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Riley was not sure how she ended up sprawled on the floor in that certain dark corridor of Plath.  Releasing a shaky breath, she slowly gets up on her feet, dusting off her pleated skirt, and proceeding to brisk walk back to her room.  Almost completely disconnected from her surroundings, Riley gets a mini-heart attack when she runs into an unfamiliar figure.

Adrien didn’t even look at Marinette on Monday. He kept his head down in class when she walked by. He was afraid of what he might see if he looked into her eyes. He wouldn’t have been able to stand the look of pity that might be there. The thought of her turning away in embarrassment stung even more.

Meanwhile, Marinette, with the help of Alya, had been trying to muster the courage to tell him how she really felt.

“Why is it so hard?” she muttered, a heavy blush crossing her face. “I already know he likes me!”

Alya laughed a little. “Maybe words aren’t the right medium. I mean, he hardly said anything to you, but he got the idea across.” Marinette’s blush, which had only just subsided, returned. “Just… do something.”

But what? Marinette’s mind jumped back to Valentine’s Day—and defeating Dark Cupid—but she immediately dismissed the idea. There was absolutely no way she was going to be that bold.

In class, she continued to mull it over as she stared at the back of his head, instead of listening to the teacher. She was determined to do something before he went home that day.

The day passed by too quickly. Her heart was pounding when class was dismissed and she was still struggling to think of something—anything—to say or do. She managed to follow Adrien until they got outside, and was about to call his name when—

“Adri-kins!” Chloe bubbled, grasping his arm. “I’ve wanted to talk to you all day. Mind if I catch a ride back to your place?”

Marinette actually saw Adrien’s downtrodden expression for the first time.

“Actually,” Adrien sighed, “I—”

She ran over and took his free hand in hers. “He’s coming over to my place. He wanted to practice Chinese with my mom.”

“Yeah,” Adrien said, smiling and gently pulling his arm free. “Sorry, Chloe.” He turned to Marinette and said, <Thanks,> in Chinese.

She just grinned in response. When his ride pulled up, the two of them got in.

Adrien was the first to speak. “Was that—Did you…? I mean…”

Marinette giggled nervously and squeezed his hand. “Sorry,” she said. “I’ve just been so nervous all day. I didn’t know how to tell you…” She trailed off.

He laughed and took his hand out of hers to hug her. “So does your mom actually know Chinese?” he asked, one arm still around her shoulders.

“She’s a little rusty,” Marinette admitted. “Practice with you would be good for her.”

“Do you know any Chinese?”

She laughed. “I understand a little, but I never really learned.”

“Shoot,” he said. “We could have had secret conversations.”

20/7 - Happy birthday Oikawa!

(…) his s/o gives him a kiss for a present and it’s their first kiss u3u - suggestion by dragonkikyo

When I saw this I knew this was Made for me, I love kissing prompts a lot.

(Just FYI, I mention Oikawa’s sisters here but as far as I know, we don’t know if he has any; it’s just my headcanon that he’s the youngest son and he has two older sisters)


Oikawa’s birthday had been anything but quiet and peaceful. 

He was woken up early by his parents busting in his room, singing happy birthday way too loud for such an early time. His mother made his favorite breakfast and he gladly ate it while skyping with both of his sisters -who wished him a happy birthday and loudly whined that they couldn’t believe their little brother was so grown up- before making his way to school. Iwaizumi waited on his usual corner as usual and he also wished him a happy birthday (and lightly kicked him when Oikawa demanded “a kiss on the cheek for the birthday boy”).

When he arrived at his school several fans greeted him with small, handmade presents and good wishes and he smiled and accepted all of them gracefully. His classmates and teachers also gave their best wishes to him -even their overly affectionate history teacher, who ruffled his hair and gave him a big kiss on the cheek much to his embarrassment and the class’ amusement-.

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