i'm rlly proud of it tbh

Daryl & Jesus -> “Ain’t a prick no more.”

I’m such desus trash, help. I tried a new style and I’m rlly fucking proud of how it turned out. I’ve to keep myself busy till october and drawing desus fanarts is a great way of doing so. 

Serendipity (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) 
12 songs to make you feel happy again

1. good morning sunshine - alex day 2. brand new key - melanie 3. hummingbird heart - charlene kaye 4. sweet serendipity - lee dewyze 5. submarine symphonika - the submarines 6. i wouldn’t mind - he is we 7. love on top - beyonce 8. sofa - ed sheeran 9. rock n roll (acoustic) - eric hutchinson 10. be ok - ingrid michaelson 11. everyday - buddy holly 12. feeling good - michael buble

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Reigisa Week Day 2: Drinks

at first I thought why not have them holding drinks but then I thought why not have them BE the drinks

nagisa is based off of a strawberry daiquiri and rei is based off of a purple turtle (??? idk i don’t make these names).  I had so so SO much fun with this one I was just going to do the sketch but now it’s two am and I have them completely finished aah