i'm running out of pictures of her :'(

MC is going to go get her hair done
  • *she goes to walk in but sees two familiar faces*
  • MC: oh my god is that zen and jumin
  • Jumin: You know, I'm glad we made up.
  • Zen: Me too, you're not that bad trust fu-
  • MC: *runs in while taking pictures on her phone* ME THREE I AM ALSO GLAD
  • Zen: NOOO OO O O O O. O OO. O O O STOP
  • Jumin: You're ashamed to be seen with me, zen?
  • Zen: No it's - it's not that just you know you got that... gay rumor thing and I just don't want the ladies to be put off
  • Jumin: *stands up and puts his arm around zen* MC take a picture quick
  • MC: oh my god best day ever
im going to apply to write for riverdale heres my spec script
  • interior - riverdale high hallway, day
  • BETTY and VERONICA are in line for the only soda machine in the school that sells diet coke but only on monday mornings because they run out right away. they are on their phones.
  • veronica: Betty, did you see what I reblogged and tagged as us?
  • Betty goes to Veronica's blog, and sees a picture of those two friend no homo girls from Supergirl tagged #betty!!!
  • betty: oh thats cute :)
  • Betty is then seen opening her locked twitter and posts "I'm in hell" and Jughead likes it

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Man, the books are fucking wild. I just went and looked up Tessa's family tree because you made me curious about her bloodline. How does any Shadowhunter have two brain cells to rub together when EVERYONE IS FUCKING RELATED??? And, like, is demon blood not genetic? Why weren't there a bunch of magical Herondales running around? So many questions, so few answers. I am also picturing Jace like, "Um, actually, I'm 1/64 warlock."

AJFOEIA 1/64 WARLOCK GET OUT OF HERE. actually there were some magical Herondales running around; James Herondale had some magical abilities, but as the Herondales married other Shadowhunters eventually Tessa’s warlock blood was bred out.

jace is gonna try to say he’s mixed™ one day and magnus is gonna put his ass in the ground.

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Hi! I just started following you and I was wondering if you had a post that talks about Kaiju's...origin story I guess? I'm just really interested in what drew you to tegus and why/how you ended up with Kaiju. She's super cute and I can tell you really love her!

Picture this: A teenager running wild on an island in the summer. She’s got a bike and her cell phone and her parents’ permission to go anywhere she wants- it’s a small island, not a lot can happen- and anyways, there’s more bikes than cars. So long as she stays out of the swamps and doesn’t leave the island, she can pretty much do as she likes. It’s a heady feeling, freedom- knowing that you’re at your liberty to do whatever you like without having to compromise. Just you and your thoughts and what seems like an endless summer day before the sun sinks into the ocean. 

And that teenager, being me, had some favorite places on the island. The old cemetery, the library, the historical village, the beach, the bayou (ha ha like I’m gonna stay out of the swamp), and the nature center, complete with its trails and lookouts and places to kayak. So one day, I’m tooling around Sanibel and I stop at one of the little cafés that dot the island- there’s dozens of them, little restaurants with charming names and coffee shops that sell shade and air conditioning as much as they sell coffee- and I’m browsing through a flier of events for the week and I see there’s going to be a talk about American crocodiles over at the nature center. Now, I’ve got a deep and abiding love for American crocodiles and their close cousins, the Cuban crocodile- so I pedal over there, intent on going. I got there a lot earlier than I needed to for the program, and I catch the tail end of another program on invasive species- and that’s when I saw the picture.

Five feet long, black and white, a striking lizard with beautiful eyes. A long pink tongue poked out, and I could tell it walked with a purpose. I’d always wanted a big lizard, but had never even seen one of those before. I knew it wasn’t a monitor, but what was it? Tegu. I’d seen the word before, when I was a kid. I had this big encyclopedia-type book of reptiles, and all I remembered was that they were so much of a pest to chicken farmers in Argentina that some of the Argentinian chicken farmers actually switched over to farming the tegus. I hadn’t ever thought about it since, and I’d never seen an actual picture of one this big and pretty. 

Awed by the lizard, I put it out of my mind- after all, I was living in a dorm room. But then, several years later, I’d moved out and was in an apartment that was a-ok with me having animals. I knew the time was right to get a big lizard. I had the time, the space, the money, and the experience. Originally, I’d wanted a peach-throat monitor, but something about them just didn’t feel right. I’d started researching them about a year before I moved, and there were some things that just didn’t quite mesh with my lifestyle. But then I considered the tegu and realize that we’d be perfect for each other. 

The question, then, was which tegu to get? I knew I wanted a black and white or a blue, and I knew I didn’t want a baby. A yearling, I thought. That’d be ideal. So I started looking at breeders and sellers and seeing who had what- and that’s when I came across a guy who trapped ferals and sold them as pets. So here was a guy engaging directly in Everglades conservation by removing individuals from the population, but at the same time, not killing them. I was charmed immediately. He didn’t have any females listed on his site, but I sent him an e-mail and asked, and he sent me some pictures of two younger females he had for sale. One was this spectacular flashy high white lady; the other was smaller, darker, and slightly out of focus.

But there was just… something about her. I couldn’t explain it, really- I just saw the picture and went “yup, that’s my lizard.”

She was at my house three days later. She’s a lot bigger now and as far as I can tell, nice and content to be living in an apartment rather than a swamp.

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I seriously don't like his gf but I don't hate her. I don't wish she was dead, i'm not mad she's dating Jack, I don't think she should go fuck herself or whatever. I don't blur her out of pictures or anything, I don't harass her or Jack on social media. I don't car that she's with Jack, I don't care, really. Some people take things way too far. I've never even made as much as a post on a blog nobody knows I run about how I dislike her. It's not hard to keep stable and to think rationally guys...

and over here, kids, we have what we call a “civilized” person, who give their opinion without being disrespectufl. Yes, I know it’s a new word for some of you, but you’ll lean how to be, yourself, civilized and respectuf of other! You’ll see, it’s really easy and fun to do!!

Dragon faces
  • Henry: should I go to Emma's after school?
  • Mal: Do you wish to? Is that appropriate for you? Your mother is asleep, but I can see her minding.
  • Henry: Is she okay asleep?
  • Mal: She doesn't snore much.
  • Henry: 🤦not what I meant.
  • Mal: It's healthy for her to sleep. She's still quite ill.
  • Henry: she said she was fine now.
  • Mal: Fine has a myriad definitions the way your mother uses it. One of them is 'I'm too exhausted to stay awake, even for baby lions.'
  • Henry: there are other things than nature shows on netflix.
  • Mal: When I run out of nature shows, you may introduce me.
  • Henry: 🙄
  • Mal: How do you do that?
  • Henry: do what?
  • Mal: Make the face. The face where you're rolling your eyes at me.
  • Henry: hit the little face picture. You can choose from there. You can make faces back.
  • Mal: I don't know if these faces match my expression.
  • Henry: this one does 🐲
  • Mal: I want that!
  • Henry: I'll show you when I get home
  • Mal: So you do not want to go to Emma's?
  • Henry: you want dragons or not?
  • Mal: You could just say you're worried about your mother and wish to come home.
  • Henry: or you need dragon emojis.
  • Mal: Yes, dear. I need dragon faces. Come straight home.
  • Henry: fine.
  • Mal: Just like your mother. 🙄

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Picture this: Matt Noticing how Pidge and lance seem to like eachother but just can't pull the trigger. He enlists hunk and Allura to help him with operation: Help my sister and her soon to be bf stop being such idiots.

Matt: So..will you guys help me?

Allura: …

Hunk: …

Allura, already running: I’ll send out the mice!

Hunk, stumbling out the door: I’ll set up their date!

Matt: And operation: Help my sister, and her soon to be boyfriend is a go! 

What Vilde and by proxy Eva and Chris are doing is incredibly disturbing. When your friend has had your back since day one. Pulled Iben off Eva’s dumbass and carried Vilde’s stupid ass all the way to Eva’s and took care of her but you don’t return the favor? 

Expect that shit’s going to go down and I won’t have any sympathy for when they fall. 

Like I know we’re only seeing Sana’s perspective so we may not get the full picture but the fact that Sana and Noora were left out of a FB group that the other girls were in and you said nothing? That’s not a misinterpretation. That’s your bitch ass having a fucking rod rammed up your ass far you can’t see the shit running out of you…

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hey!! a friend pointed it out but now I'm looking and curious - kaiju's mouth is aight, right? In the picture of juju at work the tip of her snout looks a little off but I can't tell if it's just lighting or her mouth is a little open or what.

Yeah, a couple years ago, she managed to cut her face on the wire mesh that goes under the fence in the park. (I think- we were walking over there, she got startled by a squirrel and tried to take off running, I saw blood, and so I immediately got her into her carrier. We were by the fence, so I think it was likely the wire mesh, but it could have been something else.) When I got her upstairs, there was a big cut on her mouth- her first couple labial scales were kinda… detached on the right side. I cleaned up the cut and took her to the vet, and he decided that it’d be more painful for her to stitch it back into place and that if I kept it clean, it would shrivel up and fall off on its own.

That’s her a couple days after it happened with medicine smeared all over her face. Anyways, the flap part dried up and fell off and she’s all healed up now- she just has a little perma-sneer! You can see the shape of it from the top down pretty well here.

Girl Meets Napping Buddies
  • This scene was inspired by a episode of Friends.
  • Location: Lucas's apartment.
  • Lucas, Zay, and Farkle just finished watching a movie.
  • Zay: What a great movie!
  • Farkle: It was... The first time we watched it.
  • Lucas: Why do we always have to watch The Notebook everytime it's your turn to pick a movie?
  • Zay: Because it's a classic. Who doesn't love love?
  • Farkle: I need to go.
  • Lucas: Why?
  • Farkle: I need to help Riley and Maya study for a test.
  • Farkle leaves.
  • Lucas: What should we do now?
  • Zay: Wanna watch the notebook again?
  • Lucas: Sure.
  • They start watching the movie.
  • Two hours later.
  • Lucas and Zay are sleeping on the couch. Zay's head is on Lucas's chest. They are sleeping peacefully. Lucas wakes up first. Lucas starts moving and wakes up Zay. They stare at each other and scream.
  • Lucas: What are you doing?
  • Zay: What am I doing? What are you doing?
  • Lucas: I wasn't the one who was sleeping on you.
  • Zay: No, but you were the one who was holding me.
  • Lucas: Let's never speak of this again.
  • Zay: Agree. I should go home.
  • Lucas: Good idea. See you tomorrow.
  • Zay: Yeah.
  • Zay leaves.
  • The next day.
  • Location: Zay's apartment.
  • Zay is playing video games when he hears a knock at his door. Zay opens the door. Lucas is standing there.
  • Lucas: Hey.
  • Zay: Hey.
  • Lucas: You left this at my place last night.
  • Lucas hands Zay the dvd.
  • Zay: Thanks. Wanna come in?
  • Lucas: Sure.
  • Zay: We need to talk.
  • Lucas: About what?
  • Zay: You know what.
  • Lucas: No, I don't.
  • Zay: Fine, if you won't say it, I will. That was the best damn nap I ever had.
  • Lucas: Zay! Stop!
  • Zay: Are you going to deny it?
  • Lucas: I can't deny something that never happened.
  • Zay: Fine, if it didn't mean anything to you, then look me in the eyes and say it.
  • Lucas: (looks at Zay's chin) It didn't mean anything to me.
  • Zay: My eyes are up here.
  • Lucas: FINE! It meant something. Ok?
  • Zay: Thank you.
  • Zay starts yawning.
  • Zay: It's been a long day.
  • Lucas: It's ten in the morning.
  • Zay: I could go for a nap.
  • Lucas: (turns around dramatically) No, Zay. We can't keep doing this. What would people think?
  • Zay: (puts his hand on Lucas's shoulder) That we are two best friends who like to take naps together.
  • Lucas: (turns to face Zay) It was a one time thing. I should go.
  • Zay: Wait. Don't leave.
  • Lucas: Don't try to talk me into another nap.
  • Zay: I won't. Are you hungry?
  • Lucas: Yeah, actually. What do you have?
  • Zay: Turkey sandwiches and warm milk.
  • Lucas shakes his head and leaves.
  • The next day.
  • Location: Topanga's.
  • The gang is working on homework. After an hour, everyone leaves except Lucas and Zay. Zay starts yawning.
  • Zay: I'm going home to take a nap.
  • Lucas: Why are you telling me this?
  • Zay: Just in case you wonder where I was going.
  • Lucas: I wasn't.
  • Zay: Ok, then.
  • Zay starts walking towards the door and turns around to look at Lucas. Zay frowns and leaves. Lucas sits there. He looks around and quickly leaves Topanga's.
  • One hour later.
  • Location: Zay's apartment.
  • Lucas and Zay are sleeping on the couch. They wake up at the same time.
  • Lucas: This nap was great. I never felt more relaxed.
  • Zay: Told you. This was better than the last one.
  • Lucas: I agree.
  • Someone clears their throat. Lucas and Zay's eyes widen. They slowly turn around to see Farkle, Riley, Maya, and Smackle standing there. Maya has her phone out.
  • Maya: Say cheese.
  • Maya takes a picture.
  • Maya: This would be great for the yearbook.
  • Lucas: This isn't what it looks like.
  • Smackle: It looks like you were taking a nap together.
  • Lucas: Then it is what it looks like.
  • Farkle: How could you Zay? I thought we were napping buddies. And after I made this shirt for us.
  • Farkle lifts his shirt to reveal another shirt that says "Zarkle, Napping Buddies".
  • Riley, Maya, and Smackle: What the????!!!?
  • Farkle storms out. Zay runs after him.
  • Zay: I'm sorry, Farkle. Lucas means nothing to me.
  • Lucas goes after Zay.
  • Lucas: Hey! You just said it was the best nap you had. Was that a lie? Did you used me?
  • Riley: What just happened?
  • Maya: I think Zay cheated on Farkle.
  • Smackle: With Lucas.
  • Riley: Should we follow them?
  • Maya: We wouldn't be good friends if we didn't go after them. And if by chance we get the drama on video, that's an added bonus.
  • Smackle: I like the way you think.
  • They leave the apartment.
  • The end.

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I love ur Genma and Kurama AU!!! Raído is gonna have a lot to deal with, that combined parenting instinct in one house? (haha I wonder how he reacts when Karin joins in. do you think Kurama brings her or does Genma also weigh in? I'm picturing something like 'you're not on the run anymore, why are you picking up even more. we're not gonna run out, we have plenty of children, Kurama. Genma don't encourage him")


eons late with a request from anon for baby playdates + supercorp, ft. single parents & bffs james and kara and their cute kids mike & marcus. (it’s mostly baby fluff)


“Running late,” James finishes. He sounds amused over the phone, and Kara can picture his wide grin he always fails to hide when he’s trying to be mock-serious. “Hi to you too, Kara.”

“Sorry, sorry,” Kara sighs, shoving diapers and wipes into her bag and trying to figure out where she left Mike’s pants. “It’s been a crazy morning. Hi. Am I too late?”

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Clear Skies

A/N: So yesterday I saw this picture from @cupnoodle-queen and loveeed it!! It was the perfect picture of the description I’d given to the boys on an important night out. So, dear @cupnoodle-queen thank you for letting me use ti! <3

The company reached Lestallum after about a day’s ride. The Regalia was dipped in silence; after Prompto’s teasing and Six’s outburst at the young boy there was some tension between everyone. Gladio’s absence of an answer when she confessed her feeling toward him didn’t help the situation get any lighter.

Six was disappointed, embarrassed. Not by Gladio, or the way he handled it; not even by Prompto’s teasing; he’s a lovely boy, and she loved every inch of him, no matter how mad he made her at times. She was disappointed that something like this, a simple turn down, had made her act like a child. She never acted like this, not even when she actually was one; as far as she could remember.

Being mad at Gladio for not responding to her confession was something she found utterly stupid and unnecessary; but she just couldn’t help it.

Looking at him in the rearview mirror, Six saw his eyes glued to her figure. She was surprised to see his sad expression, and when Gladio realized she was staring at him and his eyes met hers, none of them could have turned the other way faster.

Six drove through the final tunnel. At the end of it Lestallum stood tall, warm, waiting for people to pass by and witness its beauty.

“It’s like we’re warping to another dimension!” Prompto said from the middle of the back seat.

“Wonder where we’ll end up.” Noctis said, lowering from the top of the seat he was sitting on, to take his place next to his best friend.

“Somewhere nice.” Six answered smiling at both of them; something that had Prompto blushing, knowing she wasn’t as mad at him as he thought.

Once they exited the tunnel, they were all stunned by how big the city looked; so full of life!

“Wow” Prompto raised from his seat to take as much of the city as he could in one look.

“Nice” Gladio commented, stealing glances of Six every time Prompto moved to look at something else.

A chuckle left Noctis’ lips at his friend’s excitement “This place is pretty big.”

“Haven’t enjoyed the city life in a while” Gladio started but was cut off mid-sentence by Prompto’s excited voice “They even have a cable car!”

“I’d like to see where it leads.” Ignis’ voice was finally heard.

Six parked the Regalia carefully at the parking lot, looking out at the Disc of Cauthess, and they all got out.

“It’s pretty hot out.” Noctis commented on the weather.

“Us wearing everything black sure isn’t helping much either. Just take your jacket off.” Six answered him.

“Any chance we’re sleeping in a nice bed tonight?” Prompto jumped right into the important questions.

“Yes,” answered Ignis, taking his jacket off and rolling up his shirt’s sleeves “I’m certain we can secure suitable accommodations nearby.”

They reached the outskirt of the city and Prompto commented on the people. They were so many! The town was big enough to hold all of them, and it was certainly nice to see smiling faces running around.

“She’s at the Leville. Let’s go!” Gladio said after checking his phone and they all set course to meet with Iris.

They walked up the stairs, avoiding the children, not wanting to ruin their games. Moving to the left, they found themselves in the smaller square, the one with the fountain in its middle. Six was about to make a witty comment about how they should all cool up near it but was stopped by a sudden tremor that had her ears ringing and images of one of the Astrals, Titan, flashing in front of her. He was reaching out; but as it turned out, not to her but to Noctis, whose head was now pounding, judging from his painful expression.

“What’s wrong?” Ignis asked, also noticing his friend’s pain.

“My head just started throbbing!” Noctis answered.

“You alright?” she asked, not putting any pressure on him about what or if he sensed anything similar to what she had.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He said, though his eyes told a completely different story.

“Alright” Gladio continued, putting everyone back on track “let’s go inside.”

The company moved in the Leville hotel and waited a few minutes for Iris to come down from her room. Once she was down, Iris ran in her brother’s arms. She greeted everyone equally, extremely happy to see all of them, commenting on how good they were handling the situation at hand. Statement that had the five people looking around awkwardly, thinking of how that wasn’t exactly the case.

“Did I say something wrong?” Iris stuttered at their sudden change of mood.

“It’s nothing hun.” Six said before anyone else had the chance to feel bad about having to answer.

“Alright” Iris dropped it, even though she didn’t believe her “So, do you guys wanna see your room?”

Six smiled at how fast she was back to her cheery self and nodded.

Iris led them to the bigger room Leville had, quickly followed by Jared, the hotel’s owner, and his grandson, Talcott.

After a while of talking with the company, Jared and Talcott said their goodnight and Noctis took the opportunity to ask Iris about the Crown City. Something that has been going through everyone’s minds ever since the fall.

“So, Iris, what was it like inside the Crown City?”

Iris explained what she’d seen and heard about the Citadel. About its fall from the Nifelheim commands. Stating that she’s there for Noctis if he ever needed anything.


“Yeah, well. Get a good night’s rest.” Iris said her goodnight and left the room.

Noctis and Prompto threw themselves on the beds just seconds after the door closed behind her. Ignis took his place in one of the armchairs, pretending to read about the local recipes. Six was on the balcony, looking down on the city’s lights, and Gladio was laying on his back on the couch.

Iris had left them alone to get some rest but sleep never came. After a while of absolute silence and everyone going out of their minds from boredom, Prompto dropped an idea “Who’s up for a night in town?”

“Finally, you said something useful.” Noctis laughed and everyone agreed to go out.

After a while of getting ready Noctis turned his attention on Prompto, after looking around the room “Prom? Does this idea of yours need formal attires?”

Prompto gave it a thought for a second “Not really, why?”

Noctis pointed a finger at Gladio’s direction. He was wearing a light cream colored pair of pants and a black top, accompanied by his brown jacket. Prompto’s eyes widened “Hey big guy. You feeling alright?”

“Yeah” Gladio raised an eyebrow at them, wondering what was up “Why?”

“You, um” Prompto started, trying to keep his giggles down to minimum “wearing a jacket and all. Bit of an overkill don’t you think?” the younger boys were laughing hard enough at this point to draw Ignis’ and Six’s attention. She, herself, was also dressed simply, yet still out of the ordinary black and grey Kingsglaive uniform she usually wore. A tight pair of dark jeans that hugged every carve of her lower body, her favorite white tank top, that just barely covered the well-earned battle scars she had all over the places the top didn’t cover, and a light colored brown shirt, tied to her waist; a precaution, she thought, just in case it got cold later on. Her raven hair was let lose, reaching to her lower back, just above her top’s edge. She pushed her hair behind her ear, revealing her freshly done make-up of dark shadow over her grey eyes and a dark red shade of lipstick covering the carves of her full lips perfectly.

Gladio gasped at the sight of her. Instantly blushing over what she might’ve heard of the teasing he was receiving.

“You’re the one to talk” Six turned to the youngsters, unknowingly defending Gladio once more “You look like you’re about to pose for a fashion magazine’s photoshoot” she commented on Noctis’ new Behemoth jacket and fancy watch “And you” she pointed at Prompto “this was your idea and you’re not even dressed yet.”

“What’s wrong with my clothes?” Prompto pouted after looking at his attire, only to have everyone laughing at his reaction.

“You guys go ahead” Gladio said after everyone had calmed down, ready to leave “I’ll catch up.”

The four of them agreed and left for the nearest bar after telling Gladio where to find them once he was done. After all the tension of the past days, they could use some loud music and friendly faces; and Six could sure use a strong drink.

Gladio on the other hand went straight to his sister’s room. He knocked on her door twice; thinking she was probably asleep he turned around, ready to leave but stopped right away when the door opened “Gladdy?” Iris said, rubbing the sleep off of her eyes.

“Hey” he smiled sweetly at her “You’re sleeping. I’ll come back in the morning.”

“Come in dummy!” she dragged him in the room by the hand and made him sit on the armchair and tell her everything.

Gladio told her as much. Everything. About the car breaking down, about the adventures and hunts they’ve been through, the faces they met. He told her about Prompto’s teasing and Six’s feelings towards him. He told his sister he never gave Six a straight answer.

Iris threw his arm a light punch “Why would you do that?”


“Don’t ‘huh’ me!” Iris was pissed at her big brother, almost screaming at his face “Why act like you’re not madly in love with her?”

“Iris” Gladio started, trying to defend himself but she cut him off.

“Gladdy. You’ve been in love with her ever since you were 13 years old! I know. I was there for most of it after that too! For all the times you trained hard enough to impress her, all the times you hated Noct for embarrassing you in front of her, and all the endless talks about how amazing she is and how one day she’ll be Mrs. Amicitia!”

Gladio was smiling at himself, remembering back on all those moments “You’re right” he got up, kissing her forehead “I’m gonna make it right. Thanks sis!”

He was running out of the hotel and into the bar the rest of the company was.

Ignis was standing next to the bar, drink at hand, not taking his eyes off of a dancing Noctis and Prompto. Gladio looked around a little longer, eyes searching for his goal.

After a couple of minutes of not finding her, Gladio moved between the crowd to reach Ignis.

“Yo” he said once he was close enough “Where’s she?”

“She waited for a while, then she took her leave. That way.” He pointed to the bars back door and returned his attention to the boys. “Gladio” he said once Gladio made a move to leave, not taking his eyes of the dance floor “Make it right this time. She’s worth it.”

“That’s the plan Iggy!”

Gladio moved toward the direction Ignis had pointed out. He walked out of the bar and kept walking down the stairs leading to the parking lot.

There she was; he smiled when he saw her figure. Arms locked before her chest, hair gently blown back from the light wind, eyes staring at the Disc.

“Hey pretty lady” he heard the guy standing close to her say after laughing with his friends. Gladio rushed to help his damsel in distress, knowing she probably wouldn’t even need it.  

Six turned her attention to the blonde guy, not noticing Gladio’s approach “I already said no to you in the bar. What, do you want me to spell it out to you?” she sounded tired, obviously not wanting the attention she was receiving.

“How about you give me your name honey?” he pushed, moving closer to her.

“How about you leave before my friends get here, honey?” she answered, her stand never changing.

“Those kids and the nanny you came in with?” he laughed pissing her off even more “I think I’ll just take you out for a walk instead. Get to know you better.” At this point his hands were already getting grabby, touching her arms and moving to her lower back; moving to all the places they shouldn’t.

Six was furious now; the guy wouldn’t take no for an answer, so, she would have to make him listen.

Before she managed to fully turn her body to him tough, she saw him. Gladio was holding the guy by the collar of his shirt; his own friends already on the ground and in pain. Gladio’s eyes were threatening, his voice low and scary when he spoke “The lady said no.”

“Who the hell are you?” the guy whimpered, voice raised because of the fear the beast of a man in front of him was causing.

Six crossed her arms again. Not needing Gladio’s help but surely appreciating it. She didn’t speak; she just waited. She didn’t think Gladio could get any scarier than what he was already but the darkness that filled the air when he spoke again, it made the hair on the back of her neck stand “She’s mine!” he said, and Six’s heart skipped a beat.

Gladio dropped the guy at his feet and he run for his life in the different direction, his buddies following closely.

They both kept their eyes on them for a while, until Six broke the silence between them, trying to retain a certain apathy in her voice “So, I’m yours now?” she asked still looking at the now empty road ahead.

Gladio didn’t answer. His hand reached under her ear; fingers reaching the back of her head as he pushed his warm lips against hers with such passion and need she was taken aback. Their first kiss! A moment to remember. The sensation of its softness, the passion, the love. The most perfect, long-awaited kiss they both ever had.

Six let out a low moan, making Gladio chuckle against her lips “I wanted to do that for so long!” he said, leaning in so his forehead was touching hers.

“By the Astrals” Six said, voice just above a whisper, breathless; body shaking softly from the emotion they just shared “You sure know how to take your sweet time!”

Gladio chuckled, nuzzling his nose with hers, feeling her hot breath on his face “Babe, you have no idea! What do you say we go back to our room? Just us?” his voice was lower now, a very different tone from the one he had before the kiss, there was lust in his voice now, sweetness, anticipation.

Six chuckled “And the boys? What if-“

“They’re having their own fun.” Gladio cut her off only to have her answer just as fast as he had “Ignis hates it!” she teased. Heart racing, her own anticipation taking its place in her head and heart.

“But Prompto and Noct love it. So he won’t go anywhere, anytime soon.”

Six was defeated. She just raised an eyebrow at him, smirking devilishly.

“Ok” he said, and with a swift move of his arms Six was now being carried on his shoulder, hands on his lower back so she wouldn’t fall “I’m done asking!”

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I forgot to share before we rushed out of cell coverage (down to Monte Vista to see the sandhill cranes!!) but Chandra did awesome at the trial!! Held her startline stay in both runs, nice weaves, aframe, and overall attitude. She got her first Q in Gamblers, so this our traditional “first Q” picture! NQd in Jumpers because she missed a jump but it was my fault so I just kept going to maintain her speed and motivation, and it was a great run.

candybarrnerd  asked:

With regards to hale children /siblings, I always kind of thought there was a human brother between Laura and Derek. I agree with previous statements that Derek is totally a middle child, and I can just see the brother being older and Derek not feeling like he measures up except that he's a wolf while the older brother is human. Just my thoughts though. Also probably one younger sibling (probably before Cora since she seems like she could be the baby to me)

You know, I can’t quite figure out why, but I keep wanting there to be an older Hale brother. Maybe it’s just, as you said, since Derek seems like such a middle child I can’t really justify there being a couple of younger siblings and not any more older ones. Since Derek and Laura are probably, at most, two years apart though, it makes it tricky to imagine fitting another sibling in between them. (There definitely could be, but that would mean Talia would have had to be pregnant for basically three years straight and most families tend to want some sort of break between kids.)

But what if the brother was older than Laura?

We always assume Laura’s the oldest because (we assume) she was destined to be Alpha. …Which is honestly not necessarily true, I don’t think canon ever actually said anything of the sort, that’s just the impression fandom as a whole has about her character (and isn’t that kind of cool that fandom has constructed just such a solid idea of who this character with like three seconds of screentime is? But anyway) Back on topic though, we assume Laura was the oldest but what if she was just the oldest wolf? If the older brother was human like you say (and I enjoy that idea a lot) he could easily be the oldest sibling, fully grown up and just living back at home after college or just working instead of going to school.

In fact, if we take into account the fact that we don’t know Laura was destined to be Alpha, Derek could have had multiple adult siblings, some or all of them wolves… maybe even with spouses and children of their own, and that’s why there were so many Hales in the house during the fire. After all, a young couple just starting out, especially with wolf children who crave a strong sense of pack and community, could easily decide to stay with their Alpha for a few years before getting their own place. Maybe the children who died in the fire weren’t Derek’s younger siblings, but were nieces and nephews.

And not to mention, Derek being one of the youngest children, rather than the second born, would explain why he had no training as Alpha and is completely unprepared for the role. You’d think the second born would usually be given some leadership training even during peaceful times, just in case of an accident or something. I can’t see Talia and Deaton not considering that possibility and taking precautions, considering the huge responsibility if anything happened to their eldest at some point. Also, Laura not actually being the intended Alpha could explain why her response to the fire was to just “run run run as far as possible and hide” instead of seeking out any of the more local packs that apparently existed at the time *side-eyes Satomi* or seeking out Deaton. She might not have had all the information about local resources and alliances, because she’d been given less training at that point than her elder sibling, who everyone expected to become Alpha.

…Man, there are so many possibilities here, honestly.

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Holy Powers, just how tall IS Roshaun? And now I'm picturing Dairine getting tired of getting cricks in her neck from talking with him and just pulling a step stool out of her other space pocket.

He’s tall, yeah. Compared to most Earth-humans, Wellakhit are routinely considerably taller. And Roshaun and his dad both run a bit short, as Wellakhit go. I need to doublecheck, but I seem to remember that Miril is taller than Nelaid.

Rise of a Dekubowl Enemy
  • *Outside the 4th wall. In my room*
  • Me: Hm...Running low on ideas here. I need something to truly bring chaos to the Dekubowl Gang. Marks will be a good introduction, but I need someone who will truly shake them. . . . OH! Time for a little crossover inspiration.
  • *With My OC Marks*
  • Marks: Deku-chan's blood was delicious. I guess that's another reason I'm glad Onii-sama spared him.
  • *Marks then noticed a red lightning zipping their way to her*
  • Marks: . . .So you're the new girl that's gonna be working with me?
  • ???: *Grins* Oh my, you sound displeased with the fact.
  • Marks: *Smiles and shakes head* Oh no, in fact I'm happy. It's nice to meet someone else who truly loves Deku-chan as much as me.
  • *Marks takes out a picture of Deku Smiling innocently*
  • Marks: Deku-chan
  • ???: Mido-chan
  • Both: *Heart shaped Eyes* Soon, you will be ours.
  • *With Class 1-A*
  • Class 1-A: *Suddenly feels a chill run down their spines. And an urge to protect Deku even more*

anonymous asked:

Nac: how do you not run out of melanie pictures,, I'm shook

Melanie Martinez Photo Searching Gothic:

•every time you think you’ve seen all her photo shoots, you find a picture from an unknown one. where the others are, you’ve no idea, they’re seemingly nowhere and no one has ever seen it before.
•is that melanie or did someone photoshop her face onto another woman again? does melanie even exist or is she an amalgamation of countless, nameless women?
•you go onto melanies instagram. half the photos have been deleted, or maybe you hallucinated them in the first place.
•nobody has ever sourced this photo, and you will never find the original source. ever. don’t try. it’s cursed.
•you find a perfect quality photo. it won’t upload to the editing site. your device crashes. the photo is now lost into the void and you will never find it on your device again.
•you will save twenty photos before you find one that you like. you now have over a thousand photos of melanie, and none of them are the same. you don’t even remember saving that one…or that one…
•years deep into a complete strangers instagram you find it: a rare photo. you go on tumblr; seven other people have already uploaded it not even a minute ago.

-Admin Emma

I know this isn’t an oringinal idea but I love the thought of Steve and Bucky being out and about and this little girl runs up to them and Bucky goes ‘oh, she probably wants a picture with steve’ but when the girl and her parents reach them she just goes “are you james buchanan barnes?” And before bucky can even stammer out his response she’s telling him about all the times she’s been to the history museum to read about him and how she wrote her report on heroes about him and when she grows up she wants to be as brave and strong as he is. And honesty, that’s the time Bucky cried in an IHOP.