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“You really wanna head back out there, huh?”

The Way He Looks (gaston/lefou)
Early Days, Pre-Wartime, First Kiss, Gaston loves LeFou’s hair ▪ read on ao3

Tentatively, LeFou risked looking up at him again. Gaston was looking out the window now, certainly dreaming of his next, successful hunt in the vast plains of the land. These were perhaps LeFou’s favourite moments; when they stopped to make camp in the forest or under the stars—and when they found peace here, at home, and he could watch Gaston bathe in the sunlight.

I need to remember that, no matter what, there are six season of hardcore canon Captain Swan moments that can never be taken away from us. No matter what they do from here on out with the story, they can’t erase what exists on film as part of the show narrative. They can retcon, yes. But as of 6.20, Captain Swan are a married couple and not a damn thing can undo that. It exists in the fandom world as actual official content to the narrative. Sealed deal. 

I’m pretty positive they aren’t changing that in the finale. And I have stated many times that I’m of the mind that they won’t be dismantling the six years of canon content and the legacy of Captain Swan in the coming season (or more). But it’s still a possibility and try as I might, I can’t always ignore the what ifs and the anxiety does get to me. Has been all week.

So yeah. Nothing erases the canon content that has already come. It’ll suck to lose the canon support we’ve always had if it happens (again, I’m fairly certain it won’t), but that’s the nature of things and doesn’t change Captain Swan as it is for me - the greatest OTP I’ve ever had the pleasure to fangirl over.

This was a piece I had to do for ASTRONOMY believe it or not.

We had to draw/paint/write/compose/make SOME KIND of art pertaining to astronomy.

I was fascinated by the idea of the moon turning red during a lunar eclipse, and the fact that on the moon it’s a solar eclipse (and how there’s no photos of a solar eclipse from the moon), so I wanted to try tackling that.

Light light light up the sky
You light up the sky to show me
You are with me


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What's exciting to me is that those databank updates came after TLJ finished filming. I know we credit that to JJ but it seems apparent that's due to Rian.

SAME and not only right after filming, but like 6 months after it wrapped, so therefore well into post-production. (so it’s pretty safe to assume those are things that are going to be vital to the plot, not something that can be edited out.)

the writing of TLJ was being done during TFA, and we KNOW there was collaboration, they’ve talked about it, like Rian asking JJ to send R2 to Ahch-To instead of BB8. each director isn’t making their film in a vacuum, and no matter what happens in TLJ, Rey and Kylo have ‘a mysterious connection’ and ‘a very interesting relationship moving forward’ and Kylo knows their destinies are intertwined and Rey sees that he’s filled with conflict and pain. THAT’S reylo, that reluctant understanding, that begrudging empathy and compassion, and it’s already canon.

kids falling in love. a tiny ladrien doodle i did to wind down before bed. last day of finals tomorrow! I’m hyped for what the summer may bring! 

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What kind of internship are you taking?

hii!! sorry for the lack of update before;; i’m an IT intern focusing in database systems so this company that hired me, they assigned me to take care of the database maintenance - well, just partially!! and my work is under total supervision tho like, every detail of my actions, everything that i configured/altered is being fully monitored by my supervisors! but they gave me permission to study their db structures, that i’m going to use as the main topic of my thesis next year!!! wish me luck omg

  • Anon: Hi! I have a few traits that relate to X and I'm very confident in my ability to diagnose myself based off the minimal reading I've done from random news sources! Can you validate me and my almost foundationless assumption so I'm satisfied enough to not seek a professionals help?
  • Me: Absolutely! I can tell from this horribly formatted text post that you've sent me that you really know your stuff! Who needs a doctor when you have tabloids and blogs! A P.h.D. means nothing!
  • Anon: Great, so I'm X right?
  • Me: If X is a fucking idiot still in his/her adolescence and dumb enough to believe themselves smarter than someone who took ten years to get their degree then, yes!

I’m normally not that into smut fic but with FlintHamilton I can’t seem to get enough.
I’m normally not that into reading fanfic about my Cannon OTP’s in general but with FlintHamilton I can’t seem to get enough.

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2 things about this shot.
1: she’s so cute and happy for her new alien friend!!!
2: her tablet is just like… Floating there next to her head. Did the humans not notice?