i'm saying go away


Yall asked.

I provided.

Sometimes I’m convinced you’re rude to me because it’s easier to hate me than just accept that you fucked up everything that we had. I guess hurting my feelings is your way of protecting yourself. Well that just proves that you love yourself more.

People say there’s something wrong with that, but isn’t loving yourself the most important thing? I’m happy you’re trying to keep your walls up. You and I both know I’m pretty damn good at tearing them down. Believe me when I say, I plan on it.

—  fool me a thousand times over

“I want to create a world where people can live their lives smiling.  For that reason, a ‘symbol’ is necessary.”

silverfoxtony  asked:

just letting you know that i'm going through your tony stark tag from 2012 to now. 111 pages through, 1220 to go. i love seeing the changes in your writing style and your perception of the material tony's in, as well as the steadily increasing nat bitterness™ i've grown to love! adore your blog forever and always, thanks for being such a gift to this fandom. tony stark would be so proud! incredulous and sceptic of all the praise and love directed at him, but proud and happy nonetheless :')

OH MY GOD NO if you do that i will be exposed for the sham that i am holy shit please just promise me you won’t make fun of who i was during my young and more vulnerable years. i didn’t know what i was doing. i still don’t. oh god

Seeing your notp in your otp tag.


“Feminism has been a disaster for women.”

I can talk to a lot of people about superficial things, but you’re the person I think of when I want to talk about something interesting or important to me.

And I think that says a lot about us.
And about how much I want you to be in my life.


—  Love advices and schtuff #6 // lily rose.

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i can’t help but think of how different this entire thing would be if hollstein never broke up?

laura opening the trap door and immediately being greeted by a kiss from carmilla

squeezing in as many cuddles as possible while the vamps can still be above ground

having their own popcorn bowl to share while everyone watches oitnb together

(not actually watching the show half the time, just making out)

cherishing every moment where they can have physical contact

carmilla falling asleep on laura’s shoulder on the couch and laura reluctantly waking her up because a patrol is coming

always a tight hug before carmilla has to go back again

tfw your parents won’t let you get supplies for the one thing you’re get and just kinda go “get good at something else?? like wtf??”

PSA: receptionists are not flirting with you. they have to be nice, that’s what they’re getting paid for. my job description isn’t an invitation for you to be overly flirty with me and pushy about me taking your number

SNK 69:

The best spoilers to come out yettttttt