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Basically, This is Basically What Every Dr. Phil Episode is Basically Like Basically
  • Dr. Phil: Hello, I am Doctor Philip, and today we'll be tackling an issue that is very widespread, but rarely spoken about. Gaming addiction. Now, I know many of you know at least one person in your life who plays video games, whether that be a child or, in some cases, a spouse.
  • Audience: *laughs*
  • Dr. Phil: But, when unregulated, gaming can lead to serious addiction. Today I have with me a mother who's home life has been torn apart as her very own son descended into gaming addiction.
  • Mother: *sniffing and wiping tears away* Hello, doctor. Will you cure my son?
  • Dr. Phil: Well, dear, that's... uhh. Let's just bring the boy out already.
  • *dramatic music plays*
  • Gamer: My name is Gregg, I'm 19 years old, I'm a gaming addict, and I don't give a f*ck.
  • Audience: *gasps*
  • Gamer: Yeah, I game for 19 to 20 hours a day and the other four hours I use for looking up sick gaming strats or beating it to anime porn. I once sucked off a dude because he offered me minecraft diamonds. I don't give a sh*t, I would've sucked him off even if he didn't have the diamonds.
  • Audience: *gasps louder*
  • Gamer: Do I hate women? Yes, I hate women. I've emailed Anita Sarkeesian my address. She knows where I am if she wants to fight me. Feminists, square the fuck up. People always ask why I don't do anything other than gaming. I ask them why don't they mind their own f*cking business. I don't think I have a problem. Dr. Phil can honestly eat my whole an*s.
  • Gamer: *walks out onto the stage*
  • Audience: *boos*
  • Gamer: F*ck all y'all! I don't give a f*ck! *flips off the audience*
  • Dr. Phil: Please take a seat, son.
  • Gamer: *sits very disrespectfully*
  • Mother: *starts bawling*
  • Dr. Phil: Son, do you think that was acceptable behavior?
  • Gamer: The only behavior I care about is the behavioral patterns for enemies in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. I love video games: Master chief, Mario, uhm, Blinx the Cat... Blasto. Love those guys!
  • Audience: *boos*
  • Gamer: I don't care! You think I care! F*ck all y'all!
  • Dr. Phil: All these people are booing you, doesn't that make you feel bad?
  • Gamer: Are you deaf? Have I not articulated the fact that I absolutely 100% do not care about anything except for video games? I. DON'T. GIVE. A. F*CK.
  • Mother: He's always like this, there's no changing him. It didn't used to be this way... just *starts bawling harder*
  • Dr. Phil: I think there is a way to change him, and we'll find out more about that after these messages.
  • *Dr. Phil theme plays*
  • *The lights dim and every goes empty eyed and slack-jawed*
  • Gamer: Heh, this is weird. *nudges mom and whispers to her* Hey, we're getting paid for this, right. Hey, mom? ...Mom?
  • Mother: *completely unresponsive*
  • Dr. Phil: *completely unresponsive*
  • Audience: *completely unresponsive*
  • Gamer: Heh... this is REALLY weird. *looks around nervously*
  • Audience member: Hey!
  • Gamer: Huh?
  • Audience Member: I'm in the audience! Over here! My arms are strapped to the chair! You have to help me!
  • Gamer: *runs to the audience member*
  • Audience Member: Thank god, I thought I was the only one here left with any brains.
  • Gamer: *hastily undoing the straps* What the fuck is going on?
  • Audience Member: I don't know, but this definitely isn't Dr. Phil's show.
  • Gamer: Then what is it?
  • Audience Member: No clue, but we have to get out of here before the commercial breaks ends.
  • Gamer: *successfully undoes the straps*
  • Audience Member: C'mon! Let's go. *grabs the gamer by the arm*
  • Gamer: *resists* Wait a fucking minute. Why am I supposed to trust you?
  • Audience Member: Because I'm normal and everyone else is braindead if you haven't noticed.
  • Gamer: Yeah, but I'm not going anywhere until I know what's going on. Being on Dr. Phil is a huge opportunity for me to, y'know, advertise my brand. I'm a gamer if you haven't noticed.
  • Audience Member: Are you insane? Have you had a look around you? Does this anything happening right now seem normal to you? Who cares about your "brand". Do you even remember how you got here?
  • Gamer: Well... now that you mention, I can't really remember exactly.
  • Audience Member: Yeah, now let's get the fuck out of here.
  • *the gamer and audience member run through the back exit into the hallways*
  • *the Dr. Phil theme blares as the show returns from commercial break*
  • Gamer: My ears!
  • Audience Member: Move it! *jerks gamer's arm*
  • Gamer: Okay, calm down.
  • *the entire audience screams in unison*
  • Gamer: What the fuck is that!?
  • Audience Member: It's the reason we're running! Quick, in here!
  • *the duo duck into a cramped broom closest*
  • Gamer: Listen, you have to tell me what the fuck is going on right now!
  • Audience Member: Shh.
  • Gamer: Don't shush me!
  • Audience Member: *covers the gamer's mouth*
  • *agonized screaming and violently rumbling passes by the broom closest*
  • Gamer: Holy shit!
  • Audience Member: Stop yelling.
  • Gamer: How can I not yell when it sounds the gates of hell just passed by us!
  • Audience Member: You want it to turn back around and find us?
  • Gamer: Alright. I'll calm down... I'll. *start sobbing*
  • Audience Member: Please, please stop crying. You're too loud.
  • Gamer: I can't! I'm under a lot of stress!
  • Audience Member: You'll be dead if you don't shut the fuck.
  • Gamer: I never wanted any of this, I just wanted to go on Dr. Phil so people would recognize me on YouTube and I could become a popular Let's Player!
  • Audience Member: If you don't shut up right now, I'll-
  • *a snake bites the audience member's neck*
  • Audience Member: *eyes roll up*
  • Gamer: *screams like a baby*
  • *snakes slither under the closet door*
  • Gamer: *stumbles out of the closet and falls into hallway covered with snakes* Fuck me! Fuck me!
  • Gamer: *attempts to run away but falls beneath the snakes and into and empty void*
  • *agonized screaming echoes from all around*
  • Gamer: Am I in hell? I have to be in hell. You don't fall through a pool of snakes and wind up anywhere else but hell.
  • Dr. Phil: THERE IS NO HELL.
  • Gamer: Doc, is that you? If this isn't hell then where am I?
  • Dr. Phil: YOU'RE IN MY REALM SON. *Dr. Phil's face appears glowing in the distance, his eyes are empty sockets and his mouth hangs open*
  • Gamer: What the fuck are you?
  • Dr. Phil: I'M DOCTOR PHILIP.
  • Gamer: You're not Dr. Phil!
  • Dr. Phil: I NEVER SAID I WAS, SON. *a wall of gray human bodies lights up surrounding Dr. Phil's massive head, dr. phil's giant snake body slithers towards the gamer and opens its third eye* I'M DOCTOR PHILIP.
  • *the wall of bodies screams in unison as Dr. Phil devours the gamer*
  • *Dr. Phil theme plays loudly*
  • Dr. Phil: THE NEXT EPISODE IS STARTING. I'M LATE. *slithers into the wall of bodies and his snake body slowly transforms into a normal Dr. Phil's body*
  • Dr. Phil: *crawls onto the stage*
  • Dr. Phil: *dusts himself off* Woo, I went on quite an adventure.
  • Audience: *laughs*
  • Dr. Phil: I'm glad we can all find some time in our lives to laugh, but today's episode is covering something that is most certainly not a laughing matter. It's one of the most serious addictions striking America today and it's rarely talked about. I'm talking about people who love to pee on their mattresses and then pay people exorbitant amounts of money to suck their disgusting mattresses clean.
  • Audience: ... *someone clears their throat*
  • Dr. Phil: What's the matter?
  • Cameraguy: Spsss, Doc. That's not what the episode is about. It's about people with terrible gambling issues.
  • Dr. Phil: Oh, ah, fuck! Cut to commercial!
She’s a keeper if she’s loyal when it’s unofficial.

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I’m not going anywhere, handsome–trust me.

Introduction Starters 2
  • "I'm sorry, have we met?"
  • "Here, let me help you with that."
  • "You look familiar to me."
  • "Excuse me, but I've lost a dog..."
  • "Store's closed. Come back tomorrow."
  • "Nice shirt."
  • "Is there anything I can do for you?"
  • "Are you ready?"
  • "What is that you're listening to?"
  • "Can I see that?"
  • "I'm sorry but I dropped something and it rolled by your foot."
  • "I thought about saying a bad pick-up like but decided to just go with 'Hi!'."
  • "Did you come where with anyone?"
  • "What you see is what you get."
  • "I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name."
  • "Can you believe them?"
  • "Can we share a taxi?"
  • "Who the hell are you?"
  • "Was that the last one?"
  • "Who do we have here?"
  • "I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention. What did you say?"
  • "If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?"
  • "Life's not fair, is it?"
  • "I wouldn't do that if I were you."
  • "Beg your pardon, forgot to knock."

I’m sorry if I am not shouting with excitement over things right now.

Louis’ team is doing nothing to promote him. Yayyyy! I’m so happy. Woo-hoo!

Harry’s team is doing nothing at all. Woo-hooo! This is the best! Yip-yip!

Oh look another stunt to go along with all the other stunts. HELL YEAH! I AM LIVING! THIS IS WONDERFUL NEWS!


If I complain, I obviously hate Harry and Louis. Right?! It has nothing to do with the fact that I actually adore them and want what is best for them. Nope not at all.

  • Akashi: [over Skype] I can't wait to see you tomorrow. I'll arrive in Tokyo at 9, as usual
  • Furihata: Ah, about that.. I don't think I can meet you tomorrow
  • Akashi: .. What? Why?
  • Furihata: Um, sorry Sei, but I'm kind of short on money this week.. but I'll get my salary from my part time job next week! And we can go on date next Saturday! We'll do whatever you want and it'll be my treat, hehe
  • Akashi: ...
  • Akashi: No
  • Furihata: .. No?
  • Akashi: I don't want to meet you next week. I want to meet you tomorrow. I'll pay for everything
  • Furihata: You know I can't let you do that-
  • Akashi: [annoyed] I told you.. I told you to not make money an issue and yet.. and yet you.. why are you so stubborn?
  • Furihata: [surprised] Sei..
  • Akashi: You can borrow my money, you can pay me back later, you can do whatever you want, why are you making this difficult? I just want to see you! Don't you want to see me too?
  • Furihata: Sei, I-
  • Akashi: No, don't.. don't say anything. I.. I..
  • Furihata: ...
  • Akashi: [sighs] I'm sorry about my.. sudden outburst, I.. I'll talk to you tomorrow, I guess? [smiles sadly] Good night
  • Furihata: Sei, wait!
  • Akashi: .. Yes?
  • Furihata: When was the last time you had a proper sleep?
  • Akashi: [stiffens] I'm fine
  • Furihata: Seijuurou..
  • Akashi: I.. honestly don't remember [closes his eyes tiredly]
  • Furihata: ...
  • Furihata: Buy me one train ticket to Kyoto
  • Akashi: What?
  • Furihata: I'm going over there tomorrow morning.. I'll pay you back later
  • Akashi: You're going to come here?
  • Furihata: [smiles] Yes
  • Akashi: .. I don't know why you suddenly change your mind but I'll buy the ticket right now, so don't ever think you can change it again
  • Furihata: I won't
  • Akashi: [brightens up] Great! Where do you want to go? Maybe we can go to that restaurant that you like so-
  • Furihata: We're not going anywhere
  • Akashi: .. Excuse me?
  • Furihata: We're going to stay at your house.. and you're going to sleep and I'm going to.. watch you
  • Akashi: ...
  • Akashi: You're going to come all the way to Kyoto to watch me sleep? [chuckles] Do you know how creepy that sounds? Such a waste of time too
  • Furihata: [blushes] My point is, I want to make sure you get a proper rest. I'll cook for you if you want? We can also watch Netflix in the evening.. or play shogi.. maybe? [shrugs]
  • Akashi: That.. doesn't sound so bad
  • Furihata: I do hope you take a nap at one point, and when you wake up, I'll be there [smiles]
  • Akashi: I see.. when I, uh.. take that nap, can we [clears his throat] cuddle?
  • Furihata: [chuckles] Of course
  • Akashi: Excellent! And I just sent the ticket to your email by the way
  • Furihata: Thank you
  • Akashi: I can't wait for you to come here and watch me sleep tomorrow! [grins]
  • Furihata: [raises his eyebrows] One more of that kind of remarks and I'm aborting my mission immediately
  • Akashi: [laughs] Kidding, kidding.. but I really can't wait to see you tomorrow
  • Furihata: [grins] Me too

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I am most likely have a HUGE brain fart right now but when Kaneki says "You mean, you asked for that reason?" And Touka laughs and says "That reason?" What did they mean? Like I said, I'm having a brain fart and I'm siting here waiting for the "ohhhh, I get it now" moment.

Dw anon, it’s not super clear what they’re referring to. I think “that reason” refers to the “ways to make sure you don’t go anywhere”. Kaneki thinks that Touka opened with such a hard-hitting conversation starter so that he wouldn’t just slink away from the conversation; if you ask someone that out of the blue, you’ve pretty much secured their interest if purely just because they need to know why you asked such a weird question. Alternatively, he might be thinking that Touka was considering getting pregnant with his kid so he’d have a responsibility to stay with her :P

In either case, Touka refutes it, and the real reason was probably because she saw Haise acting so bashful and innocent around her, leading her to believe he hasn’t had any experience in that department. In other words, the conversation starter was potty-mouthed Touka’s way of bringing up the more sensitive issue (yep, even more sensitive than asking about someone’s virginity) of Haise’s crush on her and in turn, her feelings towards Kaneki.


3.04 || 4.19

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"I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere. " Oak xreader please. 😁

You wake up in a cold sweat, heart pounding in your chest and your breathing fast.

Only seconds after waking up, the details of the dream have already faded from your memory, leaving you with only the left over feeling of dread and fear, settled in your stomach.

Beside you, your boyfriend Oak, turns over, looking up at you with only one eye open.

“Y/N? You okay?”

His voice is soft, gravelly still from sleep as he rubs his eyes, squinting in the darkly lit room so he can see you.

“What? Oh um, sure. I’m fine.” You mumble, running a hand over your hair.

“No you aren’t. Come ‘ere,” carefully, one of his large hands moves to settle on your stomach, pulling you gently towards him.

You let him move you until you’re back on your side, head tucked under his chin and his arms wrapped tightly around you.

“I don’t… don’t wanna lose you,” you mumble into him, lips grazing against his solid chest.

You aren’t really sure where the words come from, probably the left over fear from whatever it was that haunted your dream.

“I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere,” he whispers.

He kisses your forehead, his large strong hands gently rubbing your back as his arms tighten slightly around you.

“You promise?”

“I promise baby.”

With his thick, muscled arms holding you tight against his body, practically shielding you from the world, you feel safe. Safer than anywhere else in the world.

Voltron the Legendary Defender episode 1 starters
  • "Knock it off, ______! Please!"
  • "We shouldn't be doing this."
  • "Okay, I'm-I’m just, I’m just saying this here, right now, on the record: This is a bad idea."
  • "You come up here to rock out?"
  • "Whoa! What the heck is that thing? And who the heck is she?"
  • "Do you know how long you've been gone?"
  • "That was before we were properly motivated.
  • "Maybe we could get some hazmat suits and sneak in like med techs."
  • "Oh, I'd recognize that mullet anywhere!"
  • "Nope. No, you - No, no, no. No, you don't."
  • "Can't this thing go any faster?"
  • "Shut up and trust me!"
  • "You should come see this."
  • "Hey, give me that! What were you doing in my stuff?"
  • "Okay, I admit it. This is super freaky."
  • "Make it stop. Make it stop."
  • "Oh, are you scared?"
  • "Keep your guard up."
  • "Who are you? Where am I?"
  • "I'm _____. And you're right here in my arms."
  • "I haven't eaten since breakfast and I'm starving."
  • "I did not receive the memo on this."
  • "Sorry, no time for questions."
  • "You're rambling."
  • "_____! I thought you were dead!"
  • "Well, actually, I was trying to get out of the way."
  • "Not this again."
  • "They're here already?"
  • "Guess my calculations were a bit off. Finger counting is - it's more of an art than a science."
  • "Panic now?"
  • "Here's an option: shut your quiznak.""I don't think you're using that word correctly."
  • "I would do anything to take this burden from you."
  • "Yeah, it is pretty cute.
  • "Well it's not a matter of 'we.' It's a matter of 'you.'"
  • "You made fun of me for that."
  • "I'm coming with you.
  • "It's me. _____. Your buddy."
  • "Hey, wait, wait, wait! I feel something!"
  • "I-I don't care what you say, _____. I'm panicking now!"
  • "Thanks, pretty lady."
"The Shining" Starter Sentences:
  • "Heeeere's Johnny!"
  • "I'm very confused!"
  • "I need time to think things over!"
  • "You've had your whole fucking life to think thing over! What's a few minutes more gonna do you now?"
  • "Please! Don't hurt me!"
  • "I'm not gonna hurt you..."
  • "Stay away from me!"
  • "_____? Darling! Light of my life; I'm not gonna hurt you."
  • "You didn't let me finish my sentence."
  • "I'm not gonna hurt ya' - I'm gonna bash your brains in! I'm gonna bash 'em right the fuck in!"
  • "____...put the bat down."
  • "All work and no play makes ____ a dull boy."
  • "_____? I'm home!"
  • "Perhaps they need a good talking to."
  • "Some places are like people: some shine, and some don't."
  • "Why don't you wanna go there?"
  • "I don't wanna talk about ____ anymore."
  • "Women: can't live with them, can't live without 'em."
  • "Why don't you start right now, and get the fuck out of here?"
  • "I had the most terrible nightmare!"
  • "You did this to him/her, didn't you?!"
  • "You son of a bitch!"
  • "I just...wanted to talk to you."
  • "What should be done with him/her?"
  • "Well...I think maybe he/she should be taken to a doctor."
  • "Are you concerned about me?!"
  • "Have you ever thought about my responsibilities?!"
  • "You're not going anywhere!"
  • "I wish we could stay here forever...and ever...and ever."
  • "Great party, isn't it?"
  • "I can't get out!"
  • "Run! RUN!"
  • "I'm coming for you!"
  • "There's hardly anybody to play with around here."
  • "I'm a horror movie fanatic."
  • "I think you hurt my head real bad..."
  • "I'm dizzy...I need a doctor."
  • "Honey, don't leave me here."
  • "Well, that is quite a story."
  • "How could you?!"
  • "What flavor ice cream do you want?"
  • "Things could be better, _____, things could be a whole lot better."
  • "Redrum!"
  • "What happened?! What's wrong?!"
  • "I dreamt that I...I killed you and ____."
I'm done waiting

I was always taught that I
could do many things, could do anything.
I always thought that I
have power, that I’m not a coward, that I
could change my situation.

I always believed that if
I can’t make it work right here, now, then I
couldn’t make it work anywhere because
here is all we have,
and now is all that matters.

But today you told me that
making it work is not
the same as what I’m meant for
and that surviving
is not the same as thriving
and that changing the situation
sometimes means leaving it.

And that is not weakness.
That is strength.
And I’m not
waiting any longer.


I’m so mad at myself, like I needed that extra hour and a half of sleep, and it’s not like I had anywhere to go today, but eh. Anyway, I had a weird dream during that hour and a half and here’s what I remember.

 I was in NYC. It was weird, though, because I guess it was like right after the Tony’s. Or before it. The 2017 ones.

 So I’m at this thing like a hotel or camp or something there was more to the dream that I don’t remember, and this girl and I start talking because Musicals- we’re like talking and she’s like “oh, I can’t believe Great Comet won/if Great Comet wins one Tony”- you know, like scornfully, like she thinks it doesn’t deserve a single Tony. So, obviously, I go into rage mode. I talk about my depression and how Comet helped, how it’s the best freaking, how I accept Dear Evan Hansen had to win some awards (I ask her if she’s a DEH fan, she is) but Great Comet deserved at least Best Score!! And Costume Design! So I’m in a rage, idk, all I know is Dear Evan Hansen fans are haunting me in my sleep

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"I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere." Feysand

Rhys ran into the forest, letting his mate’s loud cry lead his way. No one could have missed the scream that Feyre let out, it was horrifying. One moment he was in a meeting the next there was this blood curdling scream that rang through the whole of Velaris.

Let her be okay. Let her be okay.

Rhys vaguely remembered his two brothers following him from behind but that was it. The only thing in his mind right now was his mate. 

His mate that could usually handle anything.

His mate that was so fierce and strong.

His mate that was in trouble.

Rhys broke through the tree line just as he saw three Illyrian warriors, Rogue Illyrian Warriors commence towards her. 

But why would she scream?

Only then did Rhys realize she was bleeding out. Feyre was leaning against a tree, trying to will her water powers to do anything. 

Rhys had never let out a roar so loud as he attacked the Illyrians. He had lost all sense of control the moment he saw his mate bleeding out. He knew that Cassian or Azriel would take her back while he handled this. 

And it didn’t take long to handle them.

Rhys pushed one of the warriors against a tree, his hand around the warrior’s neck and his breathes coming out in pants.

“How did you find Velaris?”

The warrior had the audacity to laugh at him.

“Why should I tell you?”

Rhys gave him a grin, a deathly grin that would have had anyone running away.


His shadowsinger appeared before him, a small smirk on his face.

“I trust you will get the right information?”

Azriel nodded as he grabbed the warrior and winnowed away while Rhys winnowed to wherever his mate was. 

Rhys took the stairs two at a time the moment he landed in front of the House of Wind. He rushed through the corridors, trusting the mating bond to lead him to his mate. Rhys slammed the door open where the scent was strongest.

Feyre sat on the bed, a large bandage around her middle and her face bruised on one side.

“Feyre,” Rhys breathed out as he rushed towards her, sitting on her side of the bed and pulling her onto his lap as carefully as possible. He buried his face into her neck from behind as his arms warp around loosely around her.

“Are you okay? I thought that-”

Feyre stoppe him before he started rambling, “Rhys, I’m fine. I’m fine. You got to me just on time,” she turned slightly and cupped his face, “Thank you.”

Rhys couldn’t help the tears that were forming in his eyes, “I thought I was going to lose you again.”

Feyre shook her head, “I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere.”

Rhys nodded as he pressed his lips against hers, their mouths moving as one against each other. 

He refused to leave that bed, even when the healers came by. Feyre didn’t mind though.

No more requests for now please :) Thank you.

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i just got hired as a barista for my local starbucks and my first shift is on wednesday. i'm looking through a bunch of barista blogs right now. i'm considering calling to quit.

Every job you have from here to eternity is going to have aspects of it that suck. Every. Single. Job. You’re gonna have shitty bosses, shitty customers, shitty working conditions, shitty hours, shitty coworkers, everything. 

None of these individually means you have a shitty job. My time at Starbucks was great. I was blessed with a great boss, awesome coworkers and a nice store. But I had shitty hours, we occasionally had shitty customers and the pay compared to productivity was shitty. But that’s going to be true anywhere you go. 

What you have to do is recognize and accept this. Even if one day you land your dream job, know that it too will have its frustrations. 

Surviving any job is about understanding that only the rarest of human experiences will be perfect. Maybe one or two in a lifetime. So don’t become frustrated because the job isn’t. When you recognize this, you’ll stop taking these frustrations personally. It’s not about you. It’s how things go in life. 

Work hard. Take pride in the work you do. Learn as much as you can about coffee and espresso drinks. Practice practice practice. Taste your practice drinks. Learn what makes a good latte or cappuccino. Become the best fucking barista you can be. Have a high standard for excellence. Don’t sell inferior products.

Do the best damned job you can. You owe it to yourself, if to no one else, to be the best version of you possible. And that includes being good at your job. If that’s not something you think you can do at Starbucks, then sure. Quit and go somewhere else. But understand that that choice has way more to do with you than it does with the job. 

  • Natasha: All right, look. We're not going anywhere until you two squash this bullshit.
  • Steve: Nat, we're on a schedule here. Let's go.
  • Natasha: Oh, "we're on a schedule?"
  • [She yanks the keys out of the ignition and looks pointedly at Steve and Tony.]
  • Steve: Tony...I'm sorry I hit you in the face.
  • Natasha: [laughing] Oh. That was good. That was good. Stark? Stark?
  • Tony: Steve...I'm sorry I threatened to cut your head off.
  • Natasha: Very good! Wow. Don't you two feel so much better?
  • Steve and Tony: [together] No.
  • Natasha: I don't give a shit. I say we go watch Barton get himself killed, yeah?
Ni ni skype with Daddy
  • Me: *Falling asleep, making little sleepy noises, trying to open my eyes a little once in a while to see Daddy but too tired*
  • Daddy: *Hears little sleepy noises/sees me startle from an outside noise* Shhh baby it's okay, close your eyes, Daddy's right here. I've got you don't worry. I'm right here Princess, I'm not going anywhere.