i'm sad. deeply sad about this

I have a lot of sad!Hide thoughts, and there isn’t enough sad!Hide stuff out there. Not like sad because of the events of the manga sad, but like deeply-sad-and broken person!hide.

I hope by now everyone’s read @bloodycarnations‘s analysis of Hide’s character that was linked in the last @tg-files weekly post. If you haven’t, go check it out here [x]. It’s a great place to start in thinking about him as a more complex character and a character in his own right.

I’m kind of super invested in the idea that Hide has his own issues and that he’s leaning on Kaneki at least as heavily as Kaneki’s leaning on him, in his own ways, and I really wish there was more fic out there where he was the focus character.

I mean I get it. It’s hard to write a character that is purposefully kept such a mystery. There’s no way Ishida would tell us more about the family life of the new Quinx or random tertiary CCG characters than Hide’s unless he was saving that information for a reason. But people seem to write him in fic anyway, so just…

I just have so many feels about that mess of a friendship and this mess of a child.

Mr “my friend missed class so I texted him that rabbits die of loneliness haha I’m not secretly really lonely inside I’m on ten committees! What do you mean I downplay my own abilities and achievements and act silly to get laughs because it allows me to hide behind a persona and get attention without actually exposing anything about me?”

Ugh. Kaneki Ken, literature student and lover of psychological and existentialist literature could have totally figured this out if someone just wrote it down in a book.

Or maybe he totally did figure it out the same way super observant to the point where it’s disconcerting Nagachika Hideyoshi totally figured out everything about Kaneki’s home life and probably a lot about his mental state and just kind of supported from a distance.


One of the morals of Tokyo ghoul is that sad broken people tend to get slightly less sad and broken when they are sad and broken together, and don’t try to pretend they are super totally fine or can totally do this alone. If this is supposed to be something that Kaneki learns over the course of the story then I guess he and Hide are gonna have to suck at it at the beginning, huh. 

That’s so annoying.

You pair of idiot boys.

You better reunite and have a serious actual heart to heart. With actual genuine honest feelings talk. 

I know it’s yucky, but you gotta do it.