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you're funny ?? and actually a goddess ?? how is that possible ? anyways i just thought you were cool and that it wouldn't hurt to compliment you ok it actually could hurt bc I'm awkward when trying to make friends omo bye :>>>>

S T O P  I DON’T DESERVE ANY COMPLIMENTS!!! (and I’m kinda awkward too, hi there friend)

psa: jensen and misha probably sit around and talk about their daughters together and how they brush their little girls’ hair and maybe they discuss hair brushing techniques so the tangles don’t tug so much. oh my god thEY PROBABLy jUST sit back at the end of the day and swap stories in kinda hushed, tender voices about what it means to be a dad and what it feels like when their little girl just looks up at them with big eyes anD THEY JUST MELT ALL OVER AGAIN AND THEY BOTH FIND COMFORT IN THE FACT THAT THEY’RE BOTH IN THE SAME BOAT AND GOSH DARN JENSEN AND MISHA WITH THEIR DAUGHTERS


yoooo guess what time it is IT’S CHRISTMAS which means christmas follow forever ayyyyyyy

i want to thank everyone for making my dash look hella and also for being hella nice and hella supportive and just for being hella

yeah i’m not very good with this stuff but just know that i love u all ok

SPECIAL SHOUTOUT TO CLONE CLUB FOR BEING LITERALLY THE BEST FANDOM EVER i definitely don’t regret joining, you guys are amazing <3

also let’s ignore how bad these gifs are ok

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SUPER SPECIAL SHOUTOUTS TO kbearlunanatvanlishotladypantscarmillaseriesroseellendixprincessrosalindiwanttopoophere AND now-this-is-living YOU GUYS TURN MY WORST DAYS INTO MY BEST ONES AND I JUST WANTED TO THANK YOU FOR IT I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH

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HC that Peter is so used to just taking what he wants all the time that he is always stealing stuff he sees while running and bring to his s/o who is always lecturing him about how stealing is wrong even tho lowkey she loves it. Then one day he goes to a store and choose something and stay in line for what seems like ages to pay for it just so he can say that he bought a gift for his s/o. I'm crying bye

That’s so cute I’m dead rip

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kuroo and bukoto, iwaizumi and oikawa coming home to their s/o dancing in the rain ;o (i'm polyam trash bye)


Kuroo and Bokuto are delighted and, after exchanging wicked grins, charge towards their oblivious partner. It’s a beautiful chaos. Kuroo and Bokuto tackle their partner, and for a moment everyone is confused (who gets to hug who? Whose hand is this?) but eventually things untangle and before they know it, they’re in a circle, spinning and laughing and falling over from the sheer speed. Kuroo flings water from dirty puddles at his partners and Bokuto gets revenge by stealing his shoes, and soon they’re playing monkey in the middle with Kuroo as the victim (”Bokuto, catch!” their partner yells, throwing the tied shoes like a champ). The only reason why they stop playing is because they get distracted by Kuroo’s wet hair. Needless to say, all three get colds the next day.

For once, Oikawa doesn’t care that his hair is going to end up a disaster or that his clothes are going to be ruined. He takes off running after his partner and catches them in an instant, twirling them in the air like it’s some kind of movie. Iwaizumi, on the other hand, is seething (”You guys are gonna get sick!”  “It’s just like you, Kusokawa, to not care about your health!”) and he stomps towards the idiot pair with an umbrella over his head. Unfortunately for him, Oikawa and his partner simultaneously fling his umbrella to the side and grab his arms, forcing him to join along in their spinning and prancing. Iwaizumi can’t deny the warmth in his chest, but still, after a couple of minutes he crossly says, “Alright, alright, enough of this! You guys go change, I’ll make hot cocoa,” and ushers them into the house.