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Off the top of your head, are there 'phan' moments that are so significant they always make you smile and randomly spring into your head? For example, the viscosity discussion and the "you loved it, you wanna do it more" attack me when i'm doing work, and i'm equal parts elated and worried for my sanity because they take up such a large portion of my thoughts lol. I hope your move was good :)

omg sorry this took me so long to respond to but i didn’t even rly know where to begin bc there are so many??? i’m not sure if they’re ‘significant’ but this is just a short list of moments that jst keep me up at night from time to time bc they’re so Good: 

1. that time dnp did a joint live show on october 19, 2015 and not only acknowledged their friendaversary but also dan went on the world’s most Extra rant about phil’s enjoyment of pumpkin spice lattes when like, literally, no one asked or came for phil about that ,,, i often find dan’s repeated ‘get over it get over it get over it … you cynic … gEt oVeR iT’ stuck in my head in random moments. that’s also the live show where dan went on the world’s second most Extra rant about the walking dead and the Themes and the Complexity for like 3 whole mins and phil sat there imitating all of his wild gesticulation until he literally got so fed up that he stops and rolls his eyes and follows up dan’s review with the fucking iconic: “my review is, it was alright” 

2. phil’s tweet and photo of dan celebrating the release of the tatinof films bc i was so sure they’d be having some sort of party, a flipside party at least, but instead this pic confirmed they were celebrating this huge release in the most dan and phil way possible: just sat together in their lounge dressed in onesies and drinking rose :) 

3. the ridiculously cute time that dan confirmed in a liveshow that phil had come w him to wokingham in 2011 to celebrate his mum’s birthday 

4. in 2014 when dan broke his and phil’s filming camera and tweeted about it while phil was out and phil replied 'do you want me to buy a glue stick on the way home’ bc like, what the fuck. cute 

5. in the making of tabinof video when they’re talking about writing in a hotel room in orlando and dan’s handling the camera and phil is basically all up on him to get in frame and and dan’s in socks and it’s all v soft and cozy 

6. ‘your eyes are like three colors at the same time. that’s a trick question. your eyes are blue, green, and yellow.’ (x)

7. ‘i’m obsessed with your curl dan. how did that form?’ (x) .. and really all of the pastel edits video

8. dan going out of his way to add the clip of phil spanking his ass with the plushy snake at the very end of the pinof 6 bloopers even tho ,, no one asked or needed that and it was obvi in the original ,, like why 

9. the fact that when dnp went shopping for the suits they were gonna wear to the brits in 2015 phil just needed to take a spontaneous pic of dan in the shirt he ended up picking, obvi bc he felt a pressing need to commemorate the moment and he thought dan looked beautiful: 

(but rly tho, why did phil need a personal photo of the shirt dan was going to wear to the event, an event at which there would be like 500000 professional photos and videos taken … what a sap)

10. iom for phil’s birthday this year was so great and obviously so was the fam vacay and whatnot but it’s sometimes easy to forget how long dan has been a part of the family, and so i often think about phil tweeting out that he was celebrating his birthday with his family and dan at “the coolest thai restaurant ever” all the way back in 2012, complete with photo: 

they’ve just been a part of each others’ lives on such a deep level for so long it continuously boggles my mind <3


i keep drawing him w fruit and i think i’m projecting. someone give me a mfing orange. also i looked up pictures of chosen smiling and they have made my Heart Warm. thank you @ god

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I'm rly happy that you draw Cass the way you do. She really means a lot to me as a Chinese person who doesn't really get to get much outside the plot device stereotypical Kung fu master trope. If I could make a request how would you feel about a group shot of the batgirls ☺️

AHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I’m so sorry this took such a long time!! Hope this was what you wanted! And I 100% agree! Being Chinese as well, discovering Cassandra basically made me so happy to see some representation in comics and gave me some hope for the future of comics. (And yeah tbh even tho her ethnicity or country of origin was never stated it’s safe to say she’s SE Asian at least)

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harushin, highschool sweethearts???

Putting a name on it is… hard. They can’t call themselves ‘boyfriends’- Shintaro thinks it sounds stupid, and Haruka’s embarrassed, though when their fingers brush under the desk one lunchtime, 'boyfriend’ is the word that pops into both their heads. And they can’t call themselves 'lovers’- they’d both cracked up at the suggestion, despite the tenderness in the kiss they shared after school that day, and the way Shintaro’s dull eyes lit, for once, with feeling. 

'Partners’ is wrong, too. For Haruka, with his wandering brain, it brings to mind buddy cops and cowboys. Drawing them as such was fun, and he had, for the days they’d tried it. It hadn’t stuck long, though. They’d tried watching a Western (Shintaro’s head in Haruka’s lap, daring him to say anything, glaring at the screen), and after that neither of them used the word again.

'Friends’, though, isn’t right enough. It’s truth. Of course it is. They’re friends in that they sit together every break, friends in that they share lunches, stories, homework. They don't always hold hands beneath the table. Yet somehow, the way the word 'friend’ slips between lips so easily doesn’t quite fit. 'Friend’ is too broad- it can’t be gasped out and caught again with uneven breaths, it can’t worm its way from one pulse to another through layers of skin and clothing. They’re friends, but not quite. Not just.

In the end, they settle on touch, on sound, the shifting specks of colour in each other’s eyes. They’re described by the bruises on Shintaro’s neck and the way he’ll offer to buy Haruka ice cream once a week. Their language is murmured and hesitant and soft, so soft, in quiet corridors and on the walk home.

(When they’re together, Shintaro finds pleasure in the act of breathing, and Haruka isn’t quite so afraid of his heart.)

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"Send me a letter and I'll tell you which OC of mine...": N please :)

N: needs way more attention from me:

THESE GUYS FOR SURE…The band mate protagonists from my older story– Alter, Id, Ego and Frou :^) I’m not even sure how many of my followers even know who they are bc I haven’t rly talked about them in years.

I am a horrible human being on April Fools
  • Me: sorry, i'm really distracted today. There's something we have to talk about.
  • Husband: yes?
  • Me: I didn't want to bring it up until we can talk face to face but i'm having trouble waiting
  • Husband: what is it my love
  • Me: do you have some time?
  • Husband: yes
  • Me: I didn't want to say anything until I have evidence, and I know these things are not always accurate so we'll still need to check to be sure
  • Me: but what with the weight i've gained and my moodiness and stuff I just wanted to be sure
  • Me: so I took a test
  • Me: and got some surprising results
  • Husband: i see
  • Me: uh, are you understanding my meaning?
  • Husband: yes i am, i'm just processing it
  • Husband: you took just 1 test?
  • Me: yes. what I want to know is...how long has it been since we last had sex?
  • Me: from today?
  • Me: what's today
  • Husband: april 1st
  • Me: o rly
  • Husband: are you fucking with me
  • Husband: you
  • Husband: fucking
  • Husband: douchesnozzle
  • Husband: oi23hrtfkjl3iubr5tjhob3trfpk4tgf43[ojmgtf
  • Husband: \]34gtk4lkth] YOU TURD
  • Me: IM SORRY
  • Husband: oh my fucks
  • Me: ive been kind of setting you up all week
  • Husband: jerk
  • Me: am i in the doghouse?
  • Husband: you're in the hottub covered with snow
  • Husband: doghouse is too cozy for you

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I have a question that's been bugging me! do you personally think Gabriel cared for any of the overwatch members before the accident happened? Like did he really care about anyone in the group or was he always careless and selfish? I'm rly curious

Sorry it took me so long to respond! But yeah, I think Gabriel definitely cared at some point. Especially for Jack and Jesse. But I think the whole being brought back to life thing kind of changed all that. Still, I really don’t think he was always indifferent towards them. Like in the Junkenstein comic, you see him smiling and laughing and playing pranks on them. I don’t think anyone’d do that if they didn’t care at least a little. But what do you guys think?