i'm rolling around in my bed

There are bad days sometimes.

Days where all you want to do is hide yourself from the world, to go into the shadows and pretend that this shitshow around you is in fact not your life. Mornings where you just can’t bring yourself to get out of bed, where it all feels too much.

Where you feel like the walls are closing in and there is an emptiness that you just don’t understand.

Sam sighed and rolled himself onto his back again, staring blindly at the ceiling.

Fucking nightmares.

A warm hand slid up his bare arm, fingers tracing over his skin, shoulder, collarbone until they slowly stroked up his neck. A hand framed the left side of his face and turned his head to the side, brought him face to face with understanding blue eyes.

“Hey.” Steve whispered and Sam let his eyes fall close, let Steve pull him close, let Steve pull him against his chest, hold him with strong arms, “It’s okay. I got you.”

But he wasn’t alone, he didn’t have to go through it alone.

And for every bad day, there will be a good day again.

Sam laughed and laughed, cheered in joy and pure exhilaration as the butterflys flew up all around him, turning in circles with his eyes closed and his arms spread wide. Feeling only the wind on his skin, smelling the wildflowers around him, the only sound in his ears his own laughter and the fluttering of hundreds of butterflys taking off into the sky.

He stopped when he got dizzy, still laughing he turned around slowly again until he found Steve watching him from the edge of the clearing, still standing under the old oak tree. Blue eyes focused on him and only him.

He loved him.

He loved this big blond idiot.

Wordlessly he smiled and held out a hand, silently begged Steve to come into the light, to step over where the sun was shining down on him, was unknowingly to Sam himself illuminating him like an angel. The flower Steve had tucked behind his ear by the parking lot still right there, red, in full bloom and beautiful.

Steve smiled as he grabbed Sam’s hand, let himself be pulled close and gently guided into swaying on the spot.

“I love you.” Sam whispered up at him and Steve ducked down to kiss him, arms tight around Sam’s waist, Sam’s hands clasped behind Steve’s neck.

“I love you, too.” Steve told him and they got lost in each other’s eyes.

And then Steve grinned and picked Sam up, swung them around in a circle again and Sam threw his head back and laughed, spreading his arms wide again.

Hope you’ll feel better soon, sweetheart


this is literally so beautiful. All this, for me??? Oh my gosh you made my day!!

Well apparently half asleep me has a thing for your ocs, @sleepy-will, because I found this in my camera roll with the time stamp around three in the morning? I vaguely remember filling up a water bottle at three, but I certainly do not remember doing this

And by god if it isn’t the only good thing I’ve done in a while. Darn it.

I honestly think I flubbed it tho but it looked familiar, so I went to your page and, well,,,?

Edit: it has no eyebrows wth did I do