i'm sensitive


It doesn’t take a talent to be mean
and words can hurt things that are unseen
please be careful with me
I’m sensitive, and I’d like to stay that way
Jewel - I’m Sensitive

I couldn’t agree more.  Greetings my dear friends.  As a child of the sixties, I grew up with a much different saying.  “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.”  NOT TRUE!    While the part about physical violence is accurate, someone really missed the boat on the second half.  Words can and do hurt, just as they can heal and lift your spirits.  For those of you who follow the Judeo-Christian Tradition, the power of words is very easy to find.  The third verse of the first book of the Bible (Genesis) reads something like; Then God said, “Let there be light”, and there was light.  Now turn way ahead to the first verse of the Book of John and you’ll find, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  Please feel free to interpret this according to your own beliefs, but it is food for thought.  While there are many forms of non-verbal interaction (smiles, hugs, waves, middle fingers, etc), using words is still our primary method of communication.  In fact, they pretty much determine our relationship to each other.  If I say, “You look nice today, what a pretty blouse”, you’ll probably smile and say thank you (unless you happen to be a guy).  On the other hand, If I say, “What happened to your hair?” you might not like me very much (no hitting please).  OK, so what’s my point?  Words are very powerful; please use them wisely and carefully.  I see my pen is getting long winded again, so let me finish with a little bit from one of my favorite books; The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.  The sub title is, A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom.  The first agreement is totally based on the power of words, and I’ve shared it below.  

Be impeccable with your word.

Speak with integrity
Say only what you mean.
Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others
Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.
Don Miguel Ruiz - The Four Agreements 

You are much loved,

July 26th 2016 Update.  

This is actually quite old.  In fact it was probably written before I’d even heard of the words Tumblr, blog or prose.  It was posted my first week or two here, and I just stumbled across it sitting there looking all lonely with 0 hearts. Can you imagine my horror?  :)  Made a couple of minor changes and figured I’d try again.  After all, it couldn’t do any worse.  LOL  Hope you enjoy it, and that part about you are much loved is still very, very true.     

I need a girl. (I want)

I’m happy with where my life is now. I’m happy with who I am and who I surround myself with. I just want to share it with someone special. I want to tell someone special how special they are to me. I want to give them presents just because I saw something and it reminded me of them so I had to get it. I want to surprise someone with flowers and a kiss on the cheek. I want someone to use my cheesy pick up lines and jokes on. I want to be someone’s best friend, but their lover at the same time. I want to be someone’s good morning and good night. I want to be okay with someone’s parents and impress them. I want to cook for someone and dance around the kitchen. I want to go on beach trips and introduce them to my friends who will welcome them as if they’ve known them as long as they’ve known me. I want to be the reason someone smiles. I want to be your 3 am call because you’re either upset, just can’t sleep, or miss the sound of my voice. I want to show them off to the world. I want you to be mine.

I have so much to give and offer. I just want to give it at to someone. I’m ready for something big.