i'm retarded and i like it

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I'm autistic. I'm here to say that I hate when people "defends" me. It's like treating me like a child. And the worst thing is that some of these people don't really care about the cause they're defending and only hurting the people who really need the help. I know being called "retarded" is bad, but look at the context. Who the fuck cares when Cami say it! I care if you can help me deal with my autism instead of a word! I can't talk to people due to my autism! I need help, not internet trolls!

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people these days are too oversensitive, it's retarded because i can't make a joke without offending someone. hell like the 1900s was like "we're stuck in WWII and we're suffering SERIOUS issues" and stuff and now it's like "i'm offended :'((((" lmao


Honestly if people dont grow a backbone they’re eventually gonna get a job and interact with real scumbags that ARE offensive and rude, which of course unlike this situation they’ll mean to be offensive and rude… and they’re gonna have a bad time.

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Like that earlier anon, I'm also deaf. I'm more in the hard of hearing catagory. I canr hear low frequency. So I stock the shelfs and this lady appeared out of nowhere and started screaming at me i think about toothpaste. When I finally got a word in and said I'm deaf and she needs to slow down she finally said one thing. And that was "retarded people should be killed at birth." Then she stormed off. People are truly awful sometimes.

Stupid people that think there is a correlation between learning disabilities and being deaf, let alone that either is a punishable offense, are the ones that should be thrown into a canyon full of used chewing gum. Cinnamon because that’ll sting the most once they bounce of a few rocks and get scraped up. The gum will just keep them in place and out of polite society. If you lack a black heart then you’re the way you should be. Doesn’t matter whether you can hear, you were born one way or another, or came upon unfortunate circumstances that injured you. Hearts matter, and she has none. -Abby

BBS Squad incorrect quotes CAH Edition
  • <p> <b>Anthony:</b> Okay, so. "Why am I banned from the daycare center?"<p/><b>Anthony:</b> "Watching unedited Daithi De Nogla videos."<p/><b>Mini, Kryoz, Smitty, and Marcel:</b> *cackles and laughs*<p/><b>Anthony:</b> "ball cancer-" Okay. *laughs*<p/><b>Other four:</b> *snicker at Panda*<p/><b>Anthony:</b> "Why am I banned from the daycare center?" "Bush did 9/11" *chuckles*<p/><b>Other four:</b> *laugh like retards on drugs*<p/><b>Anthony:</b> "Why am I banned from the daycare center?"<p/><b>Anthony:</b> "Because I squeezed a child's wiener-" *wheezes*<p/><b>Mini, Kryoz, Smitty, and Marcel:</b> *loose their shits laughing*<p/><b>Marcel:</b> *through laughter* Who was the last one!?<p/><b>Smitty:</b> *recovers from laughing* I bet it was John.<p/><b>Mini, John, and Anthony:</b> *still laughing*<p/><b></b> -eventually they regain their composures-<p/><b>Anthony:</b> Okay so if Mini wins this round he wins the game which means I can't pick his card. Mini which one is yours?<p/><b>Mini:</b> ... I'm not saying bitch.<p/><b>Marcel:</b> Quick we need someone who always knows which card is Mini's!<p/><b>Kryoz:</b> I don't know anyone who-<p/><b>Smitty:</b> QUICK GET TYLER!!!!<p/><b>Anthony:</b> On it!<p/><b>Anthony:</b> *dials Wildcat's phone number*<p/><b>Mini:</b> What the fuck guys?! *laughs*<p/><b>Wildcat:</b> *answers call* What is it bitch?<p/><b>Anthony:</b> Okay so Mini is one point away from winning in Cards Against Humanity and we need to know which card his is so we won't pick it.<p/><b>Wildcat:</b> ... I hate you all but continue I'm bored as fuck right now.<p/><b>Anthony:</b> *over everyone else's snickers* The black card is the banned from daycare one... The white cards are: "Watching unedited Daithi De Nogla videos"...<p/><b>Wildcat:</b> mm-hm<p/><b>Anthony:</b> There is also "ball cancer", "bush did 9/11", and- *trails off laughing*<p/><b>Wildcat:</b> Carry on Panda.<p/><b>The other four:</b> *snicker and listen intently*<p/><b>Anthony:</b> "Because I squeezed a child's wiener"<p/><b>Wildcat:</b> *silent for 15 seconds* Mini's has got to be...<p/><b>Everyone:</b> *waits in suspense*<p/><b>Wildcat:</b> "ball cancer"<p/><b>Mini:</b> GOD DAMNIT TYLER-<p/><b>Kryoz:</b> WAIT IS HE RIGHT!?<p/><b>Smitty:</b> SEE I TOLD YOU!!!<p/><b>Marcel:</b> Fucking shit Tyler-<p/><b>Anthony:</b> *laughing so hard he can't breath*<p/><b>Tyler:</b> Anthony I expect $5 through PayPal delivered to me by tomorrow good doing business with you. *hangs up*<p/><b>Mini:</b> THAT PHYSIC BITCH ALWAYS KNOWS!<p/><b>Smitty:</b> Wildcat the God!<p/><b></b> Marcel: Oh my God how did he guess it!?<p/><b>Anthony:</b> Shit I have to pay him!?<p/></p>
The story of how my teacher thinks I'm retarded

Back in seventh grade the class had to read the book To Kill a Mockingbird but I hated reading. (For those of you who haven’t read it, it’s about a lawyer who wants to defend an innocent black guy and this took place during a time where society targeted black people, just like how people aim and shoot birds when hunting) so basically the only relevance of the title and the story is the analogy a character made.

My teacher would give us a quizzes on every chapter, I would guess on every question or write idk on it. One of the questions was what did the girl find in the hole of the tree?
And my dumb ass put she found a DEAD MOCKINGBIRD

And my teacher wrote “wow…just..wow” and gave me an F on it

Without a doubt, this is the stupid thing I’ve ever written on a test

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See, I don't like cancer jokes and using the word retarded. Not even because it's offensive. My grandpa had cancer (he's fine now though), and the joke doesn't offend me. Far from it. I don't like those jokes because I KNOW how many people are going to attack whoever said it. I find the jokes funny but they always make me uneasy because I'm aware of all the sjw's who'll go off on whoever told them. Thank you tumblr :')

yep thanks a lot ^^ I am now being labeled as a transphobe by people because the joke had “there used to be only two and now it’s too offensive to talk about” and it was indeed associated with gender..don’t you love being lumped into groups with nothing to back up the accusations? 

Uhhhm I'm back!

Uhhm, like, Hi everyone!

I know it’s been a while. And that’s because I was dumb and got scared. I tried to tell myself that I was a capable young woman, worthy of her education, but as day after day passed I found myself wanting to come back. The few days I experienced as a bimbo were amazing and I want… no… I need to return to that place.

More than anything, I want to thank Daddy @candyhousebimbos for taking me back under his wing.

I look forward to be his retard cunt again! And I promise to be a good little bimbo for all of you!

Kisses! Xoxo

Poor Jay
  • *batfam having a conversation*
  • Bruce: Dick can I talk to you
  • Dick: Ya sure what is it B
  • Jason: *notices* ya B what is it
  • Bruce: well uh *eyes Jason* I just wanted to discuss J-a-s-o-n's k-I-l-l-I-n-g problem
  • Bruce: did you get that Dick
  • Jason: Unfucking believable
  • Jason: Uh I'm not stupid
  • Jason: I mean, the fuck, do I look stupid
  • Tim: *looks confused*
  • Jason: oh come on, Tim Tam! You can not tell me you haven't noticed everyone.spelling.out.
  • "Inappropriate" words when I'm around like I'm a fucking toddler that can't spell or some shit, like honestly do I look that retarded.
  • Jason: *to himself* is i- is it my face I-i just...

— Mikasa… your hair… it’s gotten longer, hasn’t it…?

— …You were sleeping tight enough to spout that kind of nonsense upon waking up?

— Well… it’s like I just had a mighty long dream, ya see… but I can’t seem to remember what it was about…

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tbh who even the fuck is plebcomics? I have no once heard of this loser lmfao. Either I'm missing something or they're not as prominent as they apparently think they are lmfao-

they used to be infamous for drawing a lot of really reaaaaally bad strawman cartoons. they were getting so ridiculous yet repetitive that people would make (and continue to make) parodies of their work. like this one right here

like i swear to god, anyone who wants to describe a strawman character just link to ANY of plebcomic’s shit. like how they claimed that the person calling out jontron for using retard was a mean scary lesbian harassing the guy, when it was literally just some man politely telling him it was offensive

honestly you’re lucky you weren’t’ like me where i used to see her “”topical””” comics all over my dash

  • I like my women weird as fuck, cause I'm weird as fuck. All that basic relationship rules & shit don't apply when dealing with me you better act like you retarded or something.

happy valentine’s day, shuuzous, from your secret valentine ♥

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i'm the bipolar anon and my family dont talk or believe in mental health disorders and they spew out words like "retard, manic, ocd" and others as jokes or to describe someone who is healthy, they and refuse to take it seriously. especially my mother. pretty sure my aunt is also depressed, but no one talks about it. i've been feeling bad for so long. i asked her if depression, bipolar disorder, or bpd run in the family and she said OF COURSE NOT like it was the worst thing ever. i wanna cry help

Tell your mom you have a sore throats and a headache. Play it up, Bueller style. Get in to see your doc. Tell them the situation. That you are more that sad. That you think you may actually have bipolar or depression but your family doesn’t support you. There may be a way for your doc to help.

Until then, we are here. Tumblr has your back.

Right guys???
Reblog this or swing by my ask if your inbox is open for anon to talk any time.

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So how's it feel to get dicked over in the end by your retarded cousin, then guilt trip Naruto into having a fake relationship with Hinata to make her happy in the end? She shoulda taken the tree branch to the knee.

Look, I get it, you’re a NaruSaku fan, but don’t shoot your salt on me! I’m still a genin and I don’t care about that little shit (my cousin).

You know, NaruHina didn’t cannon because of me. They cannoned because of a damn red scarf! What the hell?! They act like it meant more than my damn life!