i'm retarded and i like it

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Like that earlier anon, I'm also deaf. I'm more in the hard of hearing catagory. I canr hear low frequency. So I stock the shelfs and this lady appeared out of nowhere and started screaming at me i think about toothpaste. When I finally got a word in and said I'm deaf and she needs to slow down she finally said one thing. And that was "retarded people should be killed at birth." Then she stormed off. People are truly awful sometimes.

Stupid people that think there is a correlation between learning disabilities and being deaf, let alone that either is a punishable offense, are the ones that should be thrown into a canyon full of used chewing gum. Cinnamon because that’ll sting the most once they bounce of a few rocks and get scraped up. The gum will just keep them in place and out of polite society. If you lack a black heart then you’re the way you should be. Doesn’t matter whether you can hear, you were born one way or another, or came upon unfortunate circumstances that injured you. Hearts matter, and she has none. -Abby

Poor Jay
  • *batfam having a conversation*
  • Bruce: Dick can I talk to you
  • Dick: Ya sure what is it B
  • Jason: *notices* ya B what is it
  • Bruce: well uh *eyes Jason* I just wanted to discuss J-a-s-o-n's k-I-l-l-I-n-g problem
  • Bruce: did you get that Dick
  • Jason: Unfucking believable
  • Jason: Uh I'm not stupid
  • Jason: I mean, the fuck, do I look stupid
  • Tim: *looks confused*
  • Jason: oh come on, Tim Tam! You can not tell me you haven't noticed everyone.spelling.out.
  • "Inappropriate" words when I'm around like I'm a fucking toddler that can't spell or some shit, like honestly do I look that retarded.
  • Jason: *to himself* is i- is it my face I-i just...
The story of how my teacher thinks I'm retarded

Back in seventh grade the class had to read the book To Kill a Mockingbird but I hated reading. (For those of you who haven’t read it, it’s about a lawyer who wants to defend an innocent black guy and this took place during a time where society targeted black people, just like how people aim and shoot birds when hunting) so basically the only relevance of the title and the story is the analogy a character made.

My teacher would give us a quizzes on every chapter, I would guess on every question or write idk on it. One of the questions was what did the girl find in the hole of the tree?
And my dumb ass put she found a DEAD MOCKINGBIRD

And my teacher wrote “wow…just..wow” and gave me an F on it

Without a doubt, this is the stupid thing I’ve ever written on a test

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tbh who even the fuck is plebcomics? I have no once heard of this loser lmfao. Either I'm missing something or they're not as prominent as they apparently think they are lmfao-

they used to be infamous for drawing a lot of really reaaaaally bad strawman cartoons. they were getting so ridiculous yet repetitive that people would make (and continue to make) parodies of their work. like this one right here

like i swear to god, anyone who wants to describe a strawman character just link to ANY of plebcomic’s shit. like how they claimed that the person calling out jontron for using retard was a mean scary lesbian harassing the guy, when it was literally just some man politely telling him it was offensive

honestly you’re lucky you weren’t’ like me where i used to see her “”topical””” comics all over my dash

  • I like my women weird as fuck, cause I'm weird as fuck. All that basic relationship rules & shit don't apply when dealing with me you better act like you retarded or something.

— Mikasa… your hair… it’s gotten longer, hasn’t it…?

— …You were sleeping tight enough to spout that kind of nonsense upon waking up?

— Well… it’s like I just had a mighty long dream, ya see… but I can’t seem to remember what it was about…

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There is this racist native american anti-sjw on this site, and he is horrible. Says things like: "I think its clear American blacks are sinking into retardation" and "I'm pretty much fed up with black people and no longer give a shit about them" and "just remember, black people hate everyone" and "black women are terrible mothers" and "blacks are such evil racist things". He is so vile and disgusting and makes my stomach turn.

How sickening. This is why people have been dropping the anti-sjw label. It’s been hijacked by people who are just as extreme as the other side.

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I unconverted from lesbian now I'm only autistic can I still reclaim dyke retard?

Let me break down how you phrased this and what it implies. 

- “I unconverted from lesbian” implying lesbian is a religion

- “now i’m only autistic” implying that being a lesbian is a disorder but also implying autism is a religion? 

- “can i still reclaim dyke” Idk what to say to this

All in all great ask like the ask reblog the ask and comment on the ask if you thought it too was a great ask

  • Yoosung: *getting mad with a Mc friend* so what?! I asked god for a girlfriend. And where she is?!! I'm a 21 years old guy that never had a girlfriend!!!
  • Mc: ... She's here.
  • Yoosung: where!? Where!? I can't see anything!
  • Mc: Is here, in front of you!
  • Yoosung: ....
  • Mc: *yelling at him* ME! You stupid gamer boy! ME, ME!. Look at me!!!
  • Mc: I like you, you like me!
  • Mc: So, now I'm your girlfriend!!!
  • Yoosung : .....
  • Mc: ...
  • Yoosung : *blushing hard after realizing what's happening*....
  • Mc: *blushing hard too *
  • Yoosung & Mc: .....
  • Yoosung & Mc: *running into separate ways, with a super red face*
  • ..........
  • .......
  • ....
  • ..
  • .
  • Zen: ... Just kiss, couple of retards!!!

happy valentine’s day, shuuzous, from your secret valentine ♥


Still recovering from AToTS, but drawing Fiddlestan always helps.

For anyone who can’t read my scribbles:

Fids: “Is it- is it functional?”
Fids: “It works! IT WORKS!” *clapping like a retarded seal*

The second picture is pretty much Stan dealing with the loss of his brother. Fiddles is there for much needed comfort.

I’ll post a better quality (and probably a coloured) version of the picture soon, when I get home. Until then, deal with it.

  • /After the recovery of Wall Maria. A therapy for veterans who are reckoned to have shell shock after long battles./
  • Therapist: During today session we are going to try to calm down and find our inner peace...
  • Levi: *whispers to Hanji* The hell are we doin' here?
  • Hanji: Tsss... It was the governments request to make us all to come here.
  • Levi: I'll find those bastards and kick their asses.
  • Hanji: Tssss... Calm down. You have no idea how difficult it was to make them let us have the therapy together.
  • Therapist: ...we'll start with some old breathing methods...
  • Levi: *keeps whispering to Hanji* A band of tedious motherfuckers.
  • Hanji: Shut up or they'll change their mind. You wanna come here alone?
  • Levi: Hell no!
  • Therapist: I've read in your documents that because of an unusual attachment to each other during the war you have been allowed to take part in the therapy as a team.
  • Levi: *looks at Hanji with disbelief*
  • Therapist: In the beginning I'm going to make a test to get to know you better.
  • Levi: *full of concerns unconsciously slightly pulls himself to Hanji*
  • Hanji: *grabs Levi's knee under the table to cheer him up*
  • Therapist: First, I want you to describe me what you can see in the picture *shows them a cardboard with a huge blot of blue colour*
  • Levi: ...
  • Hanji: ...
  • Levi: Blue...a piece of blue shit?
  • Hanji: Yeah, if something defecates blue shit it sure would look like that.
  • Levi: Not at all, four-eyes. Something would have to have diarrhoea to shit like that.
  • Hanji: Ok then, it's more like blue vomit.
  • Levi: But not titan's vomit. Blue human vomit or blue feces after your dinner.
  • Hanji: *grins* That was rude, Clean-freak! I've always done my best.
  • Levi: Yeah, Shitty-glasses, especially when you added a suspiciously looking mushroom you have just found to our dinner.
  • Hanji: That was an experiment.
  • Levi: Your whole life is an experiment.
  • Hanji: And thanks to this we are here now.
  • Levi: Oh, thank you very much, Four-eyes. I've always dreamt to speak out about blue shit in front of a hag from the capital.
  • Hanji: Levi, chill out.
  • Levi: Oh, wait, Shitty-glasses. After your mushroom-experiment we all would be dead didn't Moblit left one of them as a specimen and show it to Sasha who knew what shit was that and what to do.
  • Hanji: Are you going to remain it forever?
  • Levi: Only when I'm pissed off.
  • Hanji: Good. So maybe one day I'll forget how you fainted when you found some dishes in my room. But I wouldn't hope it if I were you.
  • Levi: They were mouldy, you dustman. The mould has already been all blue, get it? Blue as the damn shit in the picture!
  • Hanji: Hey, Levi! We have the answer what's on the picture!
  • Levi: You may be right. When I squint I can even see a shape of the broken cup I dropped back then...
  • Hanji: And the blurred spots look like the sodden tea leaves on my floor...
  • Levi: Don't mess tea with this, Four-eyes.
  • Hanji: Ok, Clean-freak. Let's say it's all mould and crushed ceramics.
  • Therapist: So if you are already done with the task...
  • Hanji, Levi: No!
  • /Diagnosis: The patients seem to share the same hallucinations or communicate with a strange code. Also, they argue like an old married couple. I strongly recommend to transfer them to a more experienced specialist./
  • Author's note: I'm really sorry if any real therapist is reading it and tearing hair out of head, I'm not a therapist and it's only my retarded stereotypical image, don't beat me please >_<

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I was too retarded to find the ask box on the winner scenarios blog hahaha...okay, so, How would each of the Winner members be as a father? Gosh, I'm starting to feel like YG was trolling us about their debut haha

omg haha ><, wait is it hard to find? i will fix that later^^  (um yes i feel you. he better debut them soon T.T but all we can do is wait patiently and keep supporting Winner^^)


Seunghoon: he would be a really fun dad, always making time to play around with his kids, but of course not forgetting about you. constantly taking them outside and on little adventures. and of course throwing dad jokes all over the place making your kids laugh till their little stomach hurt. when you child is a baby, he would be wanting to help you with anything you needed help with like all the changing and what not.  

Seungyoon: he would be a caring father. he would be the kind of person to take his kids to all different places and make sure they are trying new things so they can find things they truly love to do, then he would support their hobbies and dreams till the end of the world. i see him sitting in bed with you and your child at night as he reads a story to your little one until he/she falls asleep. 

Jinwoo: when you first have your baby i think he will be slightly nervous, well who isn’t nervous when they have their first child. he would really just be worried that the child doesn’t like him, so he would do all the sweetest things for them and always be around whenever they need, so they know as the grow older that hes always going to be there for them. he would be as sweet and caring of a husband and father.

Mino: you’ll probably have to take you child away from him tbh. you’ll be in the kitchen making dinner for your little family and all of a sudden you hear this bust of laughter coming from another room and when you walk in minho would be making all different types of faces at your baby making them laugh. because seeing his child laugh and smile (because it looks also like your) would really be a highlight of being a father to him.

Taehyun: out of all the boys i see Taehyun being the typical father figure. being by your side to help with the baby/child. not being grossed out by all the not so pleasant things that come along with having a baby. taking you and your child on walks down the street sometime, and sitting on a bench and pointing out all the different birds to your baby. stuff like that you know?

- Admin J

  • the Neurotypicals: remember my ex girlfriend? what a psycho bitch, amiright? oh man, you're so random and crazy! i really need to organize my desk again, i'm just so OCD about it. my neighbor walks his cat sometimes, can you believe it? that guy is straight outta the looney bin! "gun control?" how about we just lock up those violent pyshcopaths instead? god, this thing i dislike is so retarded. sigh, my crush didn't like my status, i guess i'll go kill myself, lololol!! stop being lazy, sweetie :-) sometimes i have an intrustive thought unrelated to mental illnesses, since i don't have any, but because i am a human being and have a subconscious...o, be still my brooding insanity! grow up, you're just being a baby. can you believe that that homeless man is talking to himself? unbelievable. *posts b&w gifs of "tragically beautiful" self harm marks* did you hear about the kid who tried to kill themself last year? they so just did it for attention. you know, autism is related to vaccines and diet, Janet - you're not going to Whole Foods nearly enough. stressed, depressed, but well dressed! lol, potato taco waffleZ!! why did i say that?! o_0 i must have ADHD xD want to hear about my coma AU? all that worldbuilding was because protag was CrAzY all along!!! check out this scary costume! *pulls out a straight jacket with bloodstains*
  • mentally ill person: i have a mental illne -
  • the Neurotypicals: i am beyond uncomfortable