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(For sparks-of-greene, templeton21, and karenandthababes)

Daryl hadn’t planned to fight with Beth. Then again he’d never planned to fall for her in the first place so maybe the fact that it had gone all wrong wasn’t so much a surprise, all things considered. The argument- their first big one and a fight, really- had come in the midst of a movie night at Beth’s apartment. He wasn’t even sure what had started it. Probably something to do with the movie Beth had them watching, something sappy and romantic and totally not ‘him’. Only he’d been just as into it as she had been, all caught up in the story and pressing kisses occasionally to her cheek and temple, until she’d said… What had it been? Oh, right. Something like: This was how I always imagined love would be like.

And then he, like an idiot, had mumbled without thinking: “I ain’t never believed in love.”

And it was true, he didn’t.

Or he hadn’t, anyway.

(Until her.)

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