998 words, 12 comments (6 from other people), 31 kudos, 11 bookmarks, and 327 hits. On FFN, it has 7 reviews, 8 favs, and 14 follows. Which is actually pretty good.

Things Fall Apart has 6 chapters, 19,648 words, 12 comments (again, 6 from other people), 15 kudos, 1 bookmark, and 748 hits. On FFN, it has 17 reviews, 6 favs, and 10 follows. A little disappointing, but not terrible.

Marcidum has 4 chapters, 8,734 words, 38 comments (19 from other people), 100 kudos, 17 bookmarks, and 1003 hits. On FFN, it has 7 reviews, 4 favs, and 4 follows.

Now, realistically speaking, different fandoms are active on different sites. I know for a fact that the BNHA fandom prefers AO3, so it makes more sense that my BNHA stories do better on AO3 than on FFN. Fairy Tail seems to be transferring over to AO3, but most of the fanbase is still on FFN, which is why TFA does better there. Yu-Gi-Oh! and Durarara!! are all over the place, hence why Deicide and Ad Nihilum are split roughly down the middle.

All that said, let’s add everything up.

With these six stories, we have a total of 207 reviews/comments. For 51 chapters containing 115,175 words.


Look, I know there is a serious problem on both sides, I’m in the first to admit that. But can I please ask why House Republicans are actively trying to make themselves look like Dickensian villains??? Are we going to really go back to the mantra “if they’d rather die than they better do it, and decrease the surplus population”? Holy hell.

When they say they want “traditional family values”, I didn’t think they meant the values of Macchiavell or King John. I refuse, absolutely refuse, to believe the majority of people who say they care about life and family values actually give a shit.

I may be an elitist Yankee liberal who apparently knows Jack fucking shit about anything but at least i understand basic human empathy.

Day 30: Draw a character you loathe.

“Wait, wait. Lemme get this straight. You lot of flippin’ lunatics think that you know how to raise my son better than I do?”

Everyone paused. This was a strange bunch – a chronic masterbat– perverted college student, a shapeshifting lolita, a trained killing machine, a vengeful bodyguard, a psychotic-witch-turned-bug, a pedo magician, a “coward” with floating hands, a delinquent with serious math skills, and a teacher with the Untuckable Shirt™.

“…I mean, if you set that bar THAT low, then YES. YES, WE DO." 

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i'm so sorry for bothering you but can you explain the DCEU meme you reblogged? (it's a tweet with the script) i don't get it

Oh that?

Man, you should go to an expert ™, but it was a hot mess. If memory serves, that douche was trashing BvS with a passion nonstop. Then decides, “hey, I can do this job better than the paid professionals, here it is” only, it was total shit.

EVERYONE called him out on it and he tried to backtrack and say he wasn’t serious, but like, we all knew. It’s one of those backseat driver things. This guy needs to stick to his shitty YouTube videos.

Steven Universe {Sentence Starters}
  • "I wanted all of us to have breakfast together."
  • "It uh... doesn't seem to wanna go away."
  • "Everyone’s counting on you, you can’t just be useless!"
  • "Well of course I can, I'm perfect!"
  • "Looks like we're gonna have to split up."
  • "It’s extremely powerful, we shouldn't have even brought it home."
  • "We’ll figure out something else, something even better."
  • "The doors and rooms here make no sense! They all bring you back here!"
  • "But remember — this is a serious mission."
  • "Ah, it's fading! How do I make it come back?!"
  • "We should've done this in the first place."
  • "Whoa! What magical place of mysteries is this?"
  • "In my defense, I forgot."
  • "Fine. Move aside, I’ll take care of this."
  • "I certainly hope that's not the attitude you have during battle."
  • "Are we really going to let him keep that?"
  • "That pizza wasn't even good."
  • "Maybe you should take the day off."
  • "I'm sorry! I shouldn't have yelled! But I can't stand to see you freaking out like this!"
  • "I know where you are. It's where you're going that concerns me!"
  • "What's the point of saving people if they're just gonna ban you from their pizza shops?"
  • "Humans find such fascinating ways to waste their time."
  • "No whining. We need to start cleaning up the debris."
  • "So what?! I'm not strong enough?!"
  • "I'll make them understand. I'll make them all understand."
While Yuri was in Japan
  • Yuri: I know we’ve always had this unspoken rivalry.
  • Yuuri: It’s not a rivalry, you’re just always mean to me. And it's not unspoken, you talk about it all the time.
  • Yuri: Anyway, since we’re stuck together until I win, I figured we could at least be civil.
  • Victor: Hey, can someone-
  • Yuri: I’ll do it! I’ll do it better!

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Any tips for a first time parent? I feel like I'm sinking a little bit

Only a little bit? Then you’re doing better than I did :) Seriously though, it’s super-hard. Don’t let other new-parents fool you. It sucks. But it gets better, I promise. When my son was born I went through a serious bout of depression. We weren’t bonding, and he would literally scream at the sight of me. He eventually got over himself and now he’s my best buddy.
Get help. Whether it’s paying a baby sitter or imposing on a relative. Take breaks and do what you can to catch up on sleep. Again, this shit is the hardest. But someday you’ll wake up and love the hell out of being a parent (at least some of the time 😉).


Some SS Omega fast drawings.

I started to watch Omega again with my sister some time ago but we had to give up for some reasons, but we could continue it again and I’m so happy ♥ I really love Omega. I wanted to draw some fast things only to satisfy my burning feelings <3 but some gay kisses appeared by themselves lol xD

They are just some random fast drawings don’t take them too serious neither. Also Kogabzu looked better in my mind OTL, I need to do a decent drawing of him later.

  • Harry: *wakes up in the middle of the night* HOLY FUCKING SHIT GINNY WAKE UP
  • Ginny: *wakes* What's going going on? Are we being attacked? Has Voldemort come back? I wouldn't put it past that slimeball to be honest.
  • Harry: *grabs Ginny's face and pulls it close* Ginny, we fucking named out child Albus Severus.
  • Ginny: Yes, I know. We did that like fourteen years ago. Are you still not over that? Do you just wake up in the middle of the night going 'gosh golly I'm so good at naming children'?
  • Harry: Why the fuck did we do that, Ginny.
  • Harry: We're going to bust into Hogwarts right now and rename our child.
  • Ginny: *pulls out very, very long list from under pillow* Good, because boy to I have ideas for you. WHICH ARE ALL BETTER BECAUSE YOU NAMED HIM AFTER THE WORST PEOPLE IN ALL OF THE FUCKING WIZARDING WORLD!
  • Harry: Fuck you're right. Get up we've got a child to rename.
  • Ginny: Ohmygoodessyou'reseriousmotherfuckingyes FINALLY LET'S MOVE
The signs as Church/Alpha quotes
  • Aries: OK, fine. Triangle of Confusion! Rhombus of Terror! Parabola of Mystery! Who cares? Get the goddamn show on the road!
  • Taurus: Okay guys, I don't mean to be rude, but I've got a missing girlfriend, a guy who's pregnant, an idiot who thinks his pet just died, AND our worst enemy is hanging out unsupervised in our base right now. So I really, really, REALLY don't have time for this HORSESHIT RIGHT NOW!
  • Gemini: Hey rookie, did you just call my girlfriend a cow?
  • Cancer: That's right... I'm a gay robot.
  • Leo: You know, Caboose, I used to not care. I just went along with orders and hoped that everything would work out for me. But after all that has happened, you know what I learned? It's not about hating the guy on the other side because someone told you to. I mean, you should hate someone because they're an asshole, or pervert, or snob, or they're lazy, or arrogant, or an idiot, or a know-it-all. Those are reasons to dislike somebody. You don't hate a person because someone told you to. You have to learn to despise them on a personal level. Not because they're Red, or Blue, but because you know them, and you see them every single day, and you can't stand them because they are a complete and total fucking douchebag.
  • Virgo: When it goes off, I'll be fine. It only affects computers, remember? And I am a motherfuckin' ghost.
  • Libra: And this is the voice of God! Give up your evil ways. Join the Blue team!
  • Scorpio: Huh. I don't know why but, I hate goodbyes.
  • Sagittarius: Okay. We all agree that while the current situation is not totally ironic, the fact that we now have to work together is odd in an unexpected way, that defies our normal circumstances. Is everyone happy with that?
  • Capricorn: And Tex? The one thing I didn't realize before was this. Maybe I'm the last Church not because I fixed everything, but because I died and there's no way I can come back. If that happens, I just want to let you know I'm sorry. Sorry I got you mixed up in all this stupid stuff. Sorry I wasn't a better guy than I should have been. Sorry for... well, a lot of stuff...
  • Aquarius: ...but, if we do survive this, then it's totally because of me and you should build a fucking statue in my honor. I'm serious! Something cool! Like me on a horse. No, no, no, wait, a motorcycle!
  • Pisces: I just want you to know... I always hated you. I always hated you the most.

“Whenever he’s mentioned in the Iliad, Patroclus seems to be defined by his empathy.”

“He became Achilles on the field of war. He died for him there, wearing his armor.” 

“He did. Hiding and revealing identity is a constant theme throughout the Greek epics.”

“As are battle-tested friendships.” 

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prompt: ian and mickey with a daughter

//so yeah this is really long but yeah here you go!//


‘What do you think it is?’

Ian looked away from the sonogram for a moment and considered Mickey’s question. ‘How am I supposed to know? Not as if I’m the one carrying it,’ he said.

Mickey rolled his eyes. ‘Fine, fine. What do you want it to be?’

'Can’t exactly answer that either. Another Carl or another Debbie…neither exactly sounds appealing. I love them, but…you know what I mean.’

'Yeah. I don’t really want a mini Mandy running around either,’ Mickey said, smiling at Ian. They were both quiet for a moment, returning their attention to the sonogram. Six weeks already. 'You know it’s going to be nothing like our siblings, right?’ he asked seriously.

'I know. And we’re going to be nothing like our fathers,’ Ian said, clasping Mickey’s hand meaningfully. He was talking mainly about Terry. Frank was a liar and a drunk, sure, but compared to Terry, he was practically a saint.

'I hope it’s a boy,’ Mickey said suddenly.


'Yeah. If we have a girl, she’ll be bringing boys home to fuck every five minutes. And I’d have to be protective and shit, put them in their places, scare them off. Dad stuff,’ Mickey explained. Ian burst out laughing.

'Are you planning on parenting like you’re in a nineties sitcom?’ he joked. 'She’ll just fuck them somewhere else, Mick. God knows we did it in some weird places,’ he reminded him.

'If it’s a girl, I won’t know the first thing to say,’ Mickey said quietly. Now Ian saw through his facade. He was insecure. 'I don’t know anything about girls, and neither do you because we’re both guys, and we’re both gay so it’s not like we know about women from fucking them like straight dads do,’ he said all in a rush.

'Well you used to -’

'Shut the fuck up, Ian, I’m serious,’ Mickey cut him off.

'Sorry. I was trying to lighten the mood. I shouldn’t have bought that up,’ he told Mickey apologetically.

'It’s fine. But don’t you agree?’

'No. Sure we’re maybe better equipped to deal with a son, but just because we’re not women and we’re not into women doesn’t mean we’re incapable of having a daughter. Ok? Don’t ever feel like you’re not enough. Don’t ever feel like you’re incapable of doing something because of who you are. If anything, everything we’ve been through is just going to make us better parents.’ Ian told him, kissing him firmly. 'There’s no-one else I would rather have a kid with.’

Mickey smiled a little. He still found it hard to do that, even after all this time. Show emotions that weren’t anger. Feel happiness. He had to let himself, it never came naturally.

Mickey slid into Ian’s shoulder and looked back at the sonogram. They were quiet, and he just listened to Ian’s heartbeat and felt Ian’s hands gently running through his dark hair. ‘Ian?’


'Do you know anything about periods and shit?’

Ian chuckled. ‘Well one time we shoved a tampon up Lip’s nose to stop it bleeding,’ he told him, grinning. Mickey looked at him, eyebrows raised. ‘Look, we’ll just figure it out if and when it happens. Yeah?’



'Shit shit shit,’ Mickey muttered, pacing the hospital corridor for the umpteenth time.

'You need to calm down man,’ Lip said from behind, taking him by the shoulders and steering him to the seats by the wall.

'Why won’t they let me in?’

'State laws, hospital protocols, cunt doctors. I’m sure you’re familiar,’ Lip said, causing a pair of passing nurses to flinch nervously.

'I’m the fucking dad too.’ Mickey whispered.

'Yes you are,’ Lip stated in agreement. 'I know that and Ian knows that. And the kid’s going to know it too,’ he told him.

Mickey looked at him, his eyes heavy with tears that Lip knew he was too proud to cry. ‘After everything…after getting shot, getting raped, getting the shit beat out of me…this is the worst. This shit is regulated, I can’t control it, I can’t do anything. I’m missing the birth of my child,’ he trailed off.

'You know I’ve never been worried about you and Ian?’

'What are you talking about? The fuck does that have to do with anything?’

'Never. Because with you two, the stakes have always been higher. You’ve always had to go through more and be more for each other. Maybe you more than him. When he told me you two were fucking, I was surprised, sure. But I wasn’t worried. When he told me he was fucking Kash - well, when I figured it out - I was worried, I was pissed. But with you? I knew from that first moment that you must really give a damn if you were risking it all to be with him. And time went on and you stayed together - for the most part - and I barely even thought about it anymore. If I was put through even half the shit you’ve been through, Mickey, I’d have given up. But you never did, did you? You destroyed yourself, you kissed him with a broken face, you searched for him, you literally carried him. When he got diagnosed, you were there with him and you’ve never left his side since. What I’m trying to say here is that I wasn’t worried when he was sixteen and I’m not worried now. You will be able to get through this because I don’t think there’s anything this world could throw at you that you couldn’t handle. You’re Mickey fucking Milkovich.’

Mickey hugged Lip on instinct, before he could stop himself. ‘Thanks,’ he said gruffly, masking tears. ‘And I’m sorry I beat you up that one time,’ he added.

Lip laughed. ‘Shit, I’d forgotten about that,’ he remarked, breaking off the hug and clapping Mickey on the shoulder. ‘Ian?’ he called out, seeing his brother at the other end of the hall. Mickey was on his feet in a second.

'What’s happening? Is everything ok? Has it popped out yet? Boy? Girl? Ian why aren’t you saying anything? Shit did we lose it? Shit we did, didn’t we? Ian talk to me!’ Mickey spluttered frantically.

Ian was smiling, smiling so wide and with so much love. ‘No. No Mick, we didn’t lose her,’ he told him gently.

'Her?’ Mickey gasped.

Ian nodded. ‘You’re going to have to learn about periods,’ he said, right before kissing Mickey with possibly more passion than ever before.

'What’s she like?’

'She’s amazing. Come and meet her,’ he grabbed Mickey’s hand and led him inside, casting a glance back at Lip and silently thanking him for being there, for waiting with Mickey. Lip grinned back.


'I love you but shut up,’ Mickey said to the howling baby in his arms.

'Mick, don’t tell our daughter to shut up,’ Ian said in mock disapproval, smiling at them. They were side by side in bed, Mickey holding Rose.

'Our daughter,’ Mickey echoed.

They’d lost count of how many nights had been like this. Just laying there at 2am in the dark, half wishing they were sleeping and half wishing to never leave that moment. It didn’t matter that Rose was crying, that Ian had baby vomit on his arm or that Mickey had a headache. They’d honestly never felt closer. And the love they had for that tiny six month old bundle that Mickey clutched in his arms was a love neither had been prepared to feel and neither could understand yet.

Ian turned on his side and placed his hand on Mickey’s arm. ‘I love you so much,’ he told him. Mickey looked at him, the corners of his mouth twitching.

'I love you Ian,’ he returned after a pause. It still took him a moment sometimes. Ian knew why and he didn’t mind.


'Rose, why have we been called in today?’ Ian asked his daughter.

'I don’t know Daddy,’ she said truthfully.

'What have you done? You hit someone? You mouth off?’ Mickey fired the questions at her.

'I don’t think so,’ their six year old replied.

'How can you not know? Has your fist been in someone’s face or not?’ Mickey demanded.

Ian took his hand to calm him down. ‘Rose, whatever it is, we won’t be mad. You can tell us anything. We’ll work through it, as a family,’ he told her. Mickey made an odd sound from next to him. ‘You ok?’ he murmured. Mickey nodded, not looking at him.

She thought for a moment. ‘I really can’t think what I’ve done, I promise,’ she told Ian, her eyes wide with worry.

'Ah, you must be Rose’s parents?’ came a cheerful voice from behind them.

'Yes. I’m Ian,’ he said, extending his hand, smiling brightly. He knew they had to get off on the right foot before facing whatever it was that Rose had done.

'Mickey,’ he said, also shaking the woman’s hand.

'Pleasure. I’m Miss Cooper, Rose’s teacher,’ she introduced herself, 'thank you for taking the time to come here today,’ she said, sitting behind her desk.

'Of course, it’s no trouble,’ Mickey said carefully, trying not to curse.

'Well let’s get right to it, shall we? Rose is doing so well. I’m thrilled with the progress she’s been making,’ she told them. Ian and Mickey were stunned.

'She’s not in trouble?’ Ian asked uncertainly.

'Of course not! Gosh is that what you thought this was? No, not at all!’ the teacher reassured them.

Rose was grinning up at her fathers, triumphant.

'Here is a story she wrote, it’s just wonderful…and they’ve been building robots in art class, hers is that purple one on the table behind you. And these are her workbooks - almost perfect scores in math quizzes and spelling tests. And Rose, tell your dads what you did in history yesterday!’

'I recited all the Presidents, in order,’ she said proudly.

'You make them learn that?’ Ian asked incredulously.

'No, not when they’re six! She just knew. Must have learned it of her own free will,’ Miss Cooper explained, smiling at Rose.

Ian read what his daughter had written, carefully and neatly in soft pencil, telling the story six children living in a house with no parents. On the last page she’d drawn them. A tall girl in shorts with messy dark hair, two boys of equal height, one in jeans, the other with a solid crayoned block of orange hair, a girl with a ponytail and red lipstick, a boy with no hair holding a baseball bat, and on the floor at the end was a toddler wearing a nappy. His fingers traced the red haired figure. He looked at her, a lump in his throat. ‘This is great,’ he told her softly. Rose smiled and silently pointed to the corner of the page. She’d drawn a little house with one window. A girl with a nose ring and pink streaked hair was what first caught his eye. Next to her was a shorter figure, a boy with a shock of black hair in a tank top. They were staring longingly at the big family above them. Ian felt his eyes tearing up and then he just hugged his little girl as hard as he could. ‘I love you,’ he told her.

'Ok,’ she said. The adults all laughed.


'Did you hear that?’ Mickey said, putting down his coffee mug.

'Hear what?’ Ian asked. Another scream.

'That,’ Mickey told him.

'Shit,’ said Ian, running upstairs, Mickey behind. 'Rose? What happened?’

The bathroom door unlocked and Rose came out, still in her pyjamas. She looked pretty shaken. ‘Um. Nothing,’ she said, averting her eyes.

'You were screaming. I thought you were six weeks old again, never mind sixteen,’ Ian said her. He still couldn’t believe how long it had been.

'I said it’s nothing. Please let me go to my room. Please,’ she said quietly.

'Fine. Go. You can tell us whenever you’re ready?’ Mickey called after her. She shook her head and shuffled off. He turned to Ian. 'You think she’s pregnant?’ he whispered. Ian hadn’t even thought of that. But Mickey had grown up with Mandy. He shrugged, glancing after his daughter. Then he saw. He nudged Mickey. There was blood streaked on her pyjamas. As soon as she was in her room, Mickey groaned, looking terrified. This had been his worst fear sixteen years ago and it still lingered.

'Ian I can’t. What the fuck do we do? I don’t - what are you doing?’ Ian was going into their bedroom and opening the closet.

'Fiona gave me these back when Rose was thirteen or so. I put them away and forgot about them…I figured she had to have started by now, you know? Just figured it out on her own and not told us. We should’ve done something. How could we have been so fucking careless?’

'We kept putting it off. And I think we were in denial that she was growing up. But yeah. We should've…I don’t know, something.’

'I’m doing something now,’ Ian said, heading towards Rose’s bedroom. He knocked. 'Can I come in? You decent?’ he asked gently. Mickey was trying to pull him away furiously. 'We can’t avoid this anymore Mick,’ Ian told him as they entered. She was sitting on her bed, laptop open. Ian gently closed the lid and sat beside her. But before he could say anything, Mickey began.

'Rose. What’s happening is totally normal. It happens every month. You can use these, they’re called tampons, or there’s towels. If these aren’t right, here’s twenty dollars, you can buy whichever kind you need. I’m sorry we didn’t talk about this sooner. We love you,’ he said, speaking very quickly to a stunned Rose, and then got up to leave.

'Oh my god! Oh my god, no!’ Rose shrieked from the bed. 'That’s not why - you guys thought - oh my god!’ she said, laughing uncontrollably.

'Your - pyjamas,’ Mickey said, confused and awkward. She blushed.

'Shit, sorry,’ she muttered. Her turn to be embarrassed. 'I was screaming because…I can’t say,’ she told them.

'Rose, are you pregnant?’ Ian asked her, automatically returning to their earlier assumption. She laughed.

'Seriously?’ she asked, gesturing to the boxes of tampons. Ian sighed at his stupidity. 'Besides, I’m seeing a girl right now,’ she said casually.

Her fathers stared at each other.

'Why didn’t you tell us before?’ Ian asked.

'I wasn’t sure. I’m still not,’ she explained. She shrugged. 'It was a…surprise, when it all happened. I like her a lot. I don’t know if it’s just her or if it’s girls. I like guys a lot too. I’m trying not to get too caught up in it,’ she told them.

Mickey stared at his daughter. This girl who reminded him of himself in so many ways. But she had accepted herself and she was more certain of her heart at sixteen than he had been back then, and later. And she had better parents than him. He’d prove it, he knew, as he went to hold her.

'I’m so proud of you,’ he said.

Rose hugged her father back. She knew his life had not been easy, but she didn’t know the full story. There were questions she’d asked over the years that had been met with awkward attempts to shy away from the truth until eventually she’d just stopped asking. She knew they were both covered in scars. She knew she only had one set of grandparents. The picture she had in her head of her parents’ lives was in bits and pieces. Maybe one day they’d tell her everything, maybe they wouldn’t. Ultimately she didn’t care. She knew they loved her, she knew they did. Nothing was ever faked in their house and nothing was ever hidden. Well. She was going to hide their surprise anniversary party that Lip had just told her about on the phone. But nothing else.

'Is something burning?’ she asked after a moment.

'The pancakes!’ Mickey exclaimed, bounding out of the bedroom and thundering down the stairs to save their breakfast.

Ian laughed. ‘Breakfast foods,’ he said simply. ‘Are you ok?’ he asked her seriously.

'Yeah. I’m good,’ she told her father, smiling.

He ruffled her hair. ‘It really is ok, you know? To be confused, I mean. You have the right parents for it,’ he said, smiling. She nodded. Ian kissed the top of her head and turned to leave.

'I really love you guys a lot, ok?’ she called out. Ian smiled. She didn’t say it often. She was like Mickey that way.

He nodded. ‘I know. Love you too,’ he said, closing the door.

'Thanks for the twenty bucks!’ she yelled as he walked downstairs. Ian grinned to himself as he entered the kitchen to see Mickey scraping black discs from the hot plate.

'Gonna have to start a new batch,’ he said.

Ian went up behind him and snaked his hands around his waist, kissing his neck. ‘I know it wasn’t needed, but what you said up there was amazing.’

Mickey leaned into his touch. ‘It felt really…parent-y, you know? I never - I never thought I’d get to have that,’ he murmured.

'I can’t believe the boy who wouldn’t let me kiss him twenty years ago is still with me now,’ Ian said. 'Hell, has a kid with me.’

'Not so much of a kid anymore though, is she,’ Mickey said. 'And I still can’t believe I ever stopped myself from doing this,’ he turned around and kissed Ian. They were familiar with each others lips now, but their hearts still jolted like they did when they shared their first kiss in that driver’s seat.

'I love you, Gallagher’ Mickey told him. Ian smiled. No hesitation now.


//The end.//

anonymous asked:

my boyfriend is in the military and we want to get married someday. i'm applying to next year and as long as i get in, my boyfriend will start at his new station when i start med school. do you think it would be better to get married before med school or after? i'm scared that if we need to do long distance bf/gf during med school, we might end up drifting. and if i somehow go to med school close to where he's stationed, it would be easier if we were married. thanks!

Hey anon!

Relationships are hard and med school makes maintaining them even HARDER. 

I also have to tell you that I’ve never been in a serious relationship. I am not very qualified to speak from personal experience.

The only resources I can draw on are anticipated results given what I’ve seen from my friends and classmates in med school. This is was I’ve seen: if the two of you are already concerned that long distance will cause you to drift apart if you are not married, getting married is not the solution nor will it help very much. 

Consider a serious discussion as to whether or not either of you are willing to make the commitment to try and do long distance. If this is not possible, it’s time to evaluate where this relationship is really ready for the long-haul. 

I’m also going to put this question out to the married/long-termed-relationship medblrs out there. I may be too cold-hearted or naive in my response, so what do you all think?

anonymous asked:

As a storyteller, what do you think of where this show is going? I know you said before that narratively it made sense to kill Lexa (and I agree, though not with how they did it) - but what do you think of what you've heard of this new episode?

I actually watched it & im physically sickened. I would like to clarify, too, that I said lexa dying would narratively make sense, not that it Had to happen. I certainly am not ok, in any way, with how she died, the cheapness her death was tainted with, the fucked up stakes it placed on a queer female relationship.

& beyond that, they now executed a man of color – gentle, beloved, &, in the context of the show, distinctly “native” – on screen, brutally, in front of the woman he JUST told he loved her.

& I think at a certain point there’s a difference between narrative & just. responsible stories. & to kill a lesbian & then a man of color – violently, on screen, in front of the people they love, distinctly for being WHO they are – is Not ok. it is worth all the outrage. I’m there with you. even if narratively it was a fucking Fibonacci sequence (it’s not), that’s still not ok. at all. at All. if we can’t write better worlds into fiction, where there are literally no constraints, how do we expect to write it into real laws.

ADC spoke on this well-timed & quite well this morning, I think, by the way, calling attention to our paying mind to the deaths of queer women & black men & the intersection of the two. perhaps she was talking abt the 1OO, perhaps she was making a general statement – perhaps both – but it’s worth noting that there is a serious meeting of these issues. &, clearly, everyone is paying attention.

Ikon on Running man
  • B.I: Unable to choose between Jinhwan/Bobby's team, ultimately joins Jinhwan's team but somehow manages to keep looking out for Bobby every time.
  • Bobby: I am not scared of kook hyung, in-fact I will break his neck if he tries me. I will remove the prejudice that idols are weak! I will prove that I am a beast. Jinhwan and B.I are the enemy now, I have to destroy them.
  • Junhoe: Seriously all these guys suck too much. If we do that, wouldn't it ruin our image? I hate you all. Why do I have to do this? Should we just go home? When do we eat?
  • Jinhwan: It is my fault that we aren't going good *tear drops* I am so sorry, I promise to do better in the future.
  • Yoyo: *waits till almost the end to start getting serious* Guys we need to stop playing around, we've waited too long for this.
  • Donghyuk: Jihyo noona, aren't I cute? *gwiyomi everywhere*
  • Jinhyung: I will follow Bobby everywhere *I hope it doesn't show that I'm in love with him*
  • Hongseok: *duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh....I have no idea what's happening so I'll just do whatever they tell me* *conceal don't feel*
  • Chanwoo: B.I hyung. Since B.I hyung is here, I'm sure I'll do well