i'm screaming this is the cutest thing

who deserves happiness and everything good in the world?

never let “happy birthday my bro” die x

OK consider this

Crybaby max


This wasn’t supposed to happen??

When I saw THIS by @sanspar ​I immediately got so damn inspired that I ended up drawing these 3 little doodles, because when I read the last part with Edge declaring that he was going to make Papyrus his wife, I instantly remembered this super old idea I had for a complete other fandom with two kids playing marriage which then when they get older kind of stuck with them and they end up getting together for reals?? Owo

The second picture Papyrus is using his scarf as a substitute veil, because I find it cute, just imagine these two like using a pair of plastic flowers or maybe even like echo flowers for a  bouquet, then like a old sheet of fabric wrapped around Paps as a dress and so on, and… maybe I should write this? I don’t know maybe

The last one with swap pap was supposed to be coloured also, but my computer decided to be a butt and undid all my work because I was stupid not to save while I was colouring!

Because when I saw the sketch of Papy my mind immediately went: “yeah he would totally sell lollipops to other children, like a secret little business” for some reason, why he would do that I have no idea, maybe to help his bro with the bills? for pocket money? or just for fun??

I am sorry for this sanspar, I didn’t mean to draw this but it happened anyway, I just got so inspired and sorry for tagging you in this but as this is your idea I thought maybe you would like to see it even though I am sure you are busy and fudge this is making me so anxious because I love your art so much and I don’t even know!

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Hi there! I'm the person who mentioned cat!Victor looking like Nevsky Masquerade looking, and I just wanted to share - I've been to a cat cafe the other day, and there was this adorable black cat that kinda looked exactly like your cat!Yuuri?? But the best thing is, there was also a Nevsky Masquerade cat who just... followed him everywhere and looked after him and basically I stalked them the entire time bc it was too cute :DD Your AU is real! Kinda :D Sorry for not making much sense ^^'




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You're a gift to this world, I hope you know this and hear this plenty. Seeing your username automatically makes me smile and your art is just too cute for words! (esp Futakuchi okay he's so adorable. everyone is but Futakuchi's just-!)


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Same social anxious anon from before here - Imagine if Lance and Hunk were in a hi five competition (if you don't know what that is it's basically a really stupid thing that two of my Besties do all the time - it's basically when you hi five each other REALLY HARD until your hands are red and numb) and then Lance is like 'oh noes Hunk is hurt' and then very gently hi fives him again and that heals him??? And then they start the process all over again cuz hey everything's better now lmao


Like you had me at gently hi-fives  

Also Lance can’t heal himself in this so it’s like LMAO Hunk’s gonna win for sure get rekt

Twiceland Concert Spoilers:

• Twice was crying during you know which song T.T
• they cover EXO’s Overdose and Seventeen’s Pretty U (and they didn’t change the pronouns so they were singing about girls!!!)
• they also covered Beyoncé, and Madonna
• girl crush/short hair line (Chaeng, Jeong, and Mina) were hawwwt
• Momo slaaayyyeed! as usual.
• there was a Goblin parody! (sorta)
• they also covered the Sailor Moon intro song XD
• the choreo for Handphones Sseo was the cutest thing on earth. I’ve been waiting a billion years to see it and I wasn’t even there when it was unveiled…
• Twice could literally just be tying up their hair *cough* MIIIINNNAAA *cough* and ONCE would die screaming and crying :’)

Okay so I was re-reading the Alma-Yuu arc when I noticed this!

This is the cutest thing ever!!!! Look at Road’s face! Look at how happy she is that Allen grabbed her! It’s absolutely adorable that Allen just grabs Road after getting freaked out by the sudden shift in surroundings.

His entire body is facing her’s and, judging by her legs, he actually pulled her. Okay so new headcanon: Allen is a total scaredy-cat and whenever he gets jumped-scared he grabs the closest person to him for protection.

This beautiful fanart from @hetteh-spegetteh arrived in the mail yesterday! I’m so delighted oh my god. And the extra drawing she slipped in is the cutest thing ever (Viktor’s bobby pins!! I’m screaming) - I love her art so much! and I’m so excited that I get to look at this every day now :’)

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Namjoon is adorable and I'm straight but that's the truth. His eyes get so wide when he sees all the cute plushies and the other members just hand them over when they're done with them. And his dimple stickers just end up everywhere, they just disappear and reappear on his his shirt or pants.


ahhh thank you so much for sharing sgdojgldo ahhh he is so soft jnldkfgg I want to scream his stickers omg;; thank you so much seriously this made me so happy to read

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humbly requesting domestic fluff for Lev bringing his super short s/o home to meet the family please!! (I mean obvs everyone is gonna be shorter than Lev but I'm thinking 5ft? so even shorter than Hinata, v tiny!)

Sure thing! Gonna try answering requests off of my phone again to see if it sends through! I’ll edit when I get back from Florida!

Originally posted by noyamilk

  • “(Y/n)-chan! You get to meet my family today!”
  • You were slightly nervous to meet Lev’s family. Mainly bc you worried that they wouldn’t like you.
  • It was quite the opposite, they loved you! 
  • His family thought that you were the absolute cutest! They couldn’t believe how short you were!
  • When you walked in, his parents practically screamed. (Screamed bc of how adorable you are AWE)
  • His sister felt the need to take you under her “wing.” She couldn’t stop talking your ear off, gave you advice, and asked you all kinda of questions. 
  • Lev’s parents were in the process of making you a special dinner but weren’t finished so you offered to help. 
  • They didn’t want you to help, since you were the guest, but you insisted! Unfortunately though, you had a hard time reaching for anything. Their cabinets were too high for you!!
  • His parents gave you nicknames such as: Shorty, Short Stack, Small Fry, and a series of other names that involved your height. 
  • You could see where Lev got his personality from. He acted just like his parents, lively and kind!
  • Overall, his parents thought you were very sweet and couldn’t wait to see you again soon!

Thanks for requesting!