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”When there’s trouble, you know who to call.”

Okay but listen- I needed a Teen Titans AU featuring these guys………

whatever you do don’t imagine robert burrowing himself into aarons chest after he gets home from the hospital after the car crash and just letting himself cry because aaron is here and he’s safe and he’s alive and for a second in that car robert thought he was going to lose him and robert has never been more terrified in his entire life and so aaron just holds him until he cries himself to sleep 🙃

the thing that i love so much about jonas’ “halla boys” is that it wasn’t said to announce his presence, you know? he had arrived a minute ago, and was obviously sitting in front of them. but it was monday morning, them coming back from the weekend, a new week starting at school, and he was seeing his group of friends again, his boys. and you can tell how he genuinely enjoy having them here, how he enjoys their friendship, individually for sure, but as a group, also. because they just work well together, effortlessly. and how wonderful is it that they ended up finding each other, the four of them? 

and so jonas sees isak and mahdi and magnus sitting next to each other and he’s just glad? he has that liiittle frown like he’s thinking to himself it will never not make me happy to see you three, will it? and when he says “halla boys!”, with that lovely smile, that’s what he’s expressing, really, the fact that it’s just so nice to see them again


niles the butler + one scene per episode [11/145]:

A Plot for Nanny

Buffy AU where Eliza is the Vampire Slayer who really does not want to be but keeps getting herself into situations where she has to kick a vampires ass and falls in love with a mysterious woman named Maria (whoops turns out Maria is a vampire). Meanwhile her bff Alex is running around without any powers trying to help her kill monsters and it’s not working and Thomas (Regina George of the school) keeps getting entangled in their shenanigans and really just wants to be left alone and not get eaten by a werewolf. Or be around Alex for another second.

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also this is the “strongest” version of love ( that is to say, it is something you say when you are in romantic, committed love – you can look here for more info ), so …

gerita fans, eat your heart out

seeing allura try so hard to ‘fake it until she makes it’ in the first few episodes of season one makes me proud but also i feel for her, like you can tell she has no clue what she’s doing. the war was like yesterday for her and she’s so scared and impatient because she needs these random earthlings to be paladins worthy of going up against zarkon and it’s up to her to train them and she has no clue how to follow in her dad’s footsteps, and yet she never gives up i love her

I just rewatched the clip and realized Yousef waited a few more seconds to reply to Sana’s last question “what do you mean?”.
I can totally picture him freaking out behind his screen and saying to himself : “that’s it boy, it’s time, now you have to tell her for good”.
And then he wrote it, knowing how important that step was and fearing the irreversible consequences it might have on his relationship with Sana.
He dropped this fucking bomb more than 12 hours ago.
And Sana has been MIA ever since.